Taixing white fruit


"Taixing ginkgo", also known as Buddha means the Buddha, the Buddha family, large bergamot, mainly produced in Taixing, Taixing more than 99% of all Buddha finger. The varieties are grafting, crown shape with a high degree of grafting varies. Dry over 2 meters high, wide oval crown shape; When the dry down to 60-80 cm high, the crown-shaped or semicircular presented as round head shape. Trees branching weak, the periphery of the crown long sticks then shoot growth of about 25 cm, dilute up to 40 cm. Small leaves, leaf color lighter, the lighter cracked or not significant. In the configuration of the long branches from the tip to the base of the vane were triangular, fan-shaped, and wishful truncate shaped.

long oval cone, testa at maturity as a light orange, light is white powder, more than one fruit. Obtuse apex, bead trace holes, flat or slightly concave, with a few small tip. Pedicle near perfect circular base plate, uneven surface, not the whole periphery. Slightly oblique cone base, pedicel about 4.5-5.3 cm. Cone longitudinal diameter size of 3.1-3.8 cm, 1.4-2.7 cm in diameter, weight of single cone 8.5-13.8g, 74-121 particles per kilogram of grains. The core rate averaged 24.0% -30.0%. Long oval or spindle-shaped seed nuclei, color white round the waist, the shape of the fingers, hence the name Buddha's finger. Taper apex, with a bald, middle slightly concave. Base beam spot traces the track is very small, and slightly concave toward the base. Ribbed on both sides, the ridge obvious, but no wing edge. Seed cores are of different sizes, the larger Buddha said means, about the size of 2.5 cm * 1.74 cm * 1.45 cm, average weight 3.1 g single nuclear species (up to 3.3 g), per kilogram to about 323; said small the small Buddha's finger, the average weight of a single species core 2.7g, about 370 per kg. Kernel rate as high as 80%.

producing environmental


Taixing central Jiangsu Province, North Shore Yangtze River, north latitude 31 ° 59'-32 ° 24 ', longitude 119 ° 48 '-120 ° 22'. World ginkgo areas are mainly located in north latitude 22 ° -42 °, between east longitude 97 ° -124 °, the best areas of Taixing ginkgo production.

Taixing Yangtze River Delta alluvial plain, located on a geological structure rather - through structural belt, the transfer area is recessed area in northern Jiangsu and southern Jiangsu uplift, surface are covered Cenozoic Quaternary new modern system deposition. High-lying northeast, southwest low, slightly tilted from northeast to southwest, the terrain is relatively flat, high ground really up to 7.2 meters, the lowest 1.8 m, an average of about 5m, from east to west can be divided into high sand plain (an area of ​​939.91 square kilometers , representing the city's total area of ​​75.0%), along Jing plains (area of ​​112.94 square kilometers, accounting for the city's total area of ​​9.0%), along the river plains (area of ​​156.89 square kilometers, accounting for 12.5% ​​of the city's total area). Most of the region has the best conditions for landform growth of ginkgo trees.

Climate characteristics

Taixing north subtropical monsoon climate zone, and by the combined influence of the westerlies and subtropical and tropical weather system, mild and humid, with four distinct seasons, heat and cold is not long, abundant rainfall, sufficient sunlight, frost-free period is shorter, it is conducive to agricultural production. Average annual temperature is 15 ℃, the average frost-free period 221 days, perennial 80% relative humidity, sunshine 2169.7h. The average annual rainfall was 1040 mm. A lot of rain mainly in the summer, 5 - average amount of precipitation in September was 633 mm, 60.9% of the total average annual precipitation. Typically after first frost before November 7, the first of October 2; final frosty usually after March 31, April 16 is the latest. Evaporation historical average of 1437.5 mm. Spring rain or shine and white; there are early summer rainy weather, the rainy season average of 21 days; autumn due to the cold air north southward invasion, less rain, the temperature gradually decreased; frequent cold air southward in winter, the prevailing northwest wind, dry air, little precipitation. The climatic conditions most suitable for the growth of Ginkgo biloba.

