Steven Elop

Personal resume

1998 - 2005

Eluo initially joined Macromedia in 1998, 2004 is Macromedia Company CEO a job.

2005 - 2006

2005, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe. As the last Macromedia company's CEO, Erp is a member of Adobe's leader in Adobe.

2006 - 2007

In June 2006, Elop went to Adobe, joining Juniper Network Company, as the Chief Operation Officer .

2008 - 2010

In January 2008, Elop was seen in Microsoft, absorbing Microsoft, and served as Microsoft Business Department President. Subsequently, due to the excellent performance of Elop, he became the product head of the Microsoft Office project while retaining the president of the business department, and became a member of Microsoft's high-level leadership team, and a hundred people in Microsoft. team. In 2010, he was responsible for leading the Microsoft Office2010 project development.

2010 - September 2, 2013

In September 2010, Nokia Board invited Eluo to serve as a new CEO of Nokia's new implementation. Subsequently got Eluo's consent. Nokia subsequently announced the $ 6 million signed bonus, so that Elop has also become the first non-Finland country in the history of Nokia.

September 3, 2013 -

September 3, 2013, Nokia Board announced the sale of Nokia mobile phone business (including brand, employee and mobile phone manufacturing Factory) Give Microsoft, and Nokia will compensate Elop 's deposit of $ 25.4 million, while on the same day, Microsoft announces re-hiring Elop, and is responsible for Microsoft mobile devices and Xbox game business.


Nokia Board of Directors appointed Stephen Elop for the new president and CEO, Elop on September 21, 2010 Upon, annual salary is $ 1.6 million.

In November 2010, the second month of Elop was announced that Nokia's total number of people in the world and streamlined the number of Symbian sectors, which became the largest layoff in Nokia.

Subsequently, Elop announced the implementation of internal reforms in Nokia, and the new positioning of Nokia's development. He will predecessor Nokia CEO Corcoma's Nokia Android mobile phone (Nokia Grand Touch, etc.), and rejected the Android cooperation issued by Google. In February 2011, Elop canceled the development of Meego cooperation with Intel and announced that Nokia and Microsoft reached a strategic partner, using the Windows Phone operating system.

Microsoft experience

Stephen Elop is a President of Microsoft Enterprise Department, September 2010 Switch to Nokia and serve as CEO (CEO), so The news of Nokia and Microsoft reached a cooperation, many people feel questioned to Elop 's role.

published a keynote speech on Sunday's global mobile conference (MWC), in the final question and answer session, some people do not pay attention to geological asking Erop is not Microsoft implanted with Nokia Trojan (Trojanhorse) Although Elop's answer everyone can guess, this problem also shows the dissatisfaction and intake of Nokia and Microsoft.

About spies, Elop replied: "Of course not, but tell the truth, I also be very sensitive to this problem, and I feel very embarrassing. We ensure that the entire management team has always been involved in negotiations During the process ... Everyone in the management team believes this is a correct decision, and the board of directors evaluates the overall situation and has finally decided on Thursday night. "

Some people pay attention to one In 2011, there is a rumor in 2011, saying that Elop is the second largest shareholder of Microsoft. It is very excited about this, he said: "This requires too much money, I don't have so much." Ero. " Pu suppancy said: "In those years who serve as Microsoft executives, I really accumulated a lot of Microsoft stocks. But when I raised Nokia from Microsoft, I have sold those stocks in a month in accordance with the law. "


2011: Nokia announced cooperation with Microsoft, launched a new smartphone based on Microsoft Windows Phone platform, and gradually faded out its own Saipan platform; Lop is also confirmed that Finnish and other base employees will be reduced in the future.

April 2011: Nokia announced 7,000 layoffs, and outsourced its Saipan Software R & D department to Accenture to save approximately 1 billion euros ($ 1.2 billion) expenditure. Among the 7,000 employees cut, 4,000 employees were dismissed, while another 3,000 employees were transferred to the Accenture service company. The number of Nikia layoff accounts for 12% of its telephone departments.

September 2011: Nokia announced that it will close the manufacturing plant set in Romania Kruji (CLUJ), involving 2,200 employees; Nokia announced that the location of Nokia mobile phone development map application and The business service department involves 1300 employees.

October 2011: In order to welcome Christmas shopping seasons, Nokia launched two mobile phones using Microsoft Windows Phones platform, Nokia took the first step against Apple and Google.

November 2011: Nokia Siemens Network Company announced the future will implement 17,000 layoffs, almost a quarter of its total number of employees, Nokia said that this will save the company an annual annual expenditure.

February 2012: Nokia announced a 4,000 layoff plan involving Finland, Hungary and the Mexican market. Nokia will turn from the European market to the Asian market for its smartphone assembly business.

June 2012: Nokia announced that the future will implement 10,000 layoffs in the world, and said that its second quarter mobile phone business will continue to lose, and it is exceeded. Nokia also believes that competition in smartphone is more cruel. And announced that its luxury mobile phone department Vertu is sold to European private equity EQT Vi, and the specific price is unknown.

September 2013: September 3, 2013 Microsoft announced most of the mobile phone business under Nokia with 379 billion euros, in addition to acquiring 1.65 billion Euro patent license, total amount is 54.4 Hundreds of euros ($ 7.2 billion). Nokia's current CEO Stephen Elop will serve as Nokia Executive Vice President, competent equipment and services until the transaction is completed; Risto Siilasmaa, the current chairman of Nokia has been appointed for Nokia Temporary CEO After the end of the transaction, some Nokia executives, including CEO Eluo, will add Microsoft.

The industry is mixed in Eluo's performance in Nokia, but it seems that "layoffs", "degradation" seem to run through the entire main line after the performance invested in Nokia CEO. . Perhaps the sentence should be checked: it is not that we can't, only because the opponent is too powerful.

Return to Microsoft

On August 23, 2013, in the announcement of Ballmer decided to retire the Microsoft announcement in the next 12 months, The Special Committee of the Microsoft Board Leader Leader Leading also said that the Board has begun to choose Ballmer's successor and have entrusted a global headhunting in finding a suitable candidate.

and Steven Elop became one of the popular alternatives. Sunday Times of London reported that Elop did only in Microsoft's consideration, and his popular candidates with him also have Microsoft's current Skype heads Tony Bates and the former VMware CEO served as a Microsoft executive Paul Maritz. .

Foxbusiness believes that Eluop, who has been responsible for Microsoft Office project, does have a strong ability, when he serves as the Nokia CEO, there is not much view of Elop, but it is impressive Nokia's internal memo, as well as the changes in Nokia after removing, let people see Elop's ability.

Fall iPhone

CEO Elop in Nokia has participated in the first phase of Finland, and accepted the interview with host Harry Harkimo, discussion The theme is Nokia's Windows Phone device Lumia series.

When he is constantly asking for the upcoming Lumia 928, Erup continues to express this "knowing very little" (of course, it is impossible, but smoke bombs), instead him Appreciate the Lumia 620 and indicate that the closest focus of Nokia will be promoted by Lumia 620. And in this interview, when the host Harkimo took out his iPhone mobile phone, Elop said: "This is a good solution", he directly smiling and took the iPhone and lost it. Going out, and saying "Now it is gone", then Elp promises to give Harkimo a Nokia mobile phone as compensation.

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