The fifth battle of anti-US aid

Campaign Setting

1951 In late March, the "United Nations" will advance to the front area of ​​"military demarcation line." At this time, the United States, Britain, France and other countries on whether to cross the "military demarcation line" again, and the manner in which the end of the Korean War, there was controversy. The US government, in consultation with Britain, France and so on, starting from its global strategy, decided without expanding the scope of the war, continue to steadily north, after a favorable position to be on the military, the strength of policy-based, or in North Korea to negotiate terms, or continue its military operations. Accordingly, the "United Nations forces" in early April once again crossed the "military demarcation line", and plans to log in from China and the DPRK People's Army side back, with the frontal attack, advancing to the front Pyongyang, Wonsan line. April 11, "United Nations forces" commander D. MacArthur because US President Truman H.S. disagree on the policy of aggression against Korea was revoked all posts by M.B. Ridgway successor "United Nations" commander in chief. In mid-April, Ridgway found Corps volunteers subsequent build-up, judge the DPRK People's Army may launch an offensive in late April or early May, it decided to continue the offensive in Cheorwon, of gold, with a strength of Jincheng area, temporarily turn the other direction into the defense. In this case, "United Nations" of ground combat troops into six Army (Corps) a total of 17 divisions and three brigades, one group, the count of 34 million people. The first line is the strength of the other two divisions 12 brigades, the second wire 5 and the rear force divisions and a brigade and a regiment. Deploy: US Army Corps located in the area west of the Imjin river two sides and Yeoncheon, the 9th Army located to the east Hwacheon Yeoncheon region, the 10th Army and ROK 3rd, 1st Corps are located in Yanggu, Yuantong , the rods City area. US Cavalry 1st Division (mechanized division), 187 airborne regiment and the South Korean Army Second Division for the reserve, are arranged in Chuncheon, Suwon, Wonju area. South Korean Army Second Corps 8th Division is located in Daejeon.

Korean people's army in the fourth battle, won the time, covering the first 19 volunteers, 3rd, 9th Corps assembled so that the volunteers first line combat units were increased to three corps 11 Army 33 division artillery the other four divisions, plus three people's Army Corps, a total of 60 million people, ranking the advantages of ground troops. But the new entry into the Corps of Volunteers for the enemy, unfamiliar terrain, ready to rush; there is no significant improvement in logistics support, can only maintain the minimum supply. Volunteers commander and political commissar Peng, chairman of the Central Military Commission in accordance with Mao Zedong's instructions on the "long war preparations, strive for short-term" volunteer corps in attendance subsequent "re-vigorous new campaign", and agreed to by the People's Army, in "United Nations" campaign launched before the implementation of the fifth landing. The main purpose of the campaign is to destroy the enemy several divisions, landed thwart its plans to regain the initiative on the battlefield. Battle guidance on the implementation of campaign segmentation and segmentation tactics combined with the Battle of encircling and outflanking tactics surrounding the roundabout combined. In deployment, centralized Corps Volunteers 3 of 11 Army and a People's Army Corps in West line, the implementation of major assault to between Munsan in Chuncheon; to force a split in which the gap in the battle to increase the level of gold from the " United Nations forces "separate things, they can not reinforce each other. To 2 People's Army Corps in the east contain the US 2nd, 7th Division, it may not aid the West. Volunteers located at three military Su Chuan, Wonsan, Pyongyang, People's Army 2 Corps is located in Huaiyang, Sariwon area, respectively, as the anti-landing and anti-airborne missions.

Battle through

Korean people's army in the west to the implementation of major assault

Korean War five battle (2)

April 22 evening, the Korean people's army in the full range of counter-attack. West line from the front to a Corps assault, assault and two corps to conduct operational detour from the wings, split surround and annihilate the enemy face to face. Left-wing, the 9th Corps commander and political commissar of the Song command of five military round, rapid breakthrough, "United Nations forces" defense. To 23 the night of the 20th, 27th, 26th Army before the 15 to 20 kilometers into account Longhua holes, each hole a foreign drug Temple, Baiyun Mountain region, the US F-24 division, the South Korean Army 6th Division; the first 40 army broke into more than 30 kilometers, before the hole to Gapyeong Mu northeast region, complete campaign split the task; the former 39th army out to the south of China Kawahara-ri area, the US Marine 1st division across the Han River in the east of the North West not aid. Positive, deputy commander of the 3rd Corps command of the king near the mountain 12, 15, 60 military, the US military after the break was in the third division north of Yeoncheon, Turkey brigade resistance, slow progress, on the 24th morning to whistle into the city where Yongping region, and "United Nations" in a confrontational. Right wing, Yang Dezhi 19th Corps commander, political commissar Li Zhimin command 63, 64, 65 Army, after breaking the Imjin River, the southern army captured 63 points cyanosis Takeyama, a J-British 29th Brigade (see snow Mali fighting ); the 64th Army blocked at the south bank of the Imjin River north of Amitabha temple, at a time when the 65th Corps of the second echelon army two division has crossed the Imjin River, resulting in most of the five divisions of troops in the river south of the crowded 20 square a narrow-kilometer area, when the enemy fire attack, casualties, affecting the government to implement the recommendations battle roundabout and annihilate the British 29th brigade tasks completed on time. People's Army Corps occupied the first evening of Kaesong 22, 23 occupied Jangdan, two each in annihilating one.