Soil Characteristics

Ginkgo in the soil deep (1-2 meters), loose moist, not exceeding 1 m groundwater, well-drained loam or sandy loam preferably to PH 6-8 optimum value. Taixing Changjiang alluvial soil-based parent material gradually developed from the city of 2 soil soil types, three subgroups, genera soil 8, 26 soil types, PH value is about 7.5. The city can be divided into high sand soil texture area, along Jing polder area along the river and paddy field area. The main soil types and Sandy Region are: sand, thin layer of sand, yellow gray sand, river Loess waist black sand, black sand bottom and so on. The main soil types along Jing polder areas are: small slip of soil, sand soil slip small heart, small waist black powder sand and so on. The main soil types along the paddy areas are: silt, silt thin layer of soil.


reclamation within the historic due, typical native vegetation does not exist basically, was replaced by a secondary vegetation and artificial vegetation, the vegetation region within 2 points: First, Plain vegetation, distributed in all regions except the city along the Yangtze River, beaches, low-lying land and waters. No natural forests, cultivated Metasequoia trees, poplar, ginkgo, black locust, pumila, paulownia, cypress, etc., Ginkgo most common. Second, along the beach, marsh and aquatic vegetation, distributed along the beaches, low-lying land and waters, common reed plants.

Environmental Assessment

In May 2002, Jiangsu Province, the quality of agricultural products and Testing Center of ginkgo growing areas should be carried out to examine the environment and environmental monitoring, the soil sampling, written evaluation report concluded that : natural environment and key environmental factors Taixing ginkgo production base of water, soil, air and other pollution-free agricultural production requirements are in line with the good quality of its environment, with the development of pollution-free agricultural conditions.

historical origin

According to "Taixing county" records and expert on-site research, Taixing ginkgo more than 1,000 years of cultural history.

By the end of 2003, Taixing City, there are more than 500 years old ginkgo tree 121, of which more than 12 thousand, acres of ancient ginkgo community over more than 20. Taixing ginkgo grafting is quite a long history, as early as in the 18th century on the use of reproductive technology grafting Taixing ginkgo.

According to 2009 statistics, kept more than 200 years of ginkgo tree grafting 1251. Taixing widely used in grafting technology, planting ginkgo tree grafting 5.3 million. Long before the Opium War, with regard to ginkgo exchange of goods (such as dates, persimmon, etc.) in the form of exchange and Shandong, Shanxi and other places; after the Opium War, it was the port of Zhenjiang, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Australia .


According to Jiangsu Industrial chronicles, twenty-one years (1932), Taixing ginkgo export 15,000 quintals.

20 century 80s, entered Japan, the United States, the European market. 80% sold to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, the export exemption.

As of 2010, "Taixing ginkgo" pollution-free production base of more than 5000 hectares, covering the city's 16 villages and towns, the annual output of more than 8,000 tons, accounting for about one third of total output.

Products Honor

"Taixing ginkgo" because of high quality and well-known Chinese and foreign, for a long time, in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia market, as long as there is printed on the sack, "Taixing ginkgo" word on the exemption. 1980, Jiangsu's foreign trade department expressly provides that: Taixing ginkgo purchase price than other areas of the same size ginkgo high grades 1-2.

In 1993, "Taixing ginkgo" (ie Taixing Buddha refers) and Forestry Department of Jiangsu Province was selected to participate in the International Agricultural Fair in Verona, Italy.

1994 and 2001, Taixing twice been awarded the State Forestry Administration, "National Economic Forest advanced city."

June 3, 1995, when he was Vice Premier Tian of Taixing inscription "Ginkgo first city", in December the same year, the Institute of the State Council Development Research Center of the market economy in the country "China most "Award, awarded Taixing" China Ginkgo village "designation (in most word 0197).

In 1996, Taixing by the former Ministry of Forestry awarded the "national forest science and technology demonstration city" title.

In 1997, Taixing ginkgo was "in Jiangsu Province famous ginkgo" title (first place) in the first ginkgo famous varieties of activities and competitions in Jiangsu Province.

In 1999, the ginkgo Taixing, Jiangsu Province, was named Quality Management Association Users Committee of the Jiangsu market users satisfied with the evaluation of goods, Expo '99 was designated as the only pollution-free ginkgo, have permanent naming rights.

In 2000, Taixing City, the State Forestry Administration named the first batch of "China Famous Brand of rural economy Lin Yinxing" title.

March 1, 2002, Taixing ginkgo - Jiangsu Province, local standards by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for the record, the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision approved the release implementation.

July 23, 2002, ginkgo Taixing, Jiangsu Province, was identified as pollution-free farm produce pollution-free agricultural Certification Committee of Jiangsu Province; to develop a "Taixing ginkgo" standard as of 2002, Jiangsu Province, local standards promulgated.

In September 2002, Taixing City, the National Standardization Management Committee approved the "Implementation counties ginkgo demonstration zones."

In April 2003, "Taixing ginkgo" certification mark approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office.

