Normal email and spam distinguishing questions, speaking on the Internet, many experts and organizations have tried to give spam a relatively accurate definition. However, the identification of spam on spam has not yet been issued.

(1) October 5, 1997, the theme of the International Internet Mail Association is "unable to please a lot of email: definition and problem" report, it will not be pleased. Email is defined as spam, ie UBE (unsolicited bulk e-mail). The "Anti-Computer Crime Law" in Virginia in Virginia has adopted "unable to request a lot of mail" to define spam. This is a feature from the email (a large number) and reception (do not request it), which is more in line with the actual situation of spam flooding, not only can cover all types of spam, but also cover New types that may appear in the future.

(2) On May 20, 2002, China's education and research computer network announced the "Regulations on Statting Spam", which is defined for spam as: Anyone who has been forced without users To any advertisement, promotional information, virus, etc. in the user's mailbox, generally has a characteristic of mass delivery.

(3) February 26, 2003, Article 3 of the "China Internet Association Anti-Spam Specifications" promulgated by China Internet Association, clearly indicates that emails include the following properties called spam : 1 The recipient has not proposed or agreed to receive advertisements, electronic publications, various forms of propaganda email; 2 Email that the recipient cannot reject; 3 hidden sender identity, address , Email for information such as the title; 4 email containing false information sources, senders, routing and other information.


The general customary means of distinguishing between normal mail and spam is by analyzing the content of the email, using artificial rule set or machine learning method to determine, distinguish. However, it is very difficult to determine if a message is spam. It is very difficult to find the difference between the normal mail and spam. Because the types of human language are numerous, people's perception and acceptance of information except the text, Graphics and Lenovo for the text itself, so it is difficult to establish a good, universal and efficient analytical model to analyze an email is a spam. In addition, the way people do not have general significance for the way of establishing rules, because everyone's feelings of emails are a thousand different. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between spam, it is necessary to take other more effective ways. From the above-mentioned spam definitions, it is not difficult to see that the distinction between normal mail and spam is to determine whether the message is sent by the user, and normal mail is naturally a message that the acceptor wants to get.

Main Features

We can discover the top ten characteristics of spam by comparing Outlook Express, Webmail, etc., we can discover the top ten characteristics of spam:

(1 ) There is no X-MAILER letterhead, or use a special X-MAILER letterhead. We see a paragraph of the E-mail from the E-mail from Out-Look, which is indicated by the sending client: Microsoft Out-Look IMO, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2910.0). Spam or no, or have a characteristic letterhead, for example, X-MAILER: Ehoosnd ....

(2) Guestbook. The relatively polite spam will bring a guest's link, for example, "Please delete" "I am embarrassed to bother" "bother ... forgive ...".

(3) Forged senders. MTP commands in the mail from the mail from the letter in the letter, the sender's E. The MAIL address is not a real-existing E-mail address.

(4) Send via dynamic IP such as ADSL. External users are directly connected to the MX server through dynamic IP, and the local no SMTP service is provided, IP is not possible to perform reverse explanation.

(5) Send tool signature. Some shared group utilities will have their own signatures in each letter issued.


(6) Does not use the standard MIME format. The mail format is not standard, but Outlook Express can be compatible.

(7) The transmission time exceeds the current time. Some spam For the client to maintain a position in the client, the send time is forcibly modified to a lead time.

(8) has been forwarded through many servers. There are more than three recived in the letterhead.

(9) The content of the letter has a special HTML TAG. In order to embed more content and script (Script), spam tend to use HTML Tags (labels) that are not used in normal mail. Such as IFrame, Frameset, Object, etc.

(10) Letter content with a description of this type of mail or no longer accepting such an email. This is often a greater trap of the sender. Once you click on the appropriate link, you will receive more spam.

Main hazards

(1) occupy a large number of network bandwidth, waste storage space, affect network transmission and computing speed, causing the email server congestion, reducing the operational efficiency of the network, seriously affecting normal Mail service.

(2) Commercial spam letters that are disasters, double each 5 months, foreign experts expect the productivity costs offset by each spam to around 1 US dollar. my country has begun to be considered spambed by other countries. Many IP addresses have a risk of blocked. It may make my country become "information island" in a long time.

(3) Spam is characterized by many, repetitive, mandatory, deceptive, unhealthy and communication speed, and violations of users' privacy and infringement of the privacy of recipients. Mailbox space, and consumption of time, energy and money.

(4) Spam is easy to be hacked, the harm is even greater. In February 2002, the hacker first invaded and controlled some high-bandwidth websites, concentrated the bandwidth capability of many servers, and then used billions of spam to launch violent attacks, resulting in some websites.

(5) seriously affects the image of the email service provider. Users who receive spam may turn to other service providers because the service provider does not have a complete spam filtering mechanism.

(6) Spam, spoofing, spread pornography, reactionary, etc., has caused serious harm to the real society.

Preventive action

Spam senders continue to use advanced new methods to send their emails, the following methods can be used to reduce the risk of system attacks:

1, the email address is not easily left

When you leave an email address to a person, you are included in the sender of the spam sender. The opportunity to increase will increase. Most online shopping sites require consumers to leave an email address. Some physical stores offer some discounts or free goods, requiring customers to leave an email address. Consumers should learn about the benefits of leaving an email address, but it is also possible to get the email address of the spammer.

2, use email filtering function

Most email applications have filtering capabilities, and users can block messages for the specified address. If the recipient is often charged from the same Internet domain, you can block all messages from this user. However, blocking an Internet domain may cause all messages in this domain to enter the recipient's mailbox, even if you want the message. So this feature should only be used if all messages from this domain are spam. The impact of spam may not be destructive physically, but it is economically destructive. Spam uses system resources to reduce employee's work efficiency. Employees spend time to filter from spam and reduce productivity. Some employees may read spam and click on the malicious URL or malicious attachments contained in the letter, infecting viruses and further chain. Spam uses numerous businesses to overload the server, reducing the server's ability to send, receive information related to business. Excessive traffic slows down the system operation, and even cause the mail server's paralysis.

In addition, spam may also destroy the company's business relationship, causing legal proceedings to bring expensive consideration to both parties.

Currently, spam is still a problem that cannot be ignored. Although I have already struggled to prevent spam from entering the mailbox, the number of users who receive spam every day is still increasing. A most effective way to prevent spam is not easy to tell others important email addresses, only tell the trusted group. If you receive a large amount of spam from an address, you can use the filtering function in the email application to block all messages to enter the address.

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