Taiwan Normal University

Synonym National Taiwan Normal University Generally refers to Taiwan Normal University

History of History

1922, the Taiwan Governor's Taipei Higher Education (referred to as Taipei University) is created for seven years of high school Schools (including four years of searching for four years, Higher section), is one of the 38th Elite of 38 Elite in Japan in the Second World War, is also the only university in Taiwan, with the preparatory nature of the Imperial University, in principle, graduates can apply for free test straight Litter Taipei Imperial University (one of the 9 Imperial University of Japan, Today, Taiwan University). At the beginning of the Taipei University, he borrowed the first middle school of Taipei (now high-level high school) at the time, in 1926, he migrated into Gu Tingkachi (Taiwan Normal University).

In 1945, the War of the Anti-Japanese War was victory. The National Government received Taipei University. In November, in November, I changed it to "Taiwan Provincial Taipei Advanced Middle School" (referred to as Taipei Advanced Middle School).

On June 5, 1946, after the war, he urgently needs to cultivate a large number of secondary schools and high school teachers. The Taiwan Provincial Chief Executive Office established a university-level Taiwan Provincial Teachers College, responsible for the talents of secondary education. . When the Taiwan Provincial Teachers College founded that the same school and equipment were jointly used with Taipei High School, and the faculty members also supported each other.

In 1949, Taipei Senior Middle School is in order to stop enrollment, and the Taiwan Provincial Department of Teachers College is committed to the school, equipment, books, etc. of Taipei Senior High School, and buildings, including the administrative building, general building. Four domestic monuments such as the auditorium, the Wen Mai, form the classical style of today's school.

In 1955, the school is restructured into Taiwan Provincial Department of Normal University, divided into education, text, and three schools. In addition to the cultivation of teachers, it is also committed to the development and new knowledge of research, providing teachers more diverse training pipelines and learning opportunities to enhance the optimization and academic deepening of national secondary education teachers, and adjust the social development. The establishment of the department, reaching the dual task of teachers education and university education.

July 1, 1967, the school is upgraded to Taiwan Normal University, divided into education, text, reason, and art. After the preparation is expanded, the funds increase, the equipment is also improved, but not only the multi-diversity of teachers and teaching research environments, but also in various aspects such as teaching, research, counseling, and administrative support, it is more fulfilling and complete.

In 1994, after the implementation of the teachers and cultivation, Taiwanese teachers cultivated the diversified policies, and the school also actively transformed into a comprehensive university in response to the trend of the times. In addition to the relationship between the original teachers and cultivation, the new department that meets the social changes and is sufficient to lead the development of higher education. There are 9 colleges such as educational, cultivation, art, art, sports and leisure, science and technology, international and social science, management, music, have become a diversification of more than 10,000 people in Bo, Shuo, Bachelor of class. Looking forward to the future, the school will implant the modern scientific knowledge on the basis of exacerbated humanities, and continue to promote the characteristics of our school, and strengthen internationalization, information, enterprises, and make today's adults can become tomorrow. Master, so that the school has become the top, the world's top, the world-famous comprehensive universities with the characteristics of "classical wind, modern vision".

The department is set

The school's existing education, reason, text, art, sports and leisure, science and technology, international and social science, management, music, etc. 9 colleges, 62 series, become a diversified comprehensive university for Bo, Shuo, Bachelor of class students.

The school "Mandarin Center" was established in 1956, is the Heavy Town of the West to learn Chinese culture and study Chinese. The UK Cambridge University and Oxford University have stipulated that its East Asian graduates need to study abroad. Jihua language can be graduated for a year; the US State Council also sent diplomats to learn Chinese. It has a long history of Taiwan's largest national Chinese language teaching institution.

Academic research

Research platform

Academic resources

Academic journal

to the current, teacher is published The number of journals received by ThCICORE ranks the top two in Taiwan; the other three academic institutions in the island: Taiwan's "Central Research Institute", Taiwan University, the number of social sciences included in TSSCI in TSSCI, The top four of the Taiwan, the academic influence of the above institutions in the humanities and social sciences of Taiwan.

Cultural Tradition

School motto

School school motto is booked by the third Liu Zhen President, and the 27th administrative meeting on 20 February 1952.

sincerity: not hypocritical, don't break. Everything can be consistent, and if you have good fortune.

