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This book is developed with 10 stock market technical indicators as the core, expounding in detail the principle, usage and actual combat skills of each technical indicator, and strive to Show the practical use of each indicator in an all-round way. The core content of this book* is the confirmation of buying and selling points. For each technical indicator, more than 10 kinds of buying and selling points are analyzed to help readers obtain maximum profits. This book can be used as a handbook for investors to consult various indicators, and can also be used as a handout for improving investors' practical skills, so as to allow readers to step into the way of technical analysis in the shortest possible time and open the door to profitability in the stock market.

Through this book, readers can quickly step into the hall of technical analysis, master the raw quantities and practical usage of various indicators, and improve short-term practical skills. It can be said that this book is a practical book tailored for investors.

Book Catalog

Chapter 1 Detailed Explanation of the K-line Chart Buying and Selling Points

1.1 New Stock Minxue K-line

1.2K-line buy Signals

1.3K line selling signal

Chapter 2 Detailed explanation of the buying and selling points of the moving average indicator

2.1 New stocks and people’s learning moving average indicator

2.2 Moving Average Buying Signal

2.3 Moving Average Selling Signal

Chapter 3 Detailed Explanation of Volume Index Buying and Selling Points

3.1 New Shares and Minxue Trading Volume

< p>3.2 Volume buy signal

3.3 Volume sell signal

Chapter 4 Detailed explanation of the buying and selling points of PSY indicator

4.1 PSY indicator of new stocks and people’s learning< /p>

4.2PSY indicator buy signal

4.3PSY indicator sell signal

Chapter 5 Detailed explanation of MACD indicator buying and selling points

5.1 New investors Learn MACD indicator

5.2MACD indicator buy signal

5.3MACD indicator sell signal

Chapter 6 Detailed explanation of KDJ indicator buying and selling points

6.1 New investors learn KDJ indicator

6.2KDJ indicator buy signal

6.3KDJ sell signal

Chapter 7 Detailed explanation of OBV indicator buying and selling points

7.1 New Stock Minxue OBV indicator

7.2OBV indicator buy signal

7.3OBV sell signal

Chapter 8 Detailed explanation of RSI indicator buying and selling points

8.1 RSI indicator for new stocks and people’s studies

8.2RSI indicator buy signal

8.3RSI indicator sell signal

Chapter 9 BOLL Detailed explanation of indicator buying and selling points

9.1 BOLL indicator for new stocks and people’s learning

9.2BOLL indicator buying signal

9.3BOLL indicator selling signal

Chapter 10 Detailed explanation of DMI indicator buying and selling points

10.1 DMI indicator for new investors

10.2DMI indicator buying signal

10.3DMI selling signal

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