The 3rd National Sports Conference

Three Experiences Performance

The National Sports Conference is one of the three major comprehensive sports events in the national sports meeting and the city sports meeting, starting from the third year, every four years. The 3rd National Sports Conference Congratulations, Swimming, Aviation Model, Navigation Model, Golf, Billiard, Go, Chess, Chinese Chess, Bodybuilding, Bowling, Bridge, Dove, Dragon Dance, Roller, Chinese Wrestling, sports dance, aerobics, rock climbing, orientation, dragon boat, water, radio measurement, skydiving, tug, metal, thin, squash, open waters, swimming (have become a 2008 North Olympic official competition project), etc. 28 game projects. More than 40 delegations from all over the country, more than 10,000 athletes, coaches, referees, etc., such as the ancient city, Suzhou, in the participation of 268 gold medals, together with the Suzhou people celebrated "Sports, the people's holiday".

The 3rd National Sports Conference

The three experience is the highest level, highest level, maximum, and most influential national comprehensive sports event since Suzhou since the founding. The Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attaches great importance to this, clearly proposes the intersection of the "Consistent, Reform and Innovation, Market Operation, National Participation", and "Reflecting the Characteristics of the Age, the Characteristics of Suzhou, the Features of Sports" and the Features. "First-class city environment, first-class venue facilities, first-class service quality, first-class game level" overall requirements.

Conference emblem

The emblem works have smartfully using Chinese traditional calligraphy techniques, with "people and arch bridge" as a creation element, combined, fully reflecting the strong historical and cultural heritage of Suzhou It is quite a time, and the dynamics are very strong. The works show a group of three shoulders and shoulders, the form of hand, reflecting the condense of the 3rd National Sports Conference and the symbol of the national people's unity and friendship, and "red, yellow, blue, green, black" Olympics five The ringing of the ring represents the beauty of sports diversity and auspicious, enthusiasm, rationality, positive, harmony, health and civilization, meaningful, strong impact, and Haina Baichuan, which can give people vast imagination.

Xiang Ma Shi

The mascot work is based on the theme of Suzhou City, "花" is the subject, and it is used to create design, meaning the 3rd National Sports Conference in Jiangnan Water Township. , Garden city Suzhou held. The work name "Oh", in line with the mascot lively and lovely characteristics and image, "" and "harmonious, active, warm hospitality, love sports, Republican participation, reflect the" harmony, fitness, participation, happiness The purpose of "".

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