South Rio Grand Dezhou

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South Rio Grand Dezhou, is located in Brazil, Lin At the bottom of the Atlantic San Gon Saul, the northeast Regradila 244 kilometers, 40 km from Rio Gland, Rio Gland, has a railway and highway. The population is about 270,000. Most of Germany and Italian immigrant descendants. The climate is mild and humid, the terrain is flat, surrounded by rice, the mainland Canopos Grassland animal husbandry, is the agricultural and animal distribution center, and the largest beef dry place of Brazil. It was built in 1780, and the town was set up in 1830, and the city was 1835. Industrial has flour, mill rice, tanning, textile, chemical, meat processing, slaughtering, etc. Excellent port, 500 meters of the terminal, can park 5 meters deep in the water. Output leather, tea, wool, beef dry, meat, etc., transporting ocean giant cargo to Alegier Port. There are colleges and other colleges and other colleges including South Riogend University, Southern Rural University, Perotas Tutorial University, Perotas Federal University. Brazil's southernmost state. East is from the Atlantic, and the Argentina, the southern River Uruguay. The capital of Porto Alegre. Parana northern part of the plateau, with an average altitude of between 600-900 meters; the southern gently rolling hills and plains; Haiduoshaqiu and along the lagoon. Subtropical climate. The annual average temperature is 20 ° C, and the annual precipitation is 1,300 mm. At the end of the seventeenth century, the Portuguese began colonial, 18 and 19th century and Spain. In 1835, an Independent Republic was established, and it was incorporated into Brazil. It was changed to state in 1889. Brazil's top farmers, soy, wheat and corn production account for approximately half of the country, one quarter of rice, 4-quarters of wine, and the number of cattle and sheep's heads ranks in front of all states, exporting Brazilian wool. Most of them. Industrial uses textile, food, tanning, tobacco, chemistry, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, coal, coal, sawmone. Railway Tong Sheng Paulong South China Cities and Uruguay.

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< B> HDI(2000)

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Time zone



The capital (and largest city)

Alegiri Port


yeda crusius


sub governor

Paulo Afonso Feijó


total area

281, 748.538 km2 (9th)

2006 Estimate

10, 963, 216 (5th)


2005 census

10, 854, 343



38.9 / km2 (13th)

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2005 estimate



R $ 142, 874, 611 (4th)

Per capita ​​p>

r $ 13,310 (7th)

0.814 (4th)




Summer (DST)


South Rio Grand Dezhou

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