Springs Empty in 1675, Tibetan Calendell, is created by Solita Rose Jinba. Barba colored building area is 5,280 square meters, which is 32-story ribbing room, a total of 32. The bottom and two-layer north is a warehouse stored in a food. The two-story south is the office, three layers of four rooms, of which three in the north is the place where Long Shouwei, the west side is managed. There is a door in the southeastern Snow, Southeast, and. Here is a schematic diagram of the power structure and operation of Tibetan Teaching Servants System, which can be seen that the three major lords use to rule, suppress the people of the people.


The agency is originally called Snow Nile. At first construction, its jurisdiction and responsibilities are limited to the "snow" fence inside and outside the wall, after gradually expanding. The executive official of Snowbar Langer said "Snow Ni" means "Snow" manager. Two five-grade monks, vulgar officials, and 1 collections of Zanza-level customs officials (one Duible). Barbago is three major lords with rule, and suppresss the rule of the majority of labor people. The thirteen and sixteen codes of the old Tibet are divided into "third-class nine-level", and the price of the waiter is gold in the gold, and the next is like a mustard. Based on the sample code, the serf can be transferred to the serfs and slaves to dig, cramps, cut tongues, cut your feet, push down from the mountain, drown in water with leather, or kill immediately Wait. Based on such a code, a strict non-human torture is implemented to the work of the people is an important function of BBL. According to statistics, the Sublioves have issued a large number of rebellion prisoners and payment of all kinds of harsh donor taxes every year, but there is no one for the development of economic and people's lives, and its reactionary dark nature is hereby visible. The rake of the horizontism is another function of the snow. There is a grain library that will never fill in, which is specially hoarded from Lhasa and 18 rivers. Wheat, green, peas, meat, squat, butter and green oil, dairy slag for ruling class.


After the repair, Xiba Langer is started from the original building, and the second floor of the second floor is now, the granary, and scrolls the film and television short film, showing old Tibet. Dark rule scene. The east side of the second floor has the "Potala Palace Protection Maintenance Special Exhibition". The exhibition focuses on the party and the government's protection and maintenance of the Potala Palace. From 1989 to 2007, the national accumulated second phase was maintained to the cloth palace, and the accumulated investment of 232.3 million yuan. Replace the decaying beam column, reinforce the construction foundation, repair murals, and renovate security fire facilities, and protect the affiliates.

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