1 referring to people's consciousness, thinking activities and general psychological status: ~ The appearance

2 metaphor the external situation of things.


Contemporary · Yin Qian: "The meaning of the spirit of catkins and her goals and life, friends around her can see clearly, and simple to I can understand. This is because she is wide, kind. Wowkin is such a girl, as if I can be embarrassed to be unbelievable. Others cry, I will cry, others are happy, she follows happiness; painful others, happy others Happiness. She is easily understood because she is simply, she is just because she believes that the truth is very close to the truth. "(Yin Qian," Yin Qian: There is a girl called Liu ")


1, the mental appearance is used to describe a person to treat things or treat things.

2, from two aspects, the first from the mental state, a state reaction alone treats things or things awareness, accreditation, or positive or negative attitude; second from Face State , the attitude of taking things through this person's facial expression.

These two aspects belong to a parallel relationship.

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