Positive: no bias, no song. Everything can do the bright and big, and Zhiguan is resolute.

Diligence: Don't be inert, don't follow. Everything can be self-improvement, and it is reluctant.

Park: not extravagant, not floating. Everything can be simple, and it is clear.



Confucius Confucius Six Arts Teaching.

According to the "Tian will take the husband as the wooden 铎 ...", "Zhong Wei" is the foundation basis. Take it with the meaning of oscillating.

Color: Cai Qingtian, the color of the day, shows that there must be a bright and bright chest.


Combined with Liu Tudu (art) into a ring, the main body of the pattern, symbolizes the head and entering, conceived work together, and works on "stopping in a good".

The center is the word "teacher", and there is a yellow "Taiwan" word, which represents the abbreviation of "Taisters".

All composition is present, such as a thrive, blooming.


Taiwan Master's colony is born in 1948. At that time, the province had only a nature of the school's cultivation in the school. A sense of school in the cultivation of teachers, the first dean, Li Ji Valley, special personally writes the lyrics for the school song, and recompends Mr. Xiaohua, director of the music specialist, approves the announcement in March 1948.

"Taiwan Normal University School Song"

Education State, Teacher Eu Respect, Qin Ji, Entering Wu, Jian Yu.

Department of department, although the journey has fallen. Large use, teacher responsibility.

I am blind, I will not be burden. Taiwan's mountains and rivers and horses, returning to the motherland.

Education will pass it, the world go together. Education will pass, the world go together.

The second line of the school has been "departmental department, although the way is," the school has been restructured into university in June 1955, and the school increased from the original education. , Literature, science and other three hospitals, a total of 16 series, due to system expansion, lyrics slightly modified as: "hospital" "department".

School tree

Persi, is also known as India, is known as Cassiafistulal., Zumo, a deciduous trees, a plant height of about 8-12 public The ruler, an even-numbered recess, 4-8 pairs of small leaves. In 1645, it was planted by the Dutch.

In the early summer, the epithelial is dense from the branches, and it is sloppy, and the flowers of the five golden petals are blooming under the hot and blue sky. Flying petals, as if the golden rain, falling into the corners of the campus. Four to July is the flowering period, and it can be seen in it. Summer until the end of the winter, with the time flow, by the light green and turning to the purple black, a few 30-60 cm pods, and a few days of drying the head at the end of the year. In the poet Yu Guang, I used to describe Belle, a string, how much brilliant gold chandelier, so early, hanging in the top of the pedestrian, harming all the eyes, the eyes of all looking up, Like a bee flying into the fairy tale, it's awkward.

Star is the teacher's school that is unable to take, there is a saying because its long pod seem to have a teachers in the hands of the old age, become a school tree.


The school building of the Taiwan Governor's Higher School of Higher Education

is the design of the Governor's Office of the Governor's Governor's Governor's Office, and the Kobe in Tokyo The group was responsible for construction, and the lecture hall was completed in the same year. The old school building of the teacher includes the auditorium, etc., all uses a form of slightly medieval songs. Its special is to make the roof walls into the city style of the castle, the doors and windows adopt a pointer, and there is a convex window to introduce more Multi rays. The appearance of the lecture hall is majestic and solemn, although the internal repaired, the modern equipment is hidden, and the technique is high. The Taipei Municipal Government City, the designated scope of the designation includes the lecture, the administrative building, the Wenhui Hall, and the general building.

Liang Diqiu, former residence

No. 11, Yunhe Street, Daxie District, Taipei City, the first floor wooden buildings, the third kind of high official house, for the famous literati Liang Shiqiu When the director, Yashe said, it means it.

