Anddon Society is created in Baoqing Second Years (1226), which is one of the oldest colleges in Jiangsu Province. The main building is a butterfly hall (the shape is like butterfly, so the name). There are more than 960 years of ancient ginkgo, and the branches are flooded. Gao Yuan and the big, deep and intimate, ancient and fresh, in many remains in Taizhou, the stable case is the most unexpected, and the most prominent is the most nostalgic chasing.

says it is high and broad, because the birth of "to the world is in talent, into the talents of the world" Education concept, interpretation of the millennium, flashed the brilliant brilliant; < / p>

saying that it is deep and intimate, because here is the pioneer of the Northern Song Dynasty, the famous educator Hui's lecture address, "Lake" "" Lake ", the root of Hailing, popular world;

says it is ancient and fresh, because here is a "educational gene" here, contributing a large number of scientists, artists, educators, entrepreneurs and other talents;

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Anddian Academy, Hu Gong Temple, in the Taizhong Campus of Taizhou City, Taizhou City.

Hu Wei (993-1059), the word wing, the Northern Song Dynasty, because the world is resilient to Shaanxi Road And Dingburg, "And Mr. Stir America". At the beginning of Jingyou, Fan Zhongyan recommended was appointed as the secretary school book, and later used the education of the school for their own responsibility. He successively said that Professor Suzhou, Huzhou government. More than 20 years, with Hu Yu from the school disciples thousands, the descendants of the monketeers have their own door. Song Shen Zong said that Mr. Zhen; Fan Zhongfu is "Kong Mengyi, Su Lao Leader"; Wang An Shunzhi is "The World Haoji"; Su Shi pushes "Zhang is Wan Shi"; Wen Tianxiang Jing is "Generation, Baiyi "Qi Chong"; Sima Guangxi is "Su Lao's teaching, unparallel"; Mi Fuzi is "generous and sincere, honest" ... Hu Wei has "Yi Chuan", "The Analects", "Shangshu Solution", "Martial Arts Rules" and other hundreds of books. Jiayou four years, the 67-year-old Hu Wei was dying in Hangzhou, the emperor chased Wen Zhao.


The changing college and Hu Gong Temple change

South Song Baoqing Second Years (1226) Taizhou Zhizhou Chen Yu in Taishan Zuodian Accessories More than 436 in Yangzhou Anddian Academy. The book is also known as the stable lecture hall, and after the house is long-lost, the study stops.

Anddian Academy (5)

Jiajing, the royal Shi Lei Yong change Taishan Nanyu Girls for the study, resume lectures. The founder of the Taizhou School, who had two hosted a college.


Mingshuzong Jiajing nine years (1530), the court will "from the blindfold temple, called the Beard". Taizhou has two mainsthesis of Chonghuo's specialties: one in the east of the city, one in the town of Zhongli. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, these two specializes have been broken.

Jiajing seventeen years (1538), patrol the Zhili Monitoring Yu Shi Chang Taizhou, I learned that Hu Yan lectured the pedicure near Taishan, that is, Mr. Stary in the book, October "Mr. Song Dinghu 's Lecture" and "Stained Temple".

Jiajing forty-fourth year (1564) Supervisor is in the east, and he is in the West. The next year, the royal history of Zhu Bing is, and Wang Wei, Wang Wei, is responsible for the midst of the temple.

Wanli 33 years (1605), the patriator of Zhang Yun, the self-cultivation of Zhang Yun, the "Taishan Academy"; the following year, while repairing Taishan Yuemu Museum, repairing the stability .

Ming Dynasty, the book, the temple is in the war. Qing Kangxi is twice and emphasized.

Qianlong five years (1740), Zhizhou section Yuan Wen will rename the "Hu Gong College" in Zhouzhou, and then repaired two degrees.

Jiaqing Second Years (1797), two Huai Salt History have promoted thousands of gold repair colleges, and new looks.

