Special Action Team


The cable is not a fighting force. They only paid the unarmed people and publicly disclose large-scale actions. This is the place to be different from Gaiu.


Nazi Germany invaded Austria in March 1938, invaded Czechoslovakia in March 1939, at that time, the tail of the tailor was in the end of the offensive force. Before the establishment of the office department, he acts as a Nazi Mobile security department and secret police. The cable is responsible for security work in these areas, including searching and imprisoning Nazis opponents.

Special Action Team

In order to prepare the Nazis in September 1939 to Poland's invasion, the tailor was ordered to solve the so-called third empire, including thousands of Jews and Poland's upper-saving members were murdered. Soon, on September 21, 1939, the Tiki received instructions, dealing with newly-occupied Jews, arrested them, and sent them to the vicinity of the railway line to facilitate future population flow. The cable also got an instruction to establish a Jewish resident committee. In November 1939, these altorats were dissolved, and their members joined the permanent security departments of German Poland and the secret police department.

In June 1941, Germany was prepared to invade the Soviet Union, and Hitler expressed the way to the army. The coming war must destroy those constant ideas based on the fundamental conflicts between two distinctive ideology. Conflict factors. Therefore, the special team called the Tiles came into being to be accompanied by the offensive force. Its task is to search for the opponents of the empire, including the Communist Party and all Jews, and then they die.


"Barbarosa" initiative, the cable team will follow the German National Defense Forces to enter the Soviet Union. The tailor has been divided into four teams from A, B, C, and D. Each team must eliminate the Jews in the area. Each team is also a subrace called "Troukon" or "Action Team". There are approximately 1,000 tailor A, which is the largest team, belonging to the North Group Army. They act in the region of the Eastern Border of Baltic countries (Lithuania, Lithius and Estonia). There are 655 tailors B, subject to the Central Group Army, in the Smanpsk region of Belarus and Moscow. There are 700,000 people C. Affiliated South Group Army, responsible for the northern part of Ukraine. There are 600 taps D, the 11th Army, in the south of Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula and North Caucasus. Destroying the Soviet Jews not only rely on these teams, but also helped assistance from other Nazi soldiers, Nazi police, and all over the world. By the spring of 1943, the cable team has extracted 1250,000 Jews and thousands of Soviet Union including prisoners.

The trill team puts the victim, regardless of men and women, gathered to the canyon, mining, quarry, trenches or dug pits, killing them there. The Jews were forced to hand over the property and took off the clothes and was shot. Their bodies were thrown into the trench. The commander will archive the report of these massacre activities per day.

It is often close to the psychological impact of the murder of the tie team. So the Nazis looks for other deals. The tailor will quickly use the toxic car to murder the rest of the Jew.

After the war, the leadership leaders were tried in Nuremberg and other trials. 14 people in the 24 defendants were sentenced to death. There are only 4 actual prisoners, others have been sentenced.

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