Star sand street

Construction Procedures

When the Qing Dynasty, it belongs to Changsha County Ming Road.

The Republic of China for 30 years (1941), which belonged to the Township.

in 1956, it is looking forward to Xinxiang.

in 1962, changed to the new commune.

in 1964, it will change to Xinxiang.

in 1994, Wang Xinxiang changed to Xinsha Town.

In May 1995, the Huanghua District Shu Tang Tang Town is incorporated into Xingsha Town.

2009, Changsha County revoked Xingsha Town, set up 3 streets in Xiangsha, Xianglong, Quantang.

Administrative division

Division in the section

As of the end of 2011, Xingsha Street has jurisdo, and the Schixingling, Huang Tong, Yang Xiachong, Feng Dynasty Wang Xianqiao, Daxi Chong, Guangshengtang, Kaiyuan Road, Jinmao Road, Liangtang Road, Gray, Song Ya, Star City, Country Garden 15 communities, and set up 187 resident groups.

On April 18, 2012, Xingsha Sub-district offices moved to Wang Xiandong Road.

In December 2019, Xian Tangling, Madling, and 3 communities in Xian Tangling, Madaling and Wang Shengqiao.


As of June 2020, Xingsha Street has 20 communities: Kaiyuan Road Community, Jinmao Road Community, Liangtang Road Community, Gray Community, Song Ya Community, Xingcheng Community, Country Garden Community, Guangshengtang Community, Niu Yi Chong Community, Schixing Community, Golden Enamel, Yangmei Community, Wang Xianqiao Community, Fengshing Community, Daxi Community, Jinniu Bay Community, Jinjiaping Community, Xianping Tangling Community, Madling Community, Wang Shengqiao Community, Subcommittee in Songya Community.

Geographical Environment


Xingsha Street is located in the middle of Changsha County, the East and Huanghua Town are bordered, Nanlian Quantang Street, west Xianglong Street, Northern Ansha Town, the maximum distance of 8.1 km, the largest distance from the north and south, with a total area of ​​24.5 square kilometers.

Xingsha Street

Natural Resources

2011, Xingsha Street has 4266.7 mu of cultivated land.


As of the end of 2011, there were 51,000 people in Xingsha Street, including 51,000 people in urban residents and 100% urbanization rate; another mobile population of 98,300 In the total population, 26,265 men, accounting for 51.5%; 24,735 women, accounting for 48.5%; 8670 people under 14 years old, accounting for 37179 people aged 15-64, accounting for 72.9%; 5,151 people over 65, accounting for 10.1 %. In 2011, Xingsha Street population was 8.7 ‰, 5.5 ‰ of the population mortality, population natural growth rate of 3.2 ‰, the population density is 2082 per square meter.



2010, Xingsha Street Street uses a one-line building economy and 4 special commercial blocks to invest in the project 5 , Introduced funds of 163.59 million yuan, fixed asset investment reached 790 million yuan.

In 2011, Xingsha Street Finance Total Income was approximately $ 2990 million, an increase of 49% from 2010, of which local fiscal revenue increased by 43% from 2010; per capita fiscal revenue 20026 yuan, than 2010 An annual increase of 40%.


Xingsha Street agriculture is mainly growing rice, corn and vegetables. In 2011, the total output value of Xingsha Street is 14 million yuan. In 2011, Xingsha Street has 1477 tons of food. The main economic crops of Xingsha Street are vegetables; animal husbandry is dominated by feeding pigs and poultry. In 2011, Xingsha Street live pig feed is 2188, and 1552 in the end of the year; the poultry feeding amount is 935 feather.


Xingsha street industry is mainly chemical, casting, machining, plastic products, building materials. In 2011, there were 7 industrial enterprises in Xingsha Street, 24108 employees; the industrial output value was 11.6 billion yuan, and the industrial added value was 3.48 billion yuan, an increase of 19.8% from 2010, accounting for 63.4% of the total product.


As of the end of 2011, Xingsha Street has 72 commercial outlets, 2042 employees. In 2011, the total sales of social commodities in Xingsha Street was 2.2 billion yuan, an increase of 33.5% from 2010; there were six urban and rural collection markets, and the annual turnover is 110 million yuan.

