The tenth Daren Lama · Chu Chen Jiaotai

Synonym Ten David General refers to the tenth Darelaising Lama · Chu Chen Jiaoto

Character experience

Tibet Lama Teng Lupai (Huang Education) leader (1816-1837). Born in Nikang Tangtang, there is a son of the village. The father name Roster's year, mother name Nan Jiaba. At that time, three "reincarnations" were found, and the Emperor of the Water Horse (1822), the emperor of the Daoguang, was held, "the result was" Dalai 10th ". Subsequently, "Life" was at home in Nie Tang Temple by the class Zen seven Danbai Mima, and taught Sandi and taking the law called "Chu Chen Jia." On August 8, the Budala Palace held a bed ceremony. At the age of thirteen, I entered the Temple of Zhe Temple. When I was 18 years old, I worshiping the class of Zen, and I was huddled. The Tibetan Volume 14 wrapped around the fire chicken year (1837) September 1, in the Potala Palace, I have not been able to implement government affairs.

At that time, three "reincarnations" were found, and the Human New Year (1822) Daoguang Emperor's command was held "Gold Bottle Sign". As a result, Chu Chen Jiaotian is set to "Da Lai Ten ". Subsequently, "Life" in Nie Tang Temple, from the class of Zen seven Danbai Nima shaped, and taught Sandi, giving him the name "Chu Chen Jiao"; this year (1822) August 8 The Budala Palace held a "bed" ceremony.

13 years old (1829) entered the Temple Temple to study;

18 years old, Bybourd Zen is a teacher, and has been "Miuqiu Ring".

Chu Chen Jiaotai in the Tibetan calendar fourth around the fire chicken year (1837, Qing Daoguang seventeen years) September 1, in Budala Palace, only 22 years old At that time, he had not yet been able to perform government affairs.

Family member

Father Rosan Zha, Chu Chen Jiaotai was identified as "Dalai Ten", his father was taken as "Duke" as an example of the Qing Dynasty government. After that, follow the "Life" into the hidden. "厦" has also filed a lot of Zhuang Tian and the people, and he became one of the Tibet's big aristocrats, that is, the later "Yumat".

Mother name of Nanjia cloth.

World List

< TD>


5nd Dalai

Dalai Lama

< B> This name


class [

this name

< P>

one Dareng

Relown Juba

1391 - 1474


One class Zen (confirmed)

Kejie Glerabus

1385 - 1438

II Da Lai


1475 - 1542


II CHEN ZEN (pursuit)

Sonan but the

1439 - 1504

Three Dareng

Sonan Jiao

1543 - 1588

Three-sector Zen (pursuit)

Rosan Diren Pearl

1505 - 1566

4nd Dalai

Yun Dan Jiao (Mongolian)

1589 - 1616


Four Preparade

Rosan but Jiji praise

1567 - 1662 < / P>

Awang Rocula

1617 - 1682


Wu Shizhen

Rozani Western Belissa

1663 - 1737

Six Dare-Lai

< P> Cangyang Gutat (Doorba)

1683 - 1706


Seven Daren


1708 - 1757


Sixth Banzen

Rosan Huaan Yixi

1738 - 1780

Eight Dareng

Strong Bai Jiao

1758 - 1804


Seven Class

Dan Bai Mima

1782 - 1853

Nine World Dalai

Long Garcariat

1806 - 1815


Ten Dare

Chu Chen Jiadu

1816 - 1837


Eleven Daren / p>

Kai Zhu Jiao

1838 - 1856


Eight-winning Zen

Dan Baiwang repair

1854 - 1882

Twelve Dalai

Chenggu Jiao < / P>

1856 - 1875


13th Daren

Todden Garcariat

1876 - 1933


nineteen class [


1883 - 1937

14th Dare-Lai

Dan Zeng Jiaotai



Ten Shinzen

Lajijian praise

1938 - 1989


< / TD>

Eleven Banchen


1990- P>

The tenth Daren Lama · Chu Chen Jiaotai

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