Sujiatun Station

Historical Edition

1903 (29th year of Qing Guangxu), Saudo built in Nanmaster Branch of the Middle Eastern Railway, established in Sujiatun and Shahe (now Lin Shengbao) Railway station, first known as Sujiatun Station.

1905, the Sauda army fired fires in Sujiatun Station.

In August 1906, Japan's military needs to build a rural railway from Anton (now Dandong) to Shenyang.

In 1907, Japan took over Changchun to Dalian's southern Railway and its railway, and officially established Nanmu Railway Co., Ltd. and snapped up the area near Sujiatun Railway Station as "railway attachment land".

In 1907, Japanese had 35 shares in the station, and the wooden station was changed to brick structure, new passengers first and second platforms, ated stations, warehouse.

1915 to 1931 increase the second and third platforms.

Established Sujiatun Organ Zhi District (ie Sujiatun Locomotive Section) in the station in September 1932.

Sujiatun Station

In 1935, 4 shares of mid-to-air field line, the venue station and the shelter.

From 1944 to 1945, the US military aircraft bombed Sujiatun Railway Station, forced the Japanese army to surrender.

In 1946, after the Kuomintang took over, the station management was extremely confusing. The station equipment was severely damaged, and the station was reduced from 98 shares to 28 shares, and the mechanized hump group station equipment was demolished.

Sujiatun Station (8 photos)

In November 1948, Shenyang is liberated, under construction of the railway workers, Sujiatun Station became a railway hub and station One of the network network groups, which is the largest group station in Northeast, and is also a largest largest average station in the country.

In 1998, with the development and change of the city, and the original railway station station was shaped, and the train station built in the Japanese-Russian-Russian sector was removed, next to the original station.

December 25, 1998, the new station is officially put into use, and is renamed as Shenyang South Railway Station, Xin Shenyang South Station has become a new landmark in Sujiatun District.

On January 28, 2010, the original Ministry of Railways decided to be the important node of the two passenger lines of Harbin, Shen Dan - Shenyang Xinke Station is named Shenyang South Railway Station, former Shenyang South Railway Station to change Sujia Station.

In 2012, Sujiatun Station introduced integrated automation (CIPS) technology to achieve digital and intelligent control.

Business range

[passenger service] handle the passengers; do not apply for luggage, parcel consignment.

[freight business] to handle the whole vehicle, zero, container goods; handling the cargo carrier before the cargo carriageway


< P> It turns out that the Middle East Railway through Sujiatun is the direction of Ben Jin Baodai. At that time, the reason why the railway is far from Shengjing (Shenyang) 40. It is fear that the train is quiet, shocking Huangling. After the Japanese Russia, Japan took the opportunity to force Chinese contract and change the Middle East railway. At the look at the officials of the Qing Dynasty, even Russia was defeated by it. He also cares about the imperial way, agreed to Japan's requirements, abolished the old road, and rushing the railway in the direction of the current Towel Station. For their own interests, the Japanese has set up a station in Today's Sujiatun. One to listen, recently from the station called the water ducks, just said in Japanese speech: "Good! Then, the station is set to 'Human'." At the time, there were many Chinese people. When writing the site, "Guardian" did not twist, and translated this Japanese voice again, became "Sujiatun".Sujiatun Station
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