The future results of Britain in Indian rule

Content Description The future results of Britain in Indian rule

Marx believes that the British conqueror completed a double mission in India: First, destroying the old society in Asian; one is for Asian capital The development of theoretics lays a substance basis. They use the civilization above India to destroy the local commune, destroy the local industrial, and all the great and outstanding achievements in the local society, thus eliminating the civilization of India. The British uses the conquest of the sword to consolidate with telegraph, newspapers, zoning railways and training Indians. Although the British capitalist plunder and rule promoted the progress of India, the bourgeois civilization covered the nature of the cruel plunder of the colonial people, but did not change. Marx pointed out: "When we turn his gaze from the hometown of bourgeoisie civilization, the extreme fake of the bourgeoisie civilization and its barbarism is naked, because it is still equipped in his hometown. There is a decent look, and when it comes to the colony, it does not cover up. "

Marx pointed out when this work is in the prospects of the struggle, the British bourgeois will neither bring the Indian people. Freedom, will not change their social situation at all. Although the British industrial proletariat and the Indian people have not overturned the British bourgeoisie rule, Marx's confidence predicted that imperialist colonial rules will eventually be buried, and the Indian people have to work independence, and the struggle of freedom will eventually win.

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