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before adding AKB48

Eroending in the name of Sichuan Yanxiang. Since March 2018, it becomes 81MMENT's 4th day of replenishment. It officially joined (blue as a served as "Good Anti-Japanese World", April 30, 2019.

During the above activity, although it passed the "≠ ME" of the original emulsion, it was signed with the affairs to which the affairs belled at the time was canceled.

On May 27, 2019, "3 years of 3 years Class C class" (I hope to enroll students will be staged ", but not qualified.

AKB48 period

, October 14, on October 14, the 56th single "サ サ テナブ テナブ" held in Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture The grandeur will appear in the first time at the handshake. On November 30th, the TEAM 8 Tang Shao Shao Shishi, held in Akb48 Theater, became the rainbow connected to the future. "The front seat of the 12:00 performance was conducted for the first time.

2020 April 26, the year, announced that he is uncomfortable and starting to rest.

July 30, 2021, announced the event again.

Personal life

advertising slogan is "I am from Shizuoka Prefecture, I want to become more energetic than Fuji". "

Official nickname is "ゆか ゆか ん".

Formula (2 photos)

Mother is Chinese, good at Chinese.
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