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"Tang Dynasty" is a collection of literature history information in the Tang Dynasty. The book editor is passed on to the Song Dynasty. A total of 8 volumes of the book, there is a series of a volume. Imitation "Shi Shuo Xinyu" system, according to the contents of the content, and the original 35 "Shi Shuo Xin" is 36 (according to this "World", "36), is expanded to 52. The materials in the book are recorded from the Tang people 50 note novels. The data is concentrated, and the content is rich, and the content of the political and historical facts of the Tang Dynasty, the court trivial matter, the scholars, the literary family, the customs, famous materials and allusion, etc., study Tang History, political and literature, have reference value.

"Tang Dynasty" is scattered in the morning. In the Qing Dynasty, the "four books", according to the Ming Jiajing's first quarter, the "Yongle Coal" is set, and the resection is added, and the series will be added more. Today, there is a Jane Book, "Jings Yin Xuan", "ink sea gold can", "Shou Mountain Alimentari" this. In 1957, the classical literature publishing the commodity "Shou Mountain Pioneers".

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Wang Wei, word is 甫. Not detailed in the years. Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi). Prime Minister Lu Anti-Defense. He used to take the company in Jingdong. Yuan Zhu four years (1089) Ren Guiyu. After the remembering Shaofu monk.

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Di Liang Gong and Yu Shi are the same. Di Gong reversed the teacher's moral day, then Di Di: "朕 大 用 卿, Qing Zhiyi?" To hem: "Chen took the article straight, uncomfortable,"曰: "I don't know if I don't know my heart, Qing Zhi, the power of the real man." The life is around the basket, we have to give a welcome form, to give Liang Gong. Liang Gong Ying, the fear, then he is no longer responsible. Out of the outside world: "I am not intended to be a contribution!" And the public did not taste the color.


Di Renjie and Yu Shide also served as (Tang Dynasty) prime minister. Di Renjie has a long time. Wu Zetian asked Di Renjie: "I will trust you, do you know the reasons?" Di Renjie represented: "I have an appointment with the court with the first thing, not a mediocrity, relying on others to achieve my own career." Wu Zetian I have stopped saying: "I didn't know your situation. You can get the strength of the court. It is really for the recommendation of Yu Shide!" So orders the salute to take out the bamboo box, find out about ten pieces about recommendation The play of Di Renjie has given Di Renjie. Di Renjie looked at the play, admitted that he had fault, Wu Zetian did not blame him. Di Renjie stepped out of the door and said, "I didn't expect to be included in the Master Mr." "Yu Shide heard this and did not show proud look."


Tianbao, there is a book to born Travel Songzhou. When Li Wei, he was so poor, and the store was in the same store. Instead of the day, the scholarship, and even if they don't save. Lin, the language: "A family lives in Hongzhou, will seek officials in the north, to die, the life is also." Due to the golden hundred and two heels,: "Some servants have this I have a dead thing for me, and Yu Gong is doing. Brief, gold in the tomb, and funeral.


Tianbao (Tang Xuanzong Year), there is a book to live in Songzhou. At that time, Li Zhen was less poor, and there was a book to live in the same store. Didn't have a long time, scholar suffering from illness, can't heal. The book is dying, telling Li Wei, "My family lives in Hongzhou, I will go to the North" (now Taiyuan) to seek official position, here is going to die, this is life. "And from the pocket to give Li Li , Said: "My home, didn't know this, you deal with the matter, the rest of the money is given to you." Li Ju said to him for him, the rest of the gold secret is placed in the tomb. Buried with the scholar. After a few years, Li Wei did Kaifeng County. The brothers of the book took the proven of Hongzhou Guanfu, inquired the road along the road, accommodation, to Songzhou, knowing that Li Wei is a funeral presided over the book, specializing in the opening of the cover, ask the golden drop. Li Gumen, please leave the cemetery to the superior, dig out of gold to them.

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