Tank Reed


Sicily King. Ou Teville family Roger II Sun, was imprisoned for 5 years in 1155. In 1161, he participated in the coup and was forced to escape foreign countries. 13 years later led the expedition of Alexanderria, and later the commander. In 1190, he became the king after the death of William. In 1191, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry Liuzhuang is the father of Tank Leed, to inherit the Xisi Riyan, in violation of the territory of Tank Leed in the mainland, surround Naples, but not successful. After 3 years, Henry Liu also won the Sicily. Before Henry arrived in Sicily, Tank Leid suddenly died.


Tank Leid (Tancred, 1138 ~ 1194) is the former King Roger II, the eldest son, the Duke of Roger, the Duger, the Duger, the female Emma of Lecce Illegitimate son, but because the local princes oppose Hohenzaofen family, Xici Wangzhi (At that time, the Hohenzaofen family is the sacred Roman Emperor Emperor Fredriyi, Barbaroza, 1184 Sicily King William II The only legal heir of the kingdom, the former Wang Luojie II's remains of the female Constitan, so that the Hohenz Taifen family won the throne of the throne), so he promptly followed the throne of Lece, and immediately got the Pope The recognition of Clemen III (the Pope at this time with the emperor's facts, it is not the same, and at the same time, in order to prevent the emperor from forming the north and south clam of Rome, it immediately admitted that the inheritance of Tank Leid is legal). Macteao, who said, Ayllo, is promoted by Tank Leid as a prime minister.

In the beginning of 1190, the King of England arrived in the Triathral Route, arrived in Sicily City Paler Mo, excused for his own sister Qiong (after the Queen William II, was imprisoned by Tank Leed) Respond to the legacy, grab it to Sicily. Tanking was also incited at the King of France, from the king of France, and took the troops, but was defeated by our investigation. In March 1191, Tank Leid and Richard, Philip II, and content mainly include: Tank Leed release Qiong and giving her heritage; Richard and Philip Irritable Tank Leid is the King of Sicily Tank Leid agreed to marry his daughter to the heir selected at the time. The Richardish has soon the Duke of Boli Tanni, and the 4-year-old Bretani Du Thane is only 4 years old. A generation. After signing with approximately, Richard and Philip left Sicily.

1190, the sacred Roman Emperor Fredriyi, the Babaraza's son. Germany King Henry VIII was sold in the south. The Fredri is dead, but Henry Liu has not yet crowning as the emperor. Therefore, I can only use the King of Deichuan.), I want to retrieve the Xi Riyan, and forced the Pope to the Emperor on the way, and then surround Naples, but after the long-term attack, the plague will be collected. Roger, who was competed with Tank Leed, also launched a rebellion in the same year to respond to Henry Six, but was attacked. Queen Kessan was invited by Saleno, did not evacuate with Henry. Originally betrayed Tank Leid, greeted Henry Liu's city, forgive Tank Leed forgive or even invited, and the Saleno also attacked Messan, and disseminated her to Messic. In Constant, I was still in Queen, and Tank Leid condemned her to introduce the German invasion of the country. Constant is proud to call himself to take himself the kingdom that belongs to himself but was steal by Tank Krev. Tank Leed took her back to Palermo, let her eat with Queen West, let the queen monitor her. But Palermo's people showed her sympathy against her, and Xibira had thus proposed her death. Tank Leid worried that the woman who hurted the first king was also a famous voice, did not agree, but under West Martio persuaded, the Queen was closed in Naples in the egg castle in the four-sided greens of the island, strictly guarded . During the period, Tank Leed has been staying in Chitani with a noble gift, despite the opposition Westbira, think this is the throne of Kansani. Tank Leid was presented with the queen for chips and Henry Liu, and there was no intention to let Henral restay. However, Henry was captured by his wife, even if there was a Pope, the Temletine, the Thirteen, and also refused to understand. The Selistine II did not want the Empire and Sicily Kingdom. Because Henry Chao complained to him, the wife was captured, at the end of the year, he asked Tank Kreth to send the Queen to Rome to reveal his own king's status, threatening the Tank Leed if Do not take care of his health. Tank Leed was forced to participate in the court, but also sent the Queen's gift, but the Queen was taken back by the imperial soldier in the trip to Rome (1192 summer), Tank Leid and the Pope failed to take the actual situation Benefit. At the same time, Tank Leid ranked the eldest son Roger as a common king Roger III.

1192 and 1193, Tank Leid succeeded in the actions of Aptria aristocratic. In December 1193, Luo Jie was dead, Tancred quickly saved the second child to William III.

In 1194, Henry Liu once again, however, Tancred has been ill, leaving only the unnamed William II in February 20. On December 25, Henry Liu took the West Ri Ri.


Roger III, Duke of Apria, Sicily Trend King

William II, Duke of Apuria, Sicily King

Maria, also called Albinia, inherited to the Triae of Lecch after his death, and later married Brid's Walter II, Trickijajko Jako Sansefrino , Mostlia Novo, Tirini Guidi

Constant, married Pietro Ziany, later Venice Lord

Madachi Asia

Walderada, married Venice noble Jakomo Trull

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