The fifth battle of anti-US aid

25 days after the deployment of the DPRK People's Army continue to attack adjustment. 19th Corps occupied for 24 hours before the Munsan, the court, the Siebengebirge line, J-ROK 1st Division 1st Battalion and a tank regiment and most of the British 29th Brigade Gloucester County group, a total of more than 4,000 people. 3rd Corps captured the town whistle, bell hanging Mountains; 9th Corps occupied Unaksan Hill, Yeongyang in localities and annihilating one. Korean people's army after three days and nights of continuous fighting, though open in the direction of the Battle of Gapyeong gap, poses a serious threat to the West line of "United Nations" wing, but the battle to push development to form a flat, wiped out much. 26 continue to develop offensive and occupied on the same day "United Nations" second-line positions Jinping, county, plus a flat line. To 28th, 19th Corps captured the country worship peaks, white clouds and Taiwan; People's Army Corps Wu piano in F-1 ROK 1st Division 1st Battalion at most. 3rd Corps occupied the self-Yi, the rich flat in the region. 9th Corps captured hazel cutting, the wish Mountain, clear Hirakawa, Gapyeong, Chuncheon. That day, "United Nations forces" to withdraw to the north of Seoul and the Han River, south of the river area Zhaoyang reorganized defense. US Cavalry 1st Division to West Seoul, Seoul and around the fire system composed of dense areas. In view of the Korean people's army lost the opportunity to destroy the enemy north of Seoul, then the main attack on the 29th stop, end of the first phase of operations.

Meanwhile counterattack fighting in the west, the Eastern People's Army 3rd, 5th Army has attacked the South Korean Army 5th, 3rd Division north of Inje, J-36 regiment 5th Division 5th regiment and most Beiyuan most of the South Korean Army 7th division, effectively coordinated with the West line of combat.

Korean people's army to move its troops to Eastern operations

After the first phase of the battle, the whole front was southwest to northeast diagonal trend. South Korean military defense from the inside to the East Coast for some hidden, posture outstanding. Korean people's army to continue to wipe out the "United Nations" vital forces, making it difficult to extract the implementation of lateral forces landed, and more than J-South Korean military in order to isolate the US, decided to 3rd, 9th Corps hidden eastward, the implementation of the second phase of operations. First, the county plans to concentrate forces to wipe out the South Korean military area 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th Division, and later as the case then J-ROK Capital Division and 11th Division. To the 19th Corps and the People's Army Corps first to cross the river in Seoul feint East and the West, the main 39th army crossed the river Zhaoyang, cover 3, 9th Corps eastward.

April 30, "United Nations" is the Korean people's army to identify trends and adjust the deployment of its cover, with a strength of the offensive. To May 8, occupied the Goyang, Uijeongbu, in theory, the Inje, Long Pu in line. Since then onto the defensive, in the years to do the old American West Coast deployed six divisions, the British, the Turkish army brigades each one, three South Korean army divisions to focus on Seoul, densely arranged in a line. Do not be deployed to the east coast in the old capital of the South Korean army division, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th division, six divisions in a line configuration. US 3rd Division, British 29th Brigade, the US 187th airborne regiment as a reserve, are disposed in Beijing Lane, Yeongdeungpo, Gimpo area.

May 16 evening, the Korean people's army launched the second phase of the offensive. 9th Corps (20th, 27th Army, attached to the 12th Army) and the People's Army 2nd, 3rd, 5th Regiment to take positive breakthrough, wings roundabout, surrounded by layers, multiple pliers strike tactics, the old do not in Sorak Mountain area to implement major assault. 20, No. 27 Army each morning on the 17th broke into a depth of 25 to 28 kilometers, to seize the floor, the anvil bridge, Town, the strong points of various valley, cut off the ROK 3rd, 9th Division and fled south retreat, and the mountains in the United States, the South region will be defeated South Korean Army 5th, 7th division, annihilates its five battalions (see above South battle). 18th, 20th Army in the People's Army with the 5th Corps, expand the besieged areas in the county 3rd, 9th Division violent assault, after two days of fierce fighting, which wiped out most of the seized all heavy equipment. After the first 12 military breakthrough in the three giant, the 35th regiment from a hidden area in the J-ROK 5th Division, the US 2nd Division 2nd Battalion, most of the French battalion. 19, 12 volunteers, 27 Army and the People's Army 5th Corps attack each a development of the south, on the 20th to bundle into the sand, wood leather booths line. 3rd Corps (15th, 60th Army, attached to the 39th Army main force) to Pu Ninetowns in the assault, the US military responsible for separate contact with the ROK and the US Army Corps sniper, it may not East assistance. 15th Army captured the sand on the 17th morning Goro Zhi and other places, the F-38 unit and the first round, most of the US 2nd Battalion 2nd Division in the large tunnel area on the 18th; 60th army captured 19 north Hongchuan Jiang law in the region, the US 7th division East assistance may not. 19 People's Army Corps and the 1st Corps in Goyang to Gapyeong broad front to the south of the proposed government water goes down and the stone corner north of the Han River, the clear offensive plain areas and to capture around 17 above, effectively pinned down. " United Nations forces "the main guarantee of victory in the Eastern Front offensive operations.

