Tang Linde


Don Leslie Lind, May 18, 1930 -) is an astronaut in NASA, implemented STS-51-B task.

He participated in Midwell Primary School, he graduated from Jordan High School (Sandy, Utah). Later, he wedd by Catherine's Logan, Utah Moen had seven children. His interest includes amateur play, play writing and painting, but he is still a fanatical swimming and skiing.

Linde has obtained physics from the Philosophy and physics of the University of Sihtan University in 1953, in 1964, after the University of California Berkeley, he was a basic type. The study of a bachelor's degree of high-energy Lawrence radiation laboratory particle interaction. His performance is in the Geophysical Institute, Postdoctoral Research, Alaska University from 1975 to 1976.

Navy experience

Linde held the Navy's commander in the United States. He served in the San Diego Navy, and later closed the four years of carrier number Hancock. During this time, he recorded more than 4,500 hours of flight time, including 4000 jet. In 1957 he got his wings.

NASA's career

In 1964, Linde has served as a space physicist at the NASA Gordian Space Flight Center. He participated in the experiment to determine the properties of the Earth's magnetic layer and the planetary space and the characteristics of low energy particles.

Linde approves the third group of astronauts in the NASA, but there is not enough flight hours, and the history of the fourth group. After the age limit change, the fifth group of "original 19" between him, selected April 1966.

Linde Make a backup pilot and standby of the Sky Lab 3 and Sky Lab 4 (Second and Third Manned Space Lab Mission) to troubleshoot to Sky Lab 3 A rescue task has been developed. He is also a business mission development team of the Astronaut's Office, which has developed a responsible member for the early space aircraft track flight test (fair transaction) task payload, and in Canadarm. For Apollo he helps to develop tools used in the moon surface and is a crew that may be canceled.

He finally flew to the implementation of the task expert in Executive STS - 51 - B (April 29 to May 6, 1985). The logging space is over 168 hours. Linde is the longest time is his first space flight, and other USs in 19 years. The original 19, and 14 groups in the next astronauts, in the space flying before Linde.

Linde leaves the NASA in 1986, as he became a professor of Physics, Utah State University, USA.

Aerospace experience

Execute STS - 51 - B Space Lab, 3 Scientific Tasks, from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, is launched on April 29, 1985. This is the mission of the first business space laboratory. These 7 crew conducts crystal growth, dynamic decline, leading to non-capacity material processing, atmospheric trace gas spectroscopy, atmospheric simulation, cosmic rays, experimental animals and human medical monitoring.

Linde developed, and experiments to make a unique Aurora vaginal video of 3D earth. In completing 110 earth tracks, the orbit challenger number landed in Edwards Air Force Base, California, May 6, 1985.

Awards and Honor

Lind is a member of the United States Geochemology Federation, which is the American Science Promotion Association, draped Kapa, ​​and I thought. He also won the 1974 US ASA's excellence medal.

Mormon Teaching Ball Service

In addition to as an astronaut, he serves, he also serves as a member of the Saint Church of Saint Church in the late Jesus Christ. Linde has served as a naval missionary in front of the church. Although Carsh Vali as a professor in Utah University, he also served as a bishop. He also served as a task, including presidential term of Portland Temple in Oregon, and his wife counselor as a helper assistant, in the UK a year in 1998.

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