Strong smart grid


The core technology of strong smart grid is the sensor technology, using sensors to key equipment (temperature online monitoring), circuit monitor online monitoring device, arrester online monitoring, capacitive equipment online The operation of the monitoring is real-time monitoring, and then the obtained data is collected, integrated through the network system, and finally through the analysis, mining of the data to achieve optimization management of the entire power system.

Strong smart grid

Plan proposes, will promote the construction of "Strong Intelligent Grid" in three stages: 2009 to 2010, in planning pilot stage, focus on planning, developing technology and management standards, carrying out key technological development and equipment Development, and various links to work; 2011 to 2015 as a comprehensive construction stage, speeding up special high-voltage power grid and urban and rural distribution network construction; 2016-2020 built a unified "strong smart grid". Not only that, the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council also said that in the conference, China will actively explore the development path of intelligent power grid in accordance with China's national conditions.


"Strong Intelligent Grid" is based on strong netcranels, with communication information platform as a means of intelligent control, including power generation, transmission, substation of power systems. , Distribution, electricity and scheduling, cover all voltage levels, realize the high integration integration of "electricity flow, information flow, business flow", is a modern and reliable, economical, clean and environmentally friendly, transparent open, friendly interaction Grid. Therefore, "strong" and "intelligence" are the basic connotation of strong smart grids. Only the "strong" foundation is to build "strong" foundation, to achieve information, digital, automation, and interactive "intelligent" technical characteristics can fully exert the function and role of strong intelligent grids. EHF provides a solid foundation for the development of smart grids. The goal we propose is to speed up the construction of special high voltage grids for the backbone, and the coordinated development of the power grids at all levels, the unified intelligent grid of information, automation, and interactive features. We will build a strong smart grid in the construction of a strong and reliable, efficient, clean and environmentally friendly, transparent, friendly, interactive. Under the guidance of this goal, the State Grid will increase the construction of 1000 kV exchange and ± 800 kV, ± 1000 kV DC composition of the construction of 1000 kV, ± 800 kV, ± 1000 kV DC. While realizing the coordinated development of all levels, we will promote the development of "strong intelligent grid" in stages around power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution, electricity and scheduling and other main links and information construction. By 2020, a unified "strong smart grid" will be fully built, so that the resource allocation capacity of the grid is significantly improved, and the interactivity between the power grid and the power supply and the user will improve the "strong smart grid" in the service economy. Plays a more important role in social development.

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