Spring and autumn collection

Ming Fu. Aromatherapy, Qiongshan people. Zhengde Tengchen Jinshi, the official to the house left. It is the book with the "set" name, so the article is brief. The middle is the "Spring Principles", which is "the" three years "book" The Year of the Gong "is" the year "non-discipline. It is said that" Yong Gong twenty-eight years "book must have changed, it is said that" Zhaogong Yuan Year " Di Dali halides did not have a pawn, and the "biography" is not a few. The rest of the releared. Even "The 17th Year of the Gong", Hu "Bi" misunderstandings, and due to still, there is no short long. More than a multi-chi Shu, Liu Xiang, Liu Wei's abnormalities, wearing a chisel. To "Xuan Gong Eight Years" is the "fifteen year" tax by the "fifteen years", it should be especially awkward before seven years. It adopts "public", "Valley" month, which is more attached, and "Zuo Chuan" is used, especially universible. It is the most, "Zhuang Gong's 20th Year" "Chen kicked the son" under "," Jin Dynasty public suffers, Zhuang Zhiyi, "僖 公 二 20 Two years "" Song Gongzheng Zheng "under the" Song Jiao "was sent to the wild, the farewell" Cross; "Twenty-three years" "Chu people cut Chen", 忽 附 附 "," men and women, their birth Do not show up. Such cannot be numb. It uses "Zuo" righteousness, "Yong Gong four years" "Shu Sun Lefts like Jin", only to the ancient self-song, the songs of the songs; "The Gong Jiu Ye" "Will in Kwaiqiu", responsible The hole is improper to block the Jin Hou; "Chenggong five years" "Liangshan League", the responsibility of the responsibility: it is also unrelated with the "scriptures". Chen Lie "preface" is called its expansion, and it is too much. Spring and autumn collection

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