Foreign relationship

1, global sisters

Source, Taiwan Normal University and Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University Beijing Normal University, Guangzhou Zhongshan University, Wuhan University, Tongji University, Nankai University, Xiamen University, University of China, Renmin University of China, Harbin University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Institute of Technology University, Hong Kong Institute of Education and other domestic famous universities (64 China, 8 Hong Kong Region, 1 Macau, China), and Pennsylvania University, John Hopkins University, Wisconsin University Madison, California University Los Angeles, University of Illinois, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, University of Birmingham, King University, Northeastern University, Northeast University, Nagoya University, Seoul University, Yanshi University, Nanyang University, Malaya University, Copenhagen University, Australian National University, British Columbia University, Auckland University and other well-known colleges have been concluded as sisters. It covers Asia (56 Japan, 31 South Korea, Singapore, 9 Indonesia, 2 India, 7 of Malaysia, 6 Philippines, Thailand, 10 Vietnam, Turkey 1), US (US 51 6, Canada, 1 Brazil, 1 Dominica, 1 Macro Duras, 1 Paraguay (18 Germany, 17 France, 15 Russia, 6 Finland, Finland 6, Czech 5, 4, Spain, 4, Netherlands, 3 Poland, 2 Belgium, 2 Switzerland, 1 Denmark, 1, Ireland, 1, Romania, Sweden 4, Austria 1, Slivinia, 1 Slovakia, 1 Ukraine, 1 Norway), Oceania (8 Australia, 4 New Zealand), Africa (South Africa 1).

2, strategy partner sister school

Pennsylvania State University

Since 1983 Department of Industrial Education, Taiwan Normal University and the Pennsylvania State University Vocational Education Department Academic exchanges, two schools officially concluded as sisters in 1998. In 2013, the School of Education and Wencai, the School of Education and Wencai, have also signed a student exchange agreement. In order to deepen and enhance bilateral academic research and teaching cooperation, TMS is greater than in 2016 to upgrade to Pennsylvania State University to the strategic partner sister school relationship, and the exchange of both parties is more across the academic cooperation to learn from the administrative standard.

Kyushu University

In 2015, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Chemistry, selected Jiuzhou University Chemistry, as a lace study department, opened frequent exchanges between the two divisions, with two The school exchange process has been deepened year by year. In September 2017, the School of Education has signed academic cooperative memorandum and student exchange agreement, in December of the same year, Thauti University School of Engineering and Jiuzhou University School of Engineering , School, School of Pharmacy, Material Chemistry and Engineering, also signed an academic cooperative memorandum and student exchange agreement. In view of the gradual upgrades of bilateral academic research and teaching cooperation, Taizhou University is upgraded to strategy partners in October 2018 Sisters' relationship, and sign a school-level academic cooperation memorandum and student exchange agreement.

3, Taiwan University System (NTUS)

Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan University is China's Taiwan Education System, a Technical System and Integrated Indicators University, and It is for the advantages of Taipei Daxian, the three schools and complementarity of the three schools, to improve the resource integration, improve learning learning results, strengthen teachers' teaching and research, and expand social services and contributions, decided to set up the university system Target for the United University system towards the world.

The system shared a library, computer, network, merchant discount, transportation car and other resources, and the use of conference venues, sports facilities, parking and more. Students can be across school Courses, admit school degradation, and participate in international cultural exchange activities. More actively promoted the three schools to hiring or crossing school, cross school Chinese teaching resource integration, joint valuables center, building an industrial technology translation platform, academic research results information exchange platform, etc. More resource sharing.

4, Taiwan Education Academic Alliance (TEA)

is to expand academic exchanges in the domestic education, the school set up the Alliance at 12 colleges and universities in Taiwan at the end of 2019 Establish domestic academic networks to further move towards international cooperation, hoping to enhance international visibility and competitiveness in Taiwan education. Existing members include Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Tsinghua University, Taiwan University, Successful University, Taiwan University of China, Kaohsiung Normal University, Changhua Normal University.

5, Taiwan Education and Humanities Academic Alliance

The alliance is held by Taiwan Normal University, and integrates Taiwan University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Political University, Taiwan Tsinghua University, success The resources and people of the top schools such as the University and other countries have exchanged with the primary universities of Southeast Asia.

6, the Global Industrial Applications Future Talent Cultivation Strategy Alliance (UaITED)

The alliance aims to strengthen industrial cooperation with practical knowledge and technology transfer, promote sustainable social development as a goal Innovation programs, let the society cooperate closely with universities to jointly cultivate the future talents in the world. The founding schools include Taiwan Normal University and Singapore National University, Nanyang University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Malaya University, Malaysia, Malaysia University, Taiwan Yangming Jiaotong University, Taiwan Tsinghua University, success university, etc. Top university in Harbor and Harbor and Taiwan.

7, East Asian Teacher Education International League

The alliance aims to promote the international joint research of teachers' education, promote international exchanges between teachers' professional volunteers, and teachers' education university

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