The 5th China Movie Golden Award

Basic Introduction

The 5th China Golden Rooster Awards held in 1985.

1985 years Golden Rooster Award for Best Picture awarded to the "Girl in Red", this is definitely the upset, but also the history of the Golden Rooster Award and so far only a youth theme of the award-winning movie, the movie beat including director Xie Jin's "under mountain garland", the film adaptation of "the red shirt Without button" according Tie Ning novel. Years later, the writer became Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association.

awarded to the best film drama "five women birthday celebration", starring Mao Weitao small flowers, Television series, Tao Huimin has played an important role, after the two had thus embarked on a road movie.

Zhang Yimou got the first prize Golden Rooster Award for photography, the film is "Yellow Earth", the fifth generation of directors was confirmed at the beginning of the year.


Name of Award

The winners and their works

< / th>

best Feature

"red girl"

< / td>

best Documentary


< / td>

best popular science

"open up energy road", "cell reconstruction "

best art sheet

" fire Tong "

best play sheet

" five women birthday celebration "

best director

Ling Zifeng" Biancheng under "

best screenplay

Li Cunbao" mountain garland "

best actor

LU Xiao Wo "under mountain garland"

best actress

< p> Li Ling "Huangshan to girl"

best supporting actor

He Wei "under mountain garland"

best supporting actress

Yumei "Tan"

best Photography

< / td>

Zhang "loess"

best art

< / td>

Zhang Chu "Yamaha fish stall"

best Music

Xuyou Fu "life"

best recording

< / td>

Fengde Yao, Miao Zhenyu "Rain"

best editing

Zhou Dingwen "under mountain garland"


awards nominations
best feature film award

"girl in red"

"under mountain garland"

"Huangshan to the girl."


best Drama film Award "five women birthday celebration "
best documentary award

" breakthrough "

" old Beijing's narrative "

best science film award

" open up the road to energy conservation "

" cell reconstruction "

best art film award " fire child "
best Screenplay Award

Lee Jun, Lee Cunbao" garland "under the mountain

Peng name Yan, Bi Jian Chang "Huangshan to girl"

best director Award < p> Ling Zifeng "Border Town"

Xie Jin "under mountain garland"

Zhang Yuan, Yan Fu in the "Huangshan to girl"

Lu Xiaoya "red girls "

best actor Award

LU Xiao Wo" garland "under the mountain < / p>

Feng Han yuan "Border Town"

best actress Award

Li Ling "Huangshan to girl"

yongfei gu "Thunderstorm"

best supporting actor Award < / td>

He Wei "under mountain garland"

Li Moran "garden Street V"

best supporting actress Award

Wang Yumei "Tan"

Ding "Huangshan to girl"

Gekko "under mountain garland"

best Cinematography Award

Zhang Yimou's "yellow Earth"

Han Xing yuan, Wang Henley " Yamaha Fish Stall "

Lo from a peripheral" Rain "

Liang Ziyong" Border Town "

best art Award

Zhang Chu "Yamaha fish stall"

summer now "Border Town"

Hanshang Yi, Quran Hope "Thunderstorm" < / p>

Jinxi Wu "Tan"

best Music Award

Xuyou Fu "life"

Wang Ming "girl in red"

Lu Qiming "Thunderstorm"

liuzhuang "Border Town"

best recording Award

Miao Zhenyu, Feng Deyao "Thunderstorm"

Chen Wenyuan, Fu Linge "Huangshan to girl "

best editing

Zhou Dingwen" under mountain garland "< / p>

Yuan Fang "girl in red"

Li Ying cream "Yamaha fish stall"

Li Zhonglin "Huangshan to girl"

best stunt award gap
prize for best costume gap
best makeup award gap
Award for the best props

money Zhangxiong, LIN You Xing "Thunderstorm"

Chenxian Cheng, Yangzhou Min "Tan"

list of judges

honorary chairman : Xia Yan, Chen Huangmei

< b> chairman : Yuan Monju, Zhang Jun Xiang

members :( surname of strokes) Yu Min, in Yan Fu, Dengbao Chen, Emin, the Yan Ding Xian, He Zhong Xin, Shen Songsheng, Ruifang, Luzhu Guo, Lin Shan, Luo Yijun, Zhaohuan Zhang, HU Bing Liu, Zhong Dian, Zhu Xijuan, Ling Zifeng, Huang Zongying, Liang letter, Hanshang Yi, Cheng Jihua, Xie Tian

The 5th China Movie Golden Award

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