syslog is often referred to as system logs or system records, is a recorded record in the Internet protocol (TCP / IP) Standard for file messages. This word is often used to refer to the actual SYSLOG protocol, or those applications or databases submitted to the syslog message. The

Syslog protocol belongs to a master-slave protocol: The Syslog sender transmits a small text message (less than 1024 bits) to the Syslog receiver. The receiving end is typically named "syslogd", "syslog daemon" or syslog server. System log messages can be sent in UDP protocols and / or TCP protocols. These data are sent in the coded type. However, due to SSL encryption jackets (such as Stunnel, SSLIO or SSLWRAP, etc.) is not part of the SYSLOG protocol itself, can be used to provide a layer of encryption through the SSL / TLS mode.

syslog is usually used for information system management and information security audits. Although it has a lot of defects, there is still a considerable device and various platform receiving end support. Therefore, Syslog can be used to integrate log records from many different types of systems into a centralized repository.

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol (English: Internet protocol, abbreviation is IP), and translates an internet protocol, which is one for packet switched data networks. Agreement.

IP is the main protocol of the network layer in the TCP / IP protocol family, and the task is only transmitted according to the address of the source host and destination host. To this end, IP defines the package structure of the addressing method and the data report. The main version of the first architecture is now known as IPv4, which is still the most important Internet protocol, although IPv6 is being deployed from all over the world.

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