Swiss Roman de-tube string


Swiss Roman de tester is a characterful orchestra, its voice has gained worldwide concerns in the 1940s, and the charm is strong and energetic, wood tube and hit music Sparkling light color in the ensemble. This band has a double feature of France and Germany, and string is sharp and simple, obviously French-style, but not in Paris, the same, Parpi, and a nasal cross tube. For Viril Tomson (American Composer and Critic), the blend of each part of this orchestra is as smooth as the shell, as if it is the rainbow after the rain, like the taste of the fairy peach. " This is the Swiss Roman deer under the command of Ernest AnSermet, and its recording is considered to be able to enjoy the great representative of France and Russian orchestra, with Decca's new FFRR Technology Recording


After Asemei retreat, Rezki and Savalish have taken rods, under Savalish rate, strong tendency In Germany, it is very fun to follow the latin color of the Asemei era. From 1980, Stannen took over the permanent command. Since then, the German taste of this orchestra will be more strong, so-called "Roman" refers to the region of Switzerland, in French-speaking area. In the past, Asemei is unique, transparent tone has gradually thinned. Current command: Jorsan.

The Roman delegation puts the practice of ordinary band performances, never playing low-end viewers. Asemei believes that the command can prevent the occurrence of most problems, as long as the size is appropriate, you can get a clear, balanced and pure style of the rhythm. I have taken time to choose between bright and soothing gentle expression. In addition, it is a contempt of sound. The opposition is too much to please the audience's audience, think it is just a loud effect, not music On-site atmosphere.

Asemei's music concept consistent with the Stravansky: a clear structure and rhythm, the wood tube never obey the string, distorting the music interpretation. Asemei said in an interview: "I tried to give me the band in this style, this style is the right expression, the correct symptom. Not an external effect, but the inner music is true." Peis Like Trainsky, he uses these elements, and it is carefully grasped his technology for people to appreciate the habits. Every Asemei meeting is deeply impressed with his wisdom, strict, and persuasive impressive. In his 1000 pages of 1961, "Music in Human Consciousness", you can also experience these.

When Stravsky is creating "Spring Festival", Asemei met with him. In 1915, Straviski recommended Asemei as a substitute for Pierre Munda to Jiajiev (the head of Russian ballet). The process of arrangeing Asemei in a Russian ballet is a lightning test, he wants to face tricky to manage artists and musicians. He quickly mastered complex music, he preceded a lot of works, introduced three Russian ballet in Straifski to the United States. In the years, he continued to advocate new music and made more Strainski ("Holy Shisatus" 1930), Batok, Orneg, Martin, Hindmith, Raewei , Lucer, Brilton ("Lukeley Refudentity", Greendebury 1946), the premiere of Maltu and Messian works.

Stravansky has achieved Asemei in professional and music. Asemei is a new hand of self-study materials. By performing popular works, forces yourself to understand the Rhythm language of Stravsky revolution. Two musicians should inevitably be alienated with the lapse of music. The commander angered the composer because of insistence to modify Jeu Decartes, and when the composer needs to perform the original music version when the composer needs to be loyal to her new version. Then, Asemei became more arrogant, refused the abstract concept of Strainski's 50 and 60s. In 300 kinds of Asemei's recording, Stravi Sky is the highest, "flamingo" he recorded three times, and his last commercial recording is the three trick symphony of Strainski.

Different from most professional orchestra, the Target of the Swiss Roman delace is the rating of the tax contract rather than the placement fee, so it becomes DECCA's money. The Geneva at the time was the territory of the Garben sect, and Asemei also faithfully believes in the Karren Education. In such a country like France, he advocates the wonderful performance of the master. However, Geneva is more important than the flow of tone than any tone. Their 1956 "The Song of Nightingale" broke out due to color, 1957 "Peter Road Westa" resolutely put the mixture of the sound, in Peter Road Among the rooms of Western Card and Moore triggered an extremely rich sound collision.

Asemei's piano concerto in 1955 with Magolov is a show, the rhythm of Asemei, the wailing of the Roman delace double curve and slightly relaxed, let the music suddenly clear stand up.

"Pepians and Melisand" is Asemei's tribute to the French music expert, it is worthy of that in 1952, there is a wonderful French actor lineup in the recordings, and a complete Transparent, smooth band sounds, all the gravity of all foreign tones.

Asemei is very harmonious in Debussy. In the details of the three rare treasures in the West of Dee, Asemei proved more skillful skills.

Asemei is very proficient in the absurd song of Chabrier. Your fun can witness in the conciseness. Asemei's "Spain" is full of vitality, because it is not very fast from any habit.

In 1955, it is a recordings of Danco. This sensitive is laccked in 1961 in 1961 in 1961 in 1961. This sensitive is missing. Use vitality and colors to rendering this work special excitement, with huge momentum to handle them.

Asemei uses more power to bring to Orneg and Frank Martin - although firmly rooted, two young composers think they have Russian style. Asemei left the stereo recording of the Santun "David King" and the medium-term symphony. Performance in "4th Symphony" is really pleasant.

In Beethoven symphony in the even number, Asemei's performance is amazing, sensitive, often innovative, no wrong judgment, in transition paragraph, sharp, explosive sound drum Great vitality of flash.


Asemei is difficult to locate in history and style. And Tuscani is very high at the other party, but Asemei seemed to be a major competitor. Similar to Montuu, Asemei refused to be specialized, and its extensive track is more suitable for the Characteristics of Jiajiejev theater. Asemei is rarely occupied by the results of the style, but has the realistic true in the pursuit of music. Asemei is a modern musician. Stravinsky praised: "Insight the practical situation of the music, not something he wants to discover."

with the same commander Rena, Klenpeler and Walter Compared to the fact that Asemei practiced a sincere excitement from music - a copy of the record warehouse published in 36 years later. The performance is well captured by Decca's microphone, and music literacy is still flashing in a non-switched manner.

