Technology science

It is a science that applies scientific theories to the technical and technological properties of material production.

Science generally refers to natural science (or basic science), such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, physiology, astronomy, geography, these time-honored disciplines, and technology usually refers to engineering technology, such as civil engineering, water conservancy engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and so on, there are very specific research objects. To sum up, the main task of natural science is to understand the world and explore the laws of changes in the material world, while engineering technology is generally used to utilize and transform the world. Technology and science is between the two, play the role of bridge and link, make science to technology transformation.

The basic definition

To study the basic theoretical disciplines that guide production.

Under the guidance of the basic disciplines, the technical object is taken as the cognitive goal, the special law of each technical category is studied and investigated, and the technical theory is established and applied to the engineering technical object. It transforms science into technology, and advances technical knowledge to theory into science.

Its subjects include engineering mechanics, applied chemistry, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, engineering geology, etc.

Technical science is usually regarded as one of the five basic branches of science, along with natural science, social science, philosophy and mathematics.

The nature of the

The whole of science and technology is divided into three broad categories: natural science, technical science and engineering technology. Such as fluid mechanics, mechanics of solids, automation, engineering cybernetics, engineering thermophysics, as well as the newly developed computational science, materials science, environmental science, etc., are examples of technical sciences. It can be seen that the scope of technical science is quite extensive.

Of the three subjects listed above, natural science, technical science and engineering technology, all three are indispensable. Here, technical science is between natural science and engineering technology. It is often said that it is the bridge between the two, with "deep roots, strong branches, luxe leaves", to summarize the relationship between the three. Comparing the whole science and technology to a tree, natural science is the root of the tree, technical science is the trunk and branches, and engineering technology is the leaves. If science and technology as a whole are to develop, the roots should be deep, the branches strong and the leaves lush. Technology and science are equivalent to trees and branches, and play the role of nutrition transmission. This analogy illustrates the bridging function of technology and science.

As an independent field, technical science has its own independent content. If fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, rigid body mechanics, has not been a part of physics. Therefore, technical science is not only a bridge between natural science and engineering technology, but also an independent field.


The development of engineering technology promotes the progress of technology science, and conversely, the development of technology science promotes the transformation of engineering technology. At the same time, technology science also plays a good role in promoting the basic science. The development of some disciplines is from natural science to technical science, and from technical science to engineering technology. That is to say, most of the development of technology and science depends on the conditions and needs of technology, but a few of the development of technology and science is the other way around, the law of natural science first, and then gradually develop to the application of technology and engineering technology.

Thus, it can be seen that technical science has both particularity and concreteness.Different from basic science, technical science has its specific object, and the problems it studies are not the most general laws, but the laws of a certain special scope. In addition, for engineering technology, technical science has its universality and versatility. Technical science is a discipline which is extracted or developed from different engineering techniques and has common problems. In turn, its theory and rules can be applied to different engineering fields.

Technical science has not only affected engineering technology and the basic natural science, in fact its development has gone beyond this scope, it has also affected the social science, the impact of the whole human society.

The research methods

Generally speaking, technical science research includes five aspects and five steps:

(1) Raise questions; (2) To observe through practice; (3) Establish physical model on the basis of observation and extraction; (4) Analysis; (5) Application.

The study of technical science shall not cover all the problems raised in production. The determination of the topic to see some farther, really understand the law. It is not to tinker with the problems in engineering, but to grasp the key scientific problems in technology.

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