Super Women's

Performing Arts Experience

June 18, 2016, 纪 沛, Liu Jingjing, yellowing, Zheng Jiaqi represents Super Women's Women to Japan and participate in the total election of AKB48. On June 21, I attended the "2016 Super Girl" National Final Conference, and participated in the national finals in the national 21, and 15 members of the Super Women also officially exposed, including Liu Fan, Huang Miaoqi, Chen Zhuoxuan, strict Xing Yue, Quartet, Xue Mingyuan, Zhong Ying, Luo Xueqi, Zhu Meilin, Cheng Zhi Bai, Mo Cui, Ju Jipei, Zheng Jiaqi, Ma Meng Yun and yellowing, and Liu Jingjing quits the super women's group due to personal reasons. On the evening of July 23, the Super Women's National Finals, the Super Women's Levings defeated the first round of the PK link, waved farewell to the ultra-female stage and stopped the country.

Super Women's

Variety program

broadcast timeProgram NameIntroduction< / TR>
2016-07-23 2016 super female voice

National Finals Fourth 15 into 12

2016-07-16 2016 super female voice

National Finals 3 17 In 15

2016-07-09 2016 Super Girl

National Finals Second Field 19 into 17

2016 Super Girl

National Finals The first 21 into 19

Character evaluation

Super Women's member is from 610,000 super female voice Everyone has its own characteristics, unlimited potential, can be said that Tianyue is a decent selection of players who meet the girl's style positioning, form a super women's group. The members of the Super Women are not a perfect mature artist, they are young, energetic, have their own understanding of music, but members have lack of communication, and the stage experience is relatively insufficient. ( commentary)

In this short month, we can also take the details Seeing the super girls' girls bet passion and pay for the dream. 15 warehouses, giving birth to girls, grinding self-angle adaptation team, more than 16 hours of practice and sweat, as Huangli, said: "The second time is better than the first time, third The second is better than the second time. "They grow up with the unimaginable speed. The super girl has expressed himself with his own sincerity gesture: forever positive energy. (Netease Entertainment)

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