Basic information

A terminal is a device that divides a host into multiple users to use at the same time. You can separate a host to allow 1-50 people to use the host at the same time. Each extension uses a monitor, a mouse and keyboard, and a terminal to form a set of independent computers.

Each terminal can simultaneously and independently perform Internet surfing, online games and Internet applications such as ASP, Instant Messenger (instant messaging), Private E-Mail (private e-mail), and can also be used for Any Windows application software such as Office suite software, semi-multimedia, etc., without the need for complex and expensive standard computers.

The development history of the terminal

So far, computing technology has experienced three development periods: the host era, the PC era, and the network computing era. Adapting to these stages, the application has also experienced three forms of character dumb terminal, graphic terminal and network terminal. A computer with 30 people using the terminal at the same time. The role of a computer terminal. A computer is used by multiple people. Each additional user only needs to add a monitor and a set of keyboard and mouse to become an independent terminal. Multiple users can use each other at the same time. Independent, there is no difference from using a computer alone.

From a technical perspective

Data processing mode will be decentralized to centralized, user interface will be more user-friendly, manageability and security will be greatly improved; at the same time, communication and information The processing method will also be fully networked, and can achieve unprecedented system expansion capabilities and cross-platform capabilities.

In terms of application form

Network terminal equipment will not be limited to the traditional desktop application environment. With the diversification of connection methods, it can be used as a desktop device or For mobile and portable use, terminal equipment will have a variety of product forms; in addition, with the expansion of cross-platform capabilities, in order to meet the needs of different system applications, network terminal equipment will also appear in many faces: Unix terminals, Windows terminals , Linux terminal, Web terminal, Java terminal, etc.

Terminal application field

The situation that terminal equipment in the era of character dumb terminals and graphic terminals can only be used in the window service industry and counter business will never return. Online banking, Non-counter businesses such as online securities and bank low-counter services will widely use network terminal equipment. At the same time, the application of network terminal equipment will also expand to emerging non-financial industries such as telecommunications, electricity, taxation, education, and government.

Hardware parameters: Refer to the main equipment details of the terminal, generally provide the type and quantity of external ports, and a brief description of the main components.

Display performance: Provide a simple description of the type of terminal display screen and display performance mode.

Lottery betting terminal design

The most commonly used lottery betting terminal

Take the Sile SN2000CL lottery integrated betting machine as an example: my country’s current stage The structure of the most commonly used lottery betting terminal is mainly divided into these parts:

(1)Operation display screen

This area is used by the operator to perform the following operations: 1. and Switchboard connection; 2. Information acquisition; 3. Lottery betting input; 4 Lottery redemption; 5. Debug settings.

In the initial design, the role of this screen is mainly as a display output device. With the development of technology and technological progress, especially the development of screen touch technology, the display screen has gradually assumed The role of the input device for touch input. Operators can directly perform most of the operations through the screen, and various functions and buttons can be displayed on the screen, making this operation more intuitive and convenient. However, because the position of the screen is generally high, and the response time and response efficiency of the touch screen are not as good as the keyboard, it is not suitable for the operator to carry out long-term continuous work.

(2)Keyboard area

This module is the main input device for operators, divided into numeric keypad and function keypad. Due to the popularity of computers, people are no strangers to keyboard input. The computer keyboard has more complete and complete functions, and the betting machine itself has fewer functions, so its keyboard functions are correspondingly less. Generally, it only includes number keys and a few keys such as "reward", "query", function switching, and custom functions.

(3) Lottery printer

It is used to print out the lottery ticket needed by the lottery purchaser. The existing lottery lottery printers are thermal printers, which have no radiation damage to the human body and have a separate movement. The movement is actually the same as the thermal printer that prints receipts at the supermarket checkout counter. There are two ways to place lottery printers: plug-in type and built-in type. Their movement is no different. They are just installed inside or installed outside as a separate printer.

Factors that need to be paid attention to in design

Industrial design is a design for the manufacture of industrial products. It includes the entire process of product external and internal design, as well as the appearance and performance of products. The use of production technology and brand building have the most direct impact.

Most of the products sold in the market can be improved in some ways through better industrial design. The commercial success of all products that people use or see depends largely on For industrial design. Evaluating the quality of an industrial design of a formed product can roughly start from several aspects:

1. The user interface of a practical product should be safe, easy to operate, and intuitive.

2. Appearance shape, line, proportion, color should give people a pleasing feeling. This is mainly to evaluate the product's appeal to customers. For example: Is the product attractive? Is it exciting? Does owning a product bring pride to customers?

3. Easy to maintain The design of the product must be easy to maintain and repair.

4. The form and characteristics of low-cost products have a great impact on the production costs of processing equipment and products.

5. The design of communication products should fully express the design concept through visual characteristics.

6. Product differentiation mainly evaluates the uniqueness of the product and its consistency with the corporate image. Products with a stable market and mature technology rely to a large extent on industrial design to create differences.

7. Environmental issues require the creation of diversified values ​​of people in the design of efforts to make these values ​​always harmoniously coordinated with each other in the context of human, society, and the environment, and strive to find their common category. Only in this way can industrial design truly serve the society.

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