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Aharjouri Jinma (11 photos)

According to China "History" Remember, the sweaty horse is not in Turkmenistan. Zhang Wei's western region, in Dawan (now Fairma Basin), I have seen a good horse, this horse's endurance and speed is very amazing, but can not only have a thousand miles, but will be near the shoulder. A sweat like blood flows out. "Sweating BMW". The sweaty horse is faster, but it has a body shape, and it is more willing to choose a thick horse in ancient generals, which is the cause of the disappearance of the sweaty horse in ancient China.

The Faierna basin is not in Turkmenistan, which is the mountain Basin in Tianshan and Gizar - Alexon, located in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. According to China "Historical Records", Dawei is a sweaty horse origin, so Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are more close.

Sera history

Ahalum Oasis produced in the Turkmenistan Coptet Mountains and Karakam desert is cultivated after more than 3,000 years of cultivation One of the oldest horses in the world.

There are 3 purebred horses in the world: sweat horse, Arab horse and the British horse. Among them, the sweat horse is the purem, the Arab horse and the British horse have the blood and gene of the blood horse. Ma Shi experts believe that the sweaty horse is actually running in the Aharjouri Jinma in Turkmenistan.

Sweats have been in full swing from ancient times, never disconnected from the blood, in Turkmenistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan has Aharji Jinma, with a total number of 3,000, of which 2000 Many are in Turkmenistan. I heard that China's territory is 11 horses.

morphological characteristics


The blood of the blood is tubal, the chest is narrow, the back is long, the rib frame is shallow, the toe region is long, and the latter The area is slightly narrow but strong, the hip is slightly long, the muscles are developed, which is normal tilt. Higher, long and muscle developed; shoulders, good arc, clean in shoulders; fur bright and thin.

body shape

sweat blood BMW usually body high 1.5 meters , the body is full, the head neck is high, the length of the limbs is long, the skin is thin, the pace is light Elegant, the body is beautiful, then lined with a highly curved neck, and hook its perfect figure curve.


Species characteristics

Speed ​​

In ancient literary books, the blood and blood BMW can "Japan a thousand miles, 800 nights". In general, the speed of the horse is about 150 kilometers per day, and it is not more than 200 kilometers per day. The fastest speed record of the blood of the sweat is 4,300 kilometers 84 days. After calculating, the sweat is only 1 minute 07 seconds on a flat ground.


The blood of the blood is very thirsty, even at a high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, only drinking a water one day, it is especially suitable for long journey. In 1998, a schedule was 3,200 kilometers. In 60 days of competition, the 54-year-old sweaty horse insisted on the end.

sweat blood phenomenon

The skin of the sweat is thinner, running, blood is easy to see in the blood vessel, in addition, the horse's shoulder and neck sweat glands developed, When the horse is sweating, the tread is often wet, and the horses of the jujube or larter hairs will appear to be more bright after sweating, giving people the illusion of "bleeding".

Species Culture

Diplomatic fun

2000, Jiang Zemin sent a written speech when he first visited Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan President Niazov is the friendly friendship of the Turkmenistan people to express the people of the Chinese people. He decided to give Jiang Zemin as a national ceremony.

On May 12, 2014, China President Xi Jinping accepted a sweaty horse in the middle of Turkmenistan's President Behamedov.

This is also the third day of the earth. Since the third time, the earth is given to the Chinese.

Related Legends

The legend of the blood BMW was initially started in the Hanwu Emperor, and the Han made Zhang Wei brought the Western region to the Western Regions, including large The legend of Wanbao.

Han Wudi Yuan Ding four years (113 BC), there is a Dunhuang prisoner named "profit", and captured a sweat in the local area to the Han Dynasty. After the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, he was ecstatic, called "Tianma." And sing, song: "Too tribute to the horse, smashing the foam. You can emulate the dragon." There is only a thousand miles to change the quality of the domestic horse. In order to obtain a large number of "sweat horse", the Western Han Dynasty regime has taken two wars in the Western countries of the Western Region.

Initially, Han Wudi Liu Han listened to Zhang Wei to say that he had a good horse, which is convenient for the 104-year-old car order to make a gold horse with a thousand gold and a golden golden horses. (Now Turkmenistan Ashabart) reveals the blood horse. After coming to the martial art city, Dawei King may be a love, maybe it is refused to consider the Han Dynasty from the military. Monk is robbed in the territory of Dawan, and Han is killed. The Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was anger, and he made force to win the decision of the blood of the blood. Hanwu Di Li Guangli led the soldiers in the first 104 years of BC, marking more than 4,000 kilometers. The expedition is far away, and the small country is closed along the way, and the Hande arrived in Yu Chengcheng, but he was hungry and exhausted. Attack, I have to stay in Dunhuang County.

