Tanlu break off

Multi - phase Construction

This faracted band has experienced multi-phase constructs. It is not only a "longevity", which is the deep-discred cracked strap mainly based on shear movement, but also a living crack zone that is still inherited from the new construction movement. It is also a significant segmentation, activity. Earthquake activity belt in degree. Before the end of the 1960s, many researchers have different tasks and objectives, which are limited to inspect and exploration of certain sections of the fault zone. As a result, there were some local names in different locations. For example, in Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, it is called Yilan-Yitong deep break. In Liaoning Province, it is called the opening of the original - Yingkou - Weifang deep break (also known as Liaodong) Coastal breaks), in the Nanshan fault in Suqian (or Su Lu Lu), as well as the named in 1959 - Lijiang Di-break (narrow ". In fact, the universal cracked fracture (broad) is a general term for the fracture zone of the above sections.

郯 郯 断 断 仅 仅 武 武 武 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 经 穴 向 向 向 经 向 向 经 经Sihong, Suqian, Shandong Province, Yucheng, Lishui, Weifang, Shandong Province, and then passed the Liaodong Peninsula, passed through the northeastern three provinces to Russia. In China, there are 2400 kilometers in China, with several tens to 200 kilometers, and overall will go to Northern 10-20 degrees. Today's 郯郯 fracture level is about 2.2 mm / year.

History of earthquake epicenter

Since ancient times, the earthquake belt and its nearby sides have never been broken, indicating that it is in the event of the activity. It is an earthquake activity belt. More than three hundred years ago, July 28, 1668, 8.5 magnitude 8.5 earthquake occurred in Shandong City, and most of China is a large earthquake event in the east of my country. On July 15, 1969, the middle of the Bohai Sea once again had a 7.4-magnitude earthquake, followed by February 4, 1975, an earthquake occurred in the Liaoning Haicheng. It is, this three major earthquakes and June 1, 70 BC, 7.3 earthquakes in Zhucheng, Shandong and 7.5 earthquakes in the middle of the Bohai Sea on October 6, 1957, have no exception Falling on the fracture zone or it. In the small earthquake, the belt and its vicinity have occurred. This suggests that the 郯 庐 断 断 is a fracture that is still continuing to act, these large and small earthquake activities are the results of a secondary intermittent activity.

Seismic statistics

According to statistical research, the M8.5 earthquake occurred in 200 kilometers from the 1900 kilometers of the censor, M7.0- 7.9 earthquakes 5 times, M6-6.9 earthquake 11 times. Middle section (Shenyang-Suilest Section) has a magnitude 8.5 earthquake, and the M7.0-7.9 earthquake is 7 times.

Tanlu break off

Northern Section

(Zhaoxing - Shenyang): It develops in Ji-black, composed of two main fissures from 30-40 ° e 5-20 kilometers wide, for one medium, new generation of crack zone, with an inner filling of 4,000-5000 meters thick volcanic rock, volcanic debris clip coal formation. The substrate is stiffness, the structure is also simple, and there are only 5.8 earthquakes.

South Section

(Jia Mountain (Today Mingguo City) - Guangji): Developed in the junction of the Yangtze Broken Block and North China Huaiyang Chase The medium is relatively soft, the structure is relatively simple, the structure stress is not high, the strength of the seismic activity is not large, and the level of earthquake activity is slightly higher than the northern section.

[Shenyang - Jia Mountain (Today, Mingguang City): North China East, North China, the North China-Broken Block District, mainly composed of four general parallel, these four main fractures constitute 20-40 kilometers of "two clamps" structures in Luzhongyi, and the River Valley. This section is a region with complex structure, strong new activity and high base media. The six-level strong earthquake mainly concentrated in the middle section of the 郯 断 断. Its main earthquake has on July 25, 1668. 7.4 earthquake in the Bohai Sea. Studies have shown that 郯 庐 断 带 带 段 段 段 段 段 段 段 段 段 段 段. Since it has a large stress, the shear stress is also large, it is easy to accumulate the energy of the earthquake, but it is difficult to release in the form of medium and small earthquakes, so the seismic intensity is large and the frequency is low.

郯 郯 断 断 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 为 为 局 区 监 区 监 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区In June 2003, Shandong Qingdao also took MC4.3 small earthquake event, and the earthquake activity in the region deserved our gaze and research.

Mineral resources

with peripheral mineral resources

郯 庐 断 断 断, inexpensive resources, and a wide variety. There is a large mineral and foreign mine, there is a metal ore and non-metallic mine, and there are more than dozens of deposition and metamorphic hot liquid minerals. These minerals are controlled by structural formations, rock and magma. Such as Liaoning Anshan Iron Mine, Yuyan County, Yanshi Jade, Liaodong Diamond Mine, Shandong Zhaoyuan Large Fujin Mine, Shandong Mengyin Diamond Stone Original, Shandong Changle Blue Crystal, Jiangsu East China Sea Crystal, Omnite, Ruby, Snake Trimmite, etc.

In addition, in my country's large mountain - Jiaonan area, it is the world's largest, most complete, and optimistic deterioration tape in 4 Ke Shiying high-pressure metamorphic belts. Ke Shiying is a message from the earth. It is a record left by the crust. It uses it to study the super high pressure deterioration and sector collision. It is analyzed the exercise of the deep substance of the earth, describing the change law of the Sangtian in the sea. These deep variants and hot-liquid type high-pressure mineral rocks and minerals are typical signs of super high pressure magazine bands and the scientific basis of Asian Branch in Donghai County.

Geological evolution

The shallow extrusion activity and deep process in the Third Ji -

郯 庐 断 断 带 晚 晚 断 晚Make the previous large-scale assembly basins to rise, demise, modern or largest earthquake activity in the eastern China. The proximation of the near WE suffering from the fracture zone is the construction of the Western Pacific Arc and the construction of the Indian plate to north. The area power generated by the extrusion. The fracture belt is cut into the upper mantle in the new generation of extrusion activity, and the deep process such as mantle shear, mantle, partial melting, and finally formed a large scale under the overdery background. Basalt eruption.

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