The 26th Beijing University Film Festival

Synonym No. 26th Beijing University Film Festival General Refers to the 26th Beijing University Film Festival

Host Hosting History

February 27, 2019, the twenty-sixth Beijing University Film Festival Officially issued the main poster. The poster is a very eye-catching youth image, poster with new youth with movie dreams as expressive, the camera symbolizes the hot heart of the movie, the red background is more infused into endless youthful vitality and passion.

On April 7, 2019, the 26th Beijing University Film Festival opened at the Student Activity Center of Beijing Normal University.


< / TR> < Tr> < TD> Best Virgin Award
Award Name Winners
Best Video Award "Wandering Earth"
Best Director Award Wen Moy "I am not a medicine god"
Best Screenwriter Award Sulan "Time and Space"
Best Actor Award Xu Wei "I am not a drug god"
Best Actress Award Yao Chen "Find you"
Best Newcomer Award

Huang Yu "Spring", Zhang Yu "I am not a drug god" The 26th Beijing University Film Festival

Ye Jiangtian "Flower Things · As scheduled", Xu Lei "Children"
Best Ornamental Effect Award "Shadow"

Best Art Exploration Award

Most college students welcome video prize "Crazy Alien"
Most Upper College Students Welcome Director Award Huo Jian "If the shadow"
is most popular among universal actor award Chen Xiao "like a shadow"
The most popular actress award 佟 丽娅 "Time and Space"
Jership Special Recommended Film "Find you" "Spring"
Organizing Committee Special Recommended Film "Li Baoguo" "Out of the Mountain" < / TD>

Nomination list

Award name Nomination list
Best Video Award

"Jianghu Child"

"Wandering Earth"

"I am not a medicine god"

Best Director Award

Jia Zhangke "Jianghu Child"

Xu Lei "Children's Children"

Wennan "I am not a drug god"

Best Screenworm "/ TD>

Zhuang Wenqiang" Unparalleled "

Sulan "Time and Space Ghent "

Snow, Linmei," Spring "

Best Actor Award

Liao Where "Jianghu children"

Zhang Yu "unknown generation"

Xu Wei "I am not a medicine god"

Best Actress Award

Yao Chen "Find you"

Anyone "Name"

Xu Tian's "Children"

Best Newcomer Award

Huang Yu "Spring"

Zhang Yu "Non-name" < / P>

Ren Min "sad reverse stream"

teacher Qingfeng "The child in the sky"

Peng Hai Chang "quickly took my brother"

Zhang Zifeng "quickly take me"

Best Virgin Award

White Snow "Spring" < / p>

Ye Jiangtian "Flower things · As scheduled"

Xu Lei "child" child "
best viewing visual Award


"Wandering Earth"

"Earth's last night"

Best Art Exploration Award

Jero Grand Prize


"Find you"

"Jianghu Child"

Organizing Committee Grand Prize


"Huang Dynasty"

"Li Baoguo"

Film film

"Tian Mu" Director: Wang Qiang

"City of Dream" Director: Liu Weijuan

"Wong Dynasty" Director: Chengxo

"Li Bao Guo" Director: Zhao Qi

"Last Kit" Director: Li Wei

"Going" Director: Wang Ping

"Those Women" Director: Wu Shi Bow

"Hong Kong Daxing" Director: Liu Yijun

"Red Flower Green Leaf" Director: Liu Miao, Hu Weijie

" Reaching Anti Song "Director: Adi Summer Hot Heli, Zhou Jun

" Unparalleled "Director: Zhuang Wenqiang

" Children in Heaven "Director: Xu Lei

< P> "Allagor Jiang" Director: Song Tai Puxi

"Mo Mo No." Director: A year

"Flying Life" Director: Han Han

"The last night of the earth" director: Bihui

"find you" Director: Lu Le

"Flower · As scheduled" Director: Ye Jiangtian

"passing the future" Director: Li Ruiyu

"I am not a drug god" director: Wen Muye

"Baby" Director: Liu Jie

"Sad Backflow Chenghe" Director: Falling

"Shadow" Director: Zhang Yimou

< P> "Hulunbeier City" Director: Coat

"Jianghu Child" Director: Jia Zhangke

"Time and Space Tongju" Director: Sulan

" My brother took away "Director: Zheng Fenfen

" shadow "Director: Huo Jianqi

" Spring "Director: White Snow

" Unknown Generation "Director : 晓 志

"New Comedy King" Director: Zhou Xingchi

"Evil Positive" Director: Jiang Wen

"Wandering Earth" Director: Guo Fan < / p>

"Crazy Alien" Director: Ninghao


activity content


The twenty-sixth Beijing college student movie The section will be opened on April 7, 2019, and the awards were closed on April 28. In addition to performing domestic film (including complimentary), it will also hold a shortage film exhibition, mainly meeting meeting, college student original film contest, youth script and creative competition, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., selection, discussion, exchange activities.

The list of the organizing committee

Secretary of the Secretary of the University Film Festival Zhang Wei teacher, Wang Wei, Mr. Chen Gang, Teacher Jiang, Teacher Jiang, Minister of Sector, Responsible Second recruitment.

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