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Yao Yao Oriental Dreams soul Youmu


the first generation, the demon soul bogey, served for about three hundred years had an epiphany one day court division, so also too young demon dream job after inheriting a house arrest. Youmu fencing is not mature before maturity can not be abandoned daily practice. This is a first-generation master's trail has gone, even the dream demon did not know where he is at. Demon dream, this is a test of it.

This time, Temple was ordered by the eldest of the westbound, westbound demon in order to make full open and collect the spring of fantasy Township.

In this Baiyu Lou, in addition to the westbound demon there are many cherry trees, but every year only westbound demon tree does not bloom. The first generation seems to have seen its full open, but

"It is amazing cherry blossoms, but surely will not open up again."

said so.


Youmu not understand its meaning, the real reason and westbound Temple eldest orders at that time.

Yao Yao Oriental Dreams westbound Temple faint sub


faint sub neither reincarnate nor fade away to stay in the building, precisely because it had the seal westbound demon. This enchantment once untied, still could not stop the flow of time to start up, which, once again tied with the child's death even faint. His resurrection will result in their Baiyu Lou disappeared, the resurrection will fail before the close by is granted.

or only child in the end faint manipulation death.

The only know about it first bogey on behalf of the demon soul, because of the nature of humanity and slowly half old, since that has been entrusted to faint son thing after the dream demon disappeared.

Regardless of when your child will faint as the princess of the underworld, has died out of westbound Temple home of the eldest lives.

faint westbound demon child saw the flowering of the moment will never come.


White Jade first generation oniwaban (court division). Oriental dream Yao Yao set a human presence, however, has not been at any stage as a game. Serve westbound Temple faint sub has 300 years, one day suddenly seemed to comprehend what the bit transfer and granddaughter Youmu court division of the inheritance, I lived in the mountains, the line side is unknown.

Avoid demon soul is a very stubborn man, demon dream of my grandfather, but also fencing teacher. Not the kind of grandfather, with inaccessible majesty and skill, was hired westbound Temple reliable home guard, but there are faint son is not really reliable ah feeling.

Moreover, even as the demon master's dream, "technology is a steal (school) back" style, will not tell you with what to say, would like to ask if the result was just yell, since the guard later replaced by the dream demon, guard became very unreliable although the extent of gardener, but the atmosphere westbound Temple family has changed a lot.

Originally, for the old-guard westbound Temple family may now no longer needed, that kind of feeling.

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