20 days, the South Korean army in the east the next five days and nights of continuous assault DPRK people's army, to withdraw Ninetowns Pu, the abundance of rock, the next Jinbu in the region. US Army Corps main successive eastward. US 3rd Division in the East by the Beijing-adjusted Feng Yan, the next Jinbu in the region, blocked the Battle gap. South Korean Army Second Corps 8th division tune Pyeongchang north of Daejeon, the establishment of defense in depth. So far, they form a complete line of things associated. China and the DPRK People's Army after continuous fighting, grain bullet will do, continue to attack the existing difficulties, coupled with the West line of the US military offensive has begun, in order to maintain the initiative, then at 21 the end of the second phase of the war.

Korean people's army transferred to the "military demarcation line" near

Korean people's army to fight the main assembly rest, summed combat experience, resulting in favorable thereafter situation, decided the main north "military demarcation line" north-South regions. To cover the main transfer and rest, each corps remain a division of troops to an army, a defense motion, delayed the enemy advance. May 22 evening, the 39th, the 15th Army began to shift. 23 morning, "United Nations" concentration of forces four Army 13 division, implementation across the board counterattack. With motorized infantry, artillery, tanks, consisting of "contingent" as the guide, under the cover of aviation, mainly along the Seoul to Yeoncheon, to Hwacheon Chuncheon, Hongcheon to Inje highway, multi-channel northward advance.

Korean people's army because the organization plans to "United Nations" swift counterattack implemented across the board underestimated the transfer of ill-conceived, as the movement of defense forces, some not yet entered the area of ​​defense, but some have entered into not very good control points and road, to organize effective alternately cover, so that many voids occur across the board, so that the "UN forces" and "contingent" has been Chengxi infiltration. Some volunteer army was divided in behind enemy lines. 24 to 27, the 27th Army main force in Inje, county region launched, the heroic fight against the US 2nd Division, 187th airborne regiment, the South Korean Army Fifth Division of the attack, which was blocked in Zhaoyang north and south regions, effectively cover the main transfer. 60 179 Army, 180 Division North Han River in Chuncheon area tenacious fight against the US 7th Division, 1st Marine Division, ROK 6th Division of the attack; because the enemy broke into the Chengxi, 180 division in the driving Tokuyama region almost fully surrounded by the enemy caught, due to break when misdirected and ineffective organization to reinforce them, the troops suffered heavy losses. Deep behind enemy lines was divided in the first 12 Army 31 division 91 regiment, due to the commanders calm and firm, quick and clever, leading the troops crossing the detour Mt Sorak, victory withdrawal, with the main realignment (see three giant in retreat).

27 days, the Korean people's army quickly volunteers 63rd, 64th, 15th, 26th, 20th Army and the People's Army 5th, 2nd, 3rd Army main force, deployed in Imjin River , north of the Han River Beach, Shibaura, the Hwacheon, Yanggu, rods City area defense. Defense forces to focus equipped troops to enemy fire blocked the main direction of attack of roads, railways, and flexible to the initiative to actively fight against the enemy. 28 to 30, the 65th Army offensive Yeoncheon implementation of the US 1st Army to fight back, annihilate its one; Twentieth Army to occupy the US Hwacheon area of ​​the implementation of the Ninth Army to fight back, annihilate its one (see Hwacheon area defensive battle). June 1, volunteers 47th, 42nd, 20th, 27th Army in a new screen, Yichuan, chicken Oyama, dark clouds spit ridge line of defense in depth constitution. To 10, the Korean people's army will "United Nations" resistance to "military demarcation line" in the vicinity of Munsan, high waves Pu, the original iron, alloying, Yanggu, Ming Boli line, the fifth campaign came to an end.

Battle of results

The campaign, the Korean people's army to victory. After 50 days of fighting, kill and wound enemy prisoners of war 8.2 million people (of which wiped out 6.7 million people volunteer), defeated the "United Nations" to log in with the lateral frontal attack, an attempt to establish a new line of defense in Korea necked portion, out of passive situation when the fourth campaign, training a new entry into force. After this contest, "United Nations" to re-make the power of the Korean people's army estimates, strategic defense had to turn and accept the truce talks. Since the campaign launched ahead of time, prepare a rush, an attempt to battle and destroy the enemy target is too large, offensive depth too far, volunteers more casualties (7.5 million people), and thus the victory achieved satisfactory enough.

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