August 31, 2004, the former State Administration of Quality Supervision approval of "Taixing ginkgo" Implementation of origin or geographical indications.

In September 2004, "Taixing ginkgo" won the national "green food", "organic food" dual certification.

In September 2004, Taixing City, was awarded the "ginkgo demonstration bases," Chinese Society of Forestry.

In December 2004, "Taixing ginkgo" won "the city of Taizhou well-known trademarks."

In 2006, Taixing City, was awarded the "National Model County forest industry," the State Forestry Administration.

2011 May, "Taixing ginkgo" organic ginkgo was named the fourth China International Organic Food Bo will be laid cum BioFach China 2010 gold medal.


geographical scope of protection

Taixing ginkgo geographical origin of Taixing City, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government "on the request will be included in Taixing ginkgo geographical origin product protection instructions "(Thai politics word [2003] No. 24) proposed geographical scope prevail, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province has jurisdiction over administrative area.

technical quality requirements

(a) species

Buddha means.

(ii) Cultivation

1 and saplings: establishing seed Park, Buddha strain that is collected on the mother tree scion preferably, grafting large anvil.

2 artificial pollination: Science collection, processing male, timely and appropriate artificial pollination.

3 Water Management: irrigation drought, waterlogging row, by preventing stains.

4 fertilization techniques: fertilizer, of Fertilization.

(iii) harvesting

real mature seed (from green to yellow, from hard to soft, white powder when outside is increased) harvest.

(IV) and seed processing

mature seed testa off, dried after sale or storage.

(v) Quality characteristics

1 sensory characteristics: long oval shape, as a Buddha finger. Large core, the core is high, thin shell, kernel rate, full kernel, Whey foot, tight thin casing, a long storage period. Housing color was white marble, glossy. Nuts delicate texture, toughness, waxy strong, sweet sweet, slightly Kugan.

2 Physical and chemical characteristics: kernel rate: 78-85%. Seeds Moisture: ≤59.0%. Protein ≥4.3%, starch ≥50.0%, soluble sugar ≥9.0%, flavone ≥0.8%, terpene aliphatic ≥0.2%, hydrocyanic acid ≤5.0 g / g.

3 Level:. Ⅲ stage (stage including Ⅲ) above.

Special sign

producer Taixing ginkgo geographical origin, such as the use of Ginkgo Taixing "product-specific geographical origin mark", required to set up the local quality Technical Supervision the reporting institutions applied for and qualified first instance, after the announcement approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Taixing ginkgo may use "geographical origin of products for signs."

History and Culture

Taixing ginkgo area named names, sculpture, architecture, shops, and other trademarks, everywhere, young and old, well known, Taixing TV station logo is ginkgo biloba. Every Danian New Year blessing the masses must affix a word in their own ginkgo trees to make spiritual, cultural ginkgo has seen far-reaching impact in Taixing masses.

In Taixing, through the ages, many men of letters or books, or poetry, or painting, books on formation of a unique cultural ginkgo poems, pictures shadow pages, film and television drama scripts.

Taixing ginkgo endless stream of literary and artistic works, diverse genres.

20 in the late 1980s, myths created by the Taixing artists "Gingko Fairy," has a wide impact in the country. In 1987, a 45-minute radio play "Ginkgo Fairy", on July 22 for the first time played by the Nanjing People's Broadcasting Station to record, and was selected for the exchange program broadcast radio drama, Jiangsu Province in the municipalities radio station. Thereafter, the author and on this basis, adapted for television (upper and lower set) "Ginkgo Fairy", the famous playwright string polish finalized by the Nanjing Film Studio, Changchun TV and Taixing People's Government co-productions. May 1989 for the first time at 8:30 the evening of 24 broadcast television stations in Jiangsu Province, the country's many provincial and municipal TV stations have broadcast. In June, China Record Corporation, the Ministry of Public Offering play video tapes. Since then, the legend of the fairy with ginkgo Taixing large ginkgo favored at home and abroad and wander the world, spread all directions.

2003 from April to October, "Taizhou Daily", Taixing Man United, Bureau of Agriculture, Forestry jointly organized a "Ginkgo Song" Essay Contest, collected a total of ginkgo praise, Acura Ginkgo biloba, ginkgo and culture Ginkgo spirit of prose, poetry, more than 200 articles, "Taizhou Daily" published a preferential 26, selected the 16 award-winning works, assembled in 2004 by the Chinese Literature and History Press published "ginkgo song." In addition to featuring the ancient book of literary praise ginkgo 25, the prose creation of the new income 34, 56 poems, songs, one, play a recital.

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