The 20th Berlin International Film Festival

Basic Introduction

The 20th Berlin International Film Festival is held.


: "", "Pure Love Story"

International Film Culture Promotion Committee Prize Gandhi Prize: "A Test of Violence"

Film Reviewer Federation Award: "Pure Love Story", "Temps de Mourir, Le"

Network Movie Award - Recommended Award: "Profeta Da FOME, O", "Pure Love Story" "" People with the waves "," why is M Mr. Ramper murder? "," Out of it "


International Catholic Movie Visiting Association Award - Recommended Award: "Chacal de Nahueltoro, EL", "Why is M Mr. Chat? "," OUT OF IT "

Frame list

" Savediagite Rey

"Tragedy in the Forest "Johan Bergenstråhle

" Jianghu Dragon Tiger "Jacques Derre

" Naffororo's Wolf "Mi Gal Ting

" Piga of the earth Russia in 69 years "Brian De Palma

" Swedish Love Story "Roy Andon

The 20th Berlin International Film Festival

" OK "Michael Vichi

"Traveler" Moshmzi West

"Unpair Personnel" Paul Williams

"Howling" Ding Ji · Balase

"Mr. R why madly kills" Lainer Verna Fasbide

"éden et Après, L '" Alan Rob - Griest

"Black OUT "Jean-Louis Roy

" The Prophet of Hunger "Maurice Capovila

" Klann - Grand Guignol "Patrick Ledoux

" la Ragazza di Nome Giulio " Tonino Valerii

"Time to Die" André Farwagi

"EL Extraño Caso Del Doctor Fausto" Gon Saul Su Yarez

"The Inheritors" David STILEL

Chairman: George Stevens


David Neves

Billy Whitera

Abert Latulha

Dushan Makoviev

Man Fred Du Nones

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