Financial industry

2011, Xingsha Street has 2 business banks, 4 business banks, 2 business banks, business banks 8, Rural Commercial Bank Home, Postal Savings; various deposit balances of financial institutions are 18.67 billion yuan, an increase of 17% over 2010; 125,000 yuan in per capita; the balance of loans is 6.53 billion yuan, an increase of 19% from 2010.

Social Business

education Career

As of the end of 2011, there are 43 kindergartens in Xingsha Street. 3,650 children in the park, 129 specialized teachers; there are 4201 primary schools, 720 students, 265 specialized teachers, primary school age children enrollment 100%; 2,2647 students in the school, 302 specialized teachers; junior high school age-age homology, Xiaosheng initial enhancement rate, nine-year compulsory education coverage rate is 100%. In 2011, Xingsha Street's financial budget internal education funds were 67 million yuan, an increase of 35% from 2010, accounting for 35% of the total fiscal expenditure, which was 10% over 2010.

Science and technology business

As of the end of 2011, there were 431 scientific and technological talents in the end of 2011, including 30 in rural practical talents.

Stylistic career

As of the end of 2011, there is a cultural station in Xingsha Street; there are 15 community cultural activities; 7 cultural art groups; there are various library 64, more than 530,000 books; 2,70,000 music, art, calligraphy, photography and literary amateur creation team. As of the end of 2011, Xingsha Street has 6 school stadiums; 100% of communities and villages implemented residential fitness projects, and people who often participate in sports activities account for 80% of their resident populations. As of the end of 2011, Xingsha Street cable TV enters 91.1%.

Medical and health

As of the end of 2011, there are 43 of all types of medical and health institutions at all levels in Xingsha Street, including 24 outpatients; 702 beds; professional hygiene 1016 personnel, including 245 practitioners, 457 licensed assistant physicians, 314 registered nurses. In 2011, Xingsha Street Medical Institution (above the Department) completed 223,000 diagnosis and treatment.

Social security

2011, Xingsha Street urban minimum living security house number is 2506 households, the number of people is 6007, the expenditure is 15.93 million, the increase is 22% from 2010, the month per capita 221 yuan, increased by 25% from 2010; 1240 urban medical assistance, the civil affairs department funded 520 people in cooperative medical care, with a total of 75.81 million yuan, increased by 36% from 2010; 52 households in rural minimum living households, 95 people , Spending 68,000 yuan, an increase of 11% from 2010, monthly per capita increased by 10% in 2010; national pension, subsidized various special care objects, pension business expenditure is 1.9 million yuan, more than 12% over 2010 The social welfare fee is 2.2 million yuan, an increase of 17% from 2010; there are 60 beds of the home, and the buddle is 60, and the five guarantees of the countryside; there are 52 community service facilities, including 15 community service stations 15 There are 1 charity branch, and the whole year accepts social donation of 6.32 million yuan, which makes 710 people (sub) difficult people to benefit; the new rural social pension insurance is 100%.


Xingsha Street main traffic trunk has Trudi East Road, Huangxing Avenue, Dongxuan Road, Dongliu Road, Binhu East Road, etc.

History Culture

  • The name of the name Star sand street

The sources of Xingsha Street have three:

first, according to history books: ancient Astronomer Observing the sky, choosing a batch of galaxies as a sign of positioning observations, and said. According to the information in the field, it is called Changsha with the place corresponding to the Sunday "Changsha Star". Phase "Changsha Star" Division Human Life. Tang Zhang Shouqi "Historical Justice" Cloud: "Changsha Su Xing is in the middle, the main life." Yun Changsha Xingming is "three longevity, son". Changsha did not call "Xingsha", "Shousa". The new county and the development zone are named "Xingsha", which can be described as the meaning of God. The main life, the long-term development is long, and the children and grandchildren are prosperous.

Second, today's Changsha City is Changsha County. The development of more than 2,000 years has made Changsha a city in the city, city and county three-level governments. Changsha County moved out in Changsha City, the new county is named "Xingsha", inherits the "orthodox" and "places" of Changsha, which is in line with the late love of the people's thoughts in Changsha County.

Third, "Xing Sand" star, including "famous star", "satellite". The county and development zones are named "Xingsha", which means that Changsha County is a "satellite city" in Changsha City, and the development zone will become a "famous star development zone" in the country.

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