Historical Background

In Switzerland, four large language groups simultaneously coexist, German, French, Italian, and eastern Latin Dialects, both geography four Different areas, also bringing a homogenous human landscape to this country on cultural background. The Swiss Roman de-tuning orchestra set in Geneva is a symbol of the music culture in French, the so-called "Roman", meaning "French area". In fact, this region is also one of the most developed regions of the Music Activity in Switzerland.

Swiss Roman Torture Orchestra was founded in 1918, it can develop so that the dominant status is completely dependent on its initiator and the first commanden people. Aseme originally did not intend to use music as its own lifelong career, affected by the father, in college, have chosen mathematics majors, graduated, became a mathematics teacher. But while teaching, it is getting more and more interested in music, so that it will not be able to get rid of its temptation at all. Once compiled with composer Bollock, the compliance theory and carefully observed the performance of local commands in rehearsal and performance. I finally decided to walk on the music path.

In the initial stage of music career, Aseme has maintained close friendship with many important composers, including Debussy, Rarwell and Stravans who lived in Switzerland at the time. base. After the end of the First World War, there was no professional symphony orchestra in the French area of ​​Switzerland. Only the Geneva Theater has a small orchestra. In order to change this situation, Aseme has collected a large number of musicians with some of the social influential enthusiastic people in Geneva and other cities in French areas. In 1918, the Swiss Roman de-tube string is prepared, and It is inextricably for half a century until 1967 retired.

The veneers are built, most of the players are foreigners, French wooden tube players, Vienna's copper tube players and string players from Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, all of these People constitute a orchestra with a strong international color. However, Aseme's purpose is never here, but the dream builds a symphony orchestra that is truly consisting of Swiss. For those talented local musicians, it has given strong support. In 1946, the Swiss Roman de-tuning group members have been Swiss.

The concert of the orchestra has greatly changed the structure of the Geneva music life, and it also plays an ignored role in other regions. In addition to Geneva, the orchestra has often held regular concerts in cities such as Lausan, Monterer and Wovir. Its concert held in Lausanne is the city's most striking activities after the first World War. However, this city that has not yet established a permanent professional orchestra has begun to have a high-quality symphony concert, and therefore promotes the development of music and the entire cultural undertakings. In order to compete with it, it is also for the local culture of Lausanne, and the Swiss Roman Rowan Radio station has built a group in Lausanne in 1935, but unfortunately did not have long-term. After the Second World War, another indoor orchestra was established in Lausanne and won the international reputation through a wide participation in the music festivals from Europe.

When the orchestra supported by the Romant Radio is set up in Lausanne, Aseme also felt its potential threat to the Swiss Roman de-tube. With the help of the Swiss national government and the Municipal Administration of Geneva and many private donors, the organized elements have been effective to make it strong and competitive. Continuously expand the performance track of the orchestra, in addition to the concert, there is a short-term opera performance season, mainly staged French opera works.

At the concert of the Swiss Roman de-tuple, Asemei's track is from Debussy, Rarwell, Stravanski, Proco Fyev and Bartock and others. The work is mainly, and it also has a considerable role in making it more important for the works of Senog and Marine's composers. Only by the later period, it turns more to the classical period. Put the gravity of the performance in modern French music, perhaps nothing to do with the strong French culture background in the Orchestra. After the Second World War, I was invited from the well-known orchestra from all over the world, but I always didn't want to cool the Swiss Roman de-tube orchestra for too long. It is believed that the style of a orchestra cannot be simply attended. The level of technology, but in its performance method, the art, historical and cultural feelings represented by this method, and the task of the command is integrated with the feeling of all musicians. The permanent command of the orchestra can build this orchestra style, and when the guest command is difficult to change it. This is also what Aseme is encountered by the commanding Vienna Leiso playing the music of Germany and Stravansky. I feel that the tradition inherent in the orchestra, the special style is unable to meet the sound of the music in the mind, and these only have a long-term proceedings - Swiss Roman de toneds can only be obtained. Thus, when weighing and left and left, the relationship between the end of the end of the end, it is always not hesitant to choose the former.

In 1966, Aseme, which has high, has a pressure from a health status. At the age of 83, the command stick of the Swiss Roman Torture Orchestra is given to Poland and has achieved Swiss nationality Paul Cletzki. However, the Clertsky has suddenly occurred during the trollese of three performances, and suddenly in the rehearsal of Liverpool, fainting on the spot and eventually ended their lives. So, the orchestra had a second ease of Lord in a short period of time, in 1970, invited Wolfgang Savali. Savali has made some adjustments to the orchestra tracking, introducing many important works of German composers that have been ignored in the past. Naturally, like Savali said after many years, this orchestra has benefited a lot of performance in French music. But in Bavarian National Opera House, the busy performances of other orchestras makes him difficult to bet more energy, and the Swiss Roman de-tube orchestra has formed a foam with the chief command in relation to Aseme's years. Indecently, it is clear that Savali is impossible to "from one and final" like Aseme. Soon, the orchestra once again faced the new command - Holster Stern Dencai appeared.

In the cooperation with these commands, the Swiss Roman de tangible organs are quiet but also incredibly changing, and the light and transparent French characteristics of the Asemei period are gradually fading. It is more intense and more international trend, and Germany commands and subtractically affects the personality of the organ. Perhaps this is also the only way to be the world after the world of Asemei.

Born in Switzerland, Aming Jors, became the command of the Swiss Roman Torture Orchestra, which is the commander of the Lausanne Orchestra against the Swiss Roman de-organism group in Anshais, and finally be able to have one day. Its former opponents are placed under their rule.

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