The first 102 years, Han Wudi launched a national mobilization, and the general-scale reinforcement of Li Guangli's expedition army, the Han army contoded Yu Chengcheng, directly siege for more than 40 days, and kill the big Wan The soldiers will countless, cut off the water source. The Dawan aristocrat finally was forced to kill the king's odds, allowing the Han Jun to choose the horse, and agreed to send two sweat in the Han Dynasty every year. The Han army chooses dozens of horses and 3,000 mid-year martial martial arts. The shape of the sweaty horse is good, understand the people, fast, good endurance, suitable for long-distance military, very suitable for military horse.

The sweat blood horses entering our country from the Han Dynasty. It has arrived in the Yuan Dynasty. From a historical material, the amount of sweaty horse introduced is quite large, and the proportion of male and female is is more moderate. It is feasible to breed. However, due to the quantitative advantage of China's local horses, any introduction of the mutual species, all the following models: Introduction - hybrid - improvement - return - disappears. During this process, the "Sweat Blood" caused by its own shortcomings, it is also important for future generations.

The blood horse is faster, but its body shape is slid, relatively strong, in an ancient cold weapon, the soldier riding the battle, the body batch of the armor, the hand weapon, the total weight is quite large. More willing to choose a thick horse. And due to the horses, the sweaty horse can't drive, and the thick Mongolian horse has no such disadvantage. Finally, almost all the cultivation introduced from Central Asia, West Asia is deminted.

Art Performance

Zhu Bingren created "sweat blood BMW", this work uses 130 kg of brass, which is made of hollow welding method. The sculpture is like a slut, the horse is high, and the horse is equipped. This work is selected as the National Art Exhibition.

Science Research

Japanese horses researchers clever in the horse studies in Tokyo University, claiming that he found "sweating BMW" near Tianshan, China.

From the photos he offer, it can be found that there is a liquid that is like "sweat horse". According to the water, the hundred horses run slowly after the high-speed sprite, and the shoulder position slowly drums and flows out of the sweat like blood.

This is recorded in China's "Historical Records" since the Han Dynasty Sima Qian, but the "sweat blood BMW" not only has a thousand miles, but will have an energetic solution like blood near the shoulder. In this case, the experts of the two countries in China, the news media discussions. In fact, the "sweat horse" has never disappeared, but it is only rarely in China.

Save a relatively large population in Turkmenistan and Russia, with a total number of more than 2,000. However, the so-called "sweat horse" is known as Ahamma, is known as Aharjouri Jinma. This horse is one of the two national treasures of Turkmenistan. In 1951, in order to improve the horses of the cavalry troops, my country has introduced seeds from the Soviet Union, including 52 Ahamas.

This group of Aham raised the race of the Inner Mongolian ancient Titingre Lezheng. Unfortunately, the complete pedigree management system was not established, and the introduction of Ahamas naturally breeds and hybridized with local domestic horses. Although this can improve the quality of domestic horses, it is inevitable to cause the degradation of Ahamas. After few decades, we have seen Ahamas in the Inner Mongolian Tuxinge Leza.

The lyl of "Teng Kunlun, the West" is the hometown of Tianma. According to historical books, Han Dynasty, the foreign countries have made Wu Sunma, and the Emperor saw that Ma Shenjun was very straight, and he gave a name "Tianma"; and later, some people tribute to the Wan of the Wanwan Blood Massage (It is said to be sweaty this horse is Blood red), so he renamed Wu Sunma as "West Polar Horse", and the sweaty horse is "Tianma". The "Tianma" mentioned here is the ancestor of Yili Kazakhma. Yili horse appearance, jun show, physical Query, strong disease resistance, is one of the excellent horses cultivated in my country.

Sing in Xinjiang has a song: "Horse riding to ride Yili Ma." Yili horse's appearance is flexible, eye is bright, the head neck is high, the ear is small and sensitive, the limbs are strong, the step is robust, and the whole body is full of glitter jujube colored fine hair. People ride in this high-headed horse, really is very weak.

Yili horse is not only a favorite appearance, but there is a feature that runs quickly and pulled the goods. According to the measurement, Yili horse ran 800 meters, only 1 minute 15 seconds 2. Yili horse is still a good horse with milk, and its adult horses except for young foal, it can be squeezed 6 kg -7 kg per day.

In addition, Ili Tianma's horse meat taste is more like other horses and meat, and can process the smoked horse intestines for everyone. Yili's Yun sad saddle also has a good craftsmanship with a saddle, leather making and engraving, and inlaid. It is a delicate craft.

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