Table hour quota

The formula for calculating the quota of unit hour is:

The time quota of a single process = the quota of unit hour×the number of equipment personnel

When the equipment number of personnel is 1, working hours The quota is equal to the set-hour quota; when the equipment quota is greater than 1, the working-hour quota increases by multiples. For example, a forging hammer operated by 5 workers requires a blank to be processed on the equipment for 2 minutes, and the set-hour quota is 2 minutes , And the working hour quota is 2×5=10 minutes. When one person has multiple machines, that is, one person takes care of multiple pieces of equipment at the same time, the time quota for each piece of equipment is the working hours for each part to be processed on a single piece, and the single piece process time quota is calculated as follows:

< p>Single process time quota=single processing time (the longest processing time among the equipment)/the number of equipment to be taken care of at the same time

For example. A worker supervises the processing of four types of parts by four machines, and the quotas for each part and machine are 8, 10, 11, and 12. Then the quota of the working hours for a single process is 12/4=3 (work hours).

The purpose of calculating or stipulating the equipment quota is to effectively monitor the operation of the equipment to give full play to the equipment production capacity; to balance manpower and material resources, to formulate a single process time quota, and to provide a basis for preparing a production operation plan.

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