Spring Shenjun's death

reason and after

Li Yuan urged his sister to Spring Shenjun: "Fu Jun, Chu Wang pet you, than his brother. Now you are seeing Daguo, Chu More than 20 years, but Chu Wang has not had a son now. After he is dead, he only makes his own brothers to make a national Jun. The new country must only use people around you, which is you getting you? Not only that, you are trying to prime minister. Time is long, it is inevitable that the brothers of the king have a rider, and if the brothers of the king, if you really board the throne, you will be a great disaster, how can you preserve today's status and identity? "Spring Shenjun After saying: "Yes, there is any way?" Li Yuanshi said: "The way is there. I have been pregnant, but the others don't know. The minister is very good. If you can dedicate the minister to Chu, the minister will be able to get the favor of Chu Wang. If God is bolding to the son, it is not your son to make Chu Wang, when the Chu State Does everything is not in your master? This is better than the sin of can't guess, "Chun Shenjun believes that this is very reasonable, according to the words of Li Yuan sister, Dedicated her to Chu Wang. The beauty really quickly got Chu Wang pet. Later, this beauty gave birth to a boy in the palace. Subsequently, the child was already a prince, and Li Yuanshi also became the queen. King Chu joined her brother Li Yuan as a big official. However, Li Yuan is afraid that Spring Shenjun has leaked secrets, and he has raised many killers, and it plans to wait for him to kill him.

The Spring Shenjun at this time is still in the drum. One of his gantry said to him: "You have been doing a child of Chu, there is more than 20 years. Under one person, there are thousands of people. One day Chu Wang is dead, you will be a young prince, until he is long Big adult. This is your blessing, but this may also hide the disaster. "Chun Shen Jun did not put his words in his heart, and he didn't care about it:" I am very good now. As for the future, will there happen What? "Zhu Ying said:" Li Yuan has always wanted to capture the power in your hand. He has long stolen many killer, just waiting for Chu Wang to point to you. This is the disaster I said. Now I want to get a way again. Just send me to Chu Wang, I will kill Li Yuan for you, first start with your worries. "Chun Shen Jun listened, haha ​​laughed, pat Zhu Ying's shoulder said: "Mr., I learned that Li Yuan, he is a small, gentle person, I have been so good to him, he won't do something sorry."


After ten days, Chu Kao is dead. Li Yuan first went to the palace to arrange killers in the palace. Spring Shenjun hurried into the palace, just entered the Palace door, Li Yuan's killer rushed out and killed him. Then Li Yuan also kill the Spring Shenjun family.

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