South Guangdong police

Column Introduction

Guangdong Public Security The most authoritative sound section Key words: authority, scene, truth, harmony

more than 20 years, "South Guangdong police" Under the support of the Provincial Public Security Department and the provincial TV station leaders and the strong support of the public security organs of each municipality, plus all the unity and struggles of all personnel of the column group, and become an important position in the public security film promotion of Nan Yue Dadi.

For a long time, "South Guangdong Police" adheres to the positive propaganda policy to serve the public security center, serving the public security business and the construction of the team, based on the establishment of Guangdong, and takes into account the whole country, facing overseas , Highlighting the characteristics of news, documentity, and reports on the public security of Guangdong, tracking the hot problem of social security, and provides legal advisory services for the vast audience. "South Guangdong Police" has played a positive role in promoting public security, shocking crimes, promoting righteousness, arrest fugitives, popularization of legal system, maintaining stability, and close police and civilian relations. Because of this, "Nan Yue Police" is more and more enthusiastic spectators outside the province, and they often come to call, giving the column to appreciate and affirm, and put forward a lot of good suggestions.

Moderator: Zhou Wei

broadcast channel : Guangdong Satellite TV

South Guangdong police

broadcast Out of time : Sunday, 18:05 in the evening

program length : Each program length is 20 minutes

Development history < / h2>

So far, "South Guangdong Police" has been broadcast more than 1,000 periods, received a good social effect, and has achieved certain results. The series of special pieces made by the "South Guangdong Police" column "Call the Tiangle-2000 South Country", "Stunning Fifteen hours - Zhongshan 3 · 29 Extraordinary Kidnapping Case" won the 2000 National Radio and Television Legal Program Appraisal First Prize and Third Prize. "80 million kidnapping case detected the beginning of" "Take the victory - Guangdong public security hits the fake currency" won the first prize and third prize of the 2001 National Radio and Television Legal Program Appointment.

"Puning Remediation" won the third prize of the National Social Security Comprehensive Treatment Good TV Special Award, and a group of programs received a national public security system Golden Shield Culture Engineering Award, as well as various awards in the province. "South Guangdong Police" ratings ranked 10 in Guangdong TV.

In order to expand the column propaganda, "South Guangdong Police" held in 1995, "The South Guangdong Police" is held in the first anniversary of the first anniversary of "" in 1998, "" The South Guangdong police "Opening the fiveth anniversary of the literary evening", in 2001, the "Guangdong TV Weekly" jointly organized the "Love" South Guangdong Police "Awards Essay." In 2000 and 2002, the "South Guangdong Police" held a two-year public security TV special film award activity in two years. On March 4, 2004, the "South Guangdong Police" column held the 10th anniversary of the excellent work and the outstanding correspondent commendation, and 26 correspondents across the province were commended; on March 5, it was recorded in Guangdong TV Station 800 square studio. " The 10th Anniversary Special Program of the South Guangdong Police Contest - the eyes of the police shine, "broadcast on March 28th. The development of these activities, an aspect, expanded the social impact of "South Guangdong Police", and also strongly promoted the production level of public security programs in the province.

Since 2000, the "South Guangdong Police" insists that the province's public security TV special film awards have been held every two years, and the fifth session has been held. In the 800-square studio of Guangdong TV station, the 10th anniversary of the "South Guangdong Police" was recorded - "The eyes under the police" and broadcast on March 28th. In 2009, "South Guangdong Police" is a series of integration of Guangdong Satellite TV. After the revision, it will be reserved as a few different compliments and enters the golden time.

So far, the "South Guangdong Police" has broadcast more than 1,000 programs, including the series of special pieces "calling Tianliang-2000 South country to abduct" "80 million large kidnapping case detection", "South A large number of programs, such as the gate test, have obtained the national radio and television legal program awards, the national public security system Golden Shield Culture Engineering Award, the National Social Security Comprehensive Treatment Good TV Special Awards, two, third prizes, and various awards in the province.

The development of these activities and the achievements of the results are benefited from the "South Guangdong Police" years of deep social impact, and on the other hand, it is also inseparable from the province's public security organs. The vast majority of the province and more than 30 county public security organs have a police section in the local TV station, and all the materials of "South Guangdong Police" are reported by the public security organs of the province. At the same time, weekly programs are still published in the "Guangdong TV Weekly", "Ping An Nansong" website, "Guangdong Public Security" newspaper and Guangdong public security mobile cluster network (130,000 users), basically cultivated a group of stable and loyal audience.

"South Guangdong Police" has been successfully revised, and the weekly ranking of Guangdong Satellite TV remains around 5.

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