Daoguang (1821), Zhao Zhaozhong renovated the college, the temple, and repair, in front of the hall, the door to the south. Since then, Staing is self-made in the college.

Xianfeng Taiping Army occupies Nanjing, the book is suspended, the house is abandoned.

Guangxu five years (1879) Da Xian, the college, and there are 54 rooms.

The late Qing Dynasty, the waste department, the college is suspended.

Guangxu twenty-nine years (1903), Zhouzhou Hou Shaozhen Xixing Office Taizhou Xuetang, repaired the old house, enhancing new house, with 85 houses, and repaired a temple.

After the Revolution of the 1911, the Thailand School Hall, private Huaidong University, Jiangsu Province, private school, Jiangsu Province, Taizhou Middle School, etc., until liberation.

After the liberation, Taizhou Middle School, Jiangsu Province, is now the old campus of Taizhou Middle School in Jiangsu Province. The campus has repeatedly constructed: Ximen Street broadening, the original college crossing the door is demolished, the old stone drums are also replaced by the new iron gate, due to the campus layout, the original college butterfly hall is slightly moving. In 2009, the Anddian Academy conducted an unveiled transformation, and Fan has also written a plaque for the stabilized entry.

Building style

According to historical records, early Southern Song Dynasty (1226) Taizhou was built in the left side of Taishan, is the oldest book in Jiangsu Province. one. Initially, Taizhou Fengxiao's ancestral hall was in the stable case, and he was in the college in the college. At the beginning of Ming Jiajing, after the desertation of the Office of the Site, it was repeatedly expanded. To the Qing Dynasty, there was a scale: there were three rooms of the door, there was a door, the living room, the East and West Director, the Tibet, Tibetan book A building. The Chinese ancient books, most buildings, beautiful environment. The East Deacon Hall of the Anddian Academy is connected to the living room, the cloiser is connected, the four-pool is flying, like butterfly, also known as the butterflies. After the living room, Jianhi Bi Ting, Lotus Pool, Shelving Board Bridge, and the garden win. The alleged book is in the purpose of teaching the knowledge, and cultivated the cultivation and cultivated morality. Beauty, not only enlightenment, more personality shapes the subtle function.

and the sages, the building also presents a fine and thick style. Nowadays, there are two days before and after, it is simple and rich. Every picture here, every piece of plaque, every sub-community ... is worth fine, and chew slowly. "Jingzhong Shang Yue Yue, Zhengxue Prospect Professor Hu", this panel in front of the book means deep: go to the north, the top of Mount Taishan, the Yuemu Mei, the front; the butterflies are in the butterflies. The couplets of the back hall "With the Time of the Times, Dibration Zhen Yin", the characteristics of Hu Yu's school: "Professional teaching", "science teaching", at that time, there were no sounds. "The tip of the newspaper is safe, and it is difficult to pass the people." Qianlong saw the sentence of Hu Yan, a top-story in Taishan, saw Hu Yan concentrated on the spiritual spirit: 20 years old, travel to Taishan Realism, and friends Reicing, Shudai Tongfa is not returned for 10 years, and every book is seen in "Ping An", it is not going to read, Taishan has a landscape of "Book" - "Hu Ande Densu ". "Bamboo Sound" is also not a false, the Xinhua News Agency reports that Hu Yu is still a musician "longer than the tone, Tongxiao ancient music": combined with Yan Yi to design the bell, successfully manufacturing the first set of reality The calibrated tripyter and the "Jingyou Music", "Emperor Boyle", "Emperor Yusheng" and so on.

The courtyard remains, and the trees are more prosperous. The ginkgo tree planted by Hu Yu plant, underbiddering the slutty of the millennium, witness the change of the millennium vicissitudes, and it was a fruitfulness in persistence. The richness of the Academy is rich in Confucianism. The long charm of the ancient school is in concert with the trend of modern education. When it will be more deep, the poetic is full!

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