Sonic Daurur Ewingk National Township

Synonym Voice River Dalur Ewangk Township General Testation River Dalur Ewangki Ethnic Township

Construction Project

In 1956, there is a Solunder ethnic town.

in 1959, withdrawing Lenldar ethnic township, it is divided into the Arong Commune.

In August 1961, the Arongong Community is angled.

In 1980, the Sonic House changed to Sonic Dadel National Commons.

In 1984, the Shenghe Dadar National Commune has changed to Sihenda Nationality Township.

In 1986, the Shenghe Dadar ethnic Township changed to Sihenda Dakir Ewenke Ethnic Township.

Administrative divisions

2011, Sihenda Ewangn ethnic countryside under the country of Fuji, Wu Longquan, vehicle ditch, peace, sound river, new, new construction, Viguric 8 administrative villages At 46 village groups.

In 2019, the Shenghe Dalur Ewangn ethnic countrylovers jurisded Fuji Village, Heping Village, Wulongquan Village, Viitou Village, Shuhe Village, Xinli Village, 8 administrative villages, Viguri Village, The people's government stationed in nine three stations.

Geographical Environment


Sonic Dali Wei Weikeki Township is located in the west end of Along, East, Southeast and Xiangyang Town, Fuxing Town, Southwest, West and Zalan Town Dadell Township, 66 km from the government, 351.95 square kilometers of administrative region.

Sonic Dali Wei Waiki National Township

Sonic Daurur Ewingk National Township

Topographic Landform

Sonic Trend Daxie Evan Ethnic Township is located in Daxing Ange, the terrain is low, the terrain is low, hill, Shagang Main.


Sonic Treasy Temperature Climate; It is characterized by four seasons, the spring has more drought; rainy in summer; the autumn cool and cool weather, daytime The temperature is high, the temperature is low in the night, the temperature difference is large, the winter is long and cold; the annual temperature is 2100-2300 ° C; the annual average precipitation is 450,550 mm, the rain is mainly concentrated in June, the number of sunshine days; 2,800-2900 hours, annual average frost-free period is 110-125 days.


The river in the Township Dalburk Township has a sound river, which is a tender river, from the north to the south stream, the sound river forest farm, Viguri Village, New Village, Xinli Village, Fuji Village, Heping Village.

Natural resources

Sonic Trenda has 15 kinds of wild animals, including the national protection of animals, Feilong is listed as a national protection of raising poultry; with fungus, willow 11 wild mountains such as germination, fern.


2011, 13,477 people in the Township of the Sony Daliu Ewang National Towns; 6869 men in the total population, 51%; 6608 women, 49%; 14 2401 people under years, 17.8%; 15-64 years old, 9,540 people, accounting for 70.8%; 1536 or more than 65 years old, accounting for 11.4%; the Han is dominated, there is Daur, Wenke, Yunchun, Mongolia, full 8 A minority. In 2011, the population birth rate of the ethnic hometown of Shenghe Daur Ewangke is 12.3 ‰, the population mortality is 6.9 ‰, the population has a natural growth rate of 5.49 ‰, the population density is 20.3 per square kilometer.

As of the end of 2018, the household registration population of the Township Dacao Tenk National Township is 12,637.


Sonic Dali Wenke ethnic township food crops are mainly rice; animal husbandry is dominated by breeding pigs, sheep, cattle, and poultry.

In 2011, the total value of agricultural production in Shenghe Daur Ewangki Township is 210 million yuan, an increase of 16% over 2010; 44,101 tons of food, including 796 tons of rice. In 2011, the sound of the Township Daur Ewaiki ethnic towns produced 2766 tons of meat, 533 tons of pork, 826 tons of beef, 1,42 tons of mutton, 42 tons of eggs; 500 tons of silkworm cocoon; 120 million yuan in animal husbandry. In 2011, the per capita net income of farmers in the ethnic township township Township Township Tower is 9,326 yuan, an increase of 15% over 2010. In 2011, the total revenue of the Shenghe Daur Ewenke ethnic Township is 2.98 million yuan, an increase of 12% from 2010.

In 2018, there are 31 integrated stores or supermarkets with more than 50 square meters or supermarkets.

Social Business < / h2>

Educational business

2011 has 1 primary school, 412 students, 87 special teachers, 87 children's admission rate; junior high school 1 At 181 students, 38 specialized teachers, an enrollment rate of junior high school age-age population, have a primary school upgrade rate, and the 9-year compulsory education coverage rate is 100%.

Stylistic career

2011, there is a cultural event center in the ethnic township of Shenghe Daur, E Waiko, with a building area of ​​400 square meters, 132 members; 2 cultural industry practitioners.

Medical and health

2011, Sonic Daur's Ewenke ethnic township has 9 healthcare institutions, including 1 health center, 8 village health elsews; bed 8 sheets, with 0.5 medical beds per thousand. In 2011, the number of new rural cooperative medical participants in Shenghe Daur, Ewangki Township, and 96% of the participants. At the end of 2011, the number of cable television users in the Township Township of Ewangkiko Township was 6235.

Social security

2011, the minimum living household in the town of Shenghe Daur, E Waiko, the minimum living household, 123 people, 398,500 yuan, monthly per capita 270 yuan, than 2010 The year increased by 15.3%; the urban medical and self-help assistance, the civil affairs department funded 123 medical insurance, with a total of 11,000 yuan, an increase of 62% from 2010; urban life did not look at 11 people, 200,000 yuan, than 2010 An annual increase of 21%.

In 2011, the minimum living security household in the rural country of Shenghe Daur Ewaiki Township, 1079 people, a spendant of 1247,000 yuan, an increase of 21% from 2010, monthly per capita 81 yuan, grew than 2010 19.0%; 12 people in rural five guarantees, 36,000 yuan, increased by 23% from 2010; 32 rural five guarantees were distributed, with an expenditure of 70,000 yuan, increased by 16.2% from 2010, rural medical rescue 128, The civil affairs department funded 1079 people with cooperative medical care, with a expenditure of 53,000 yuan, an increase of 66.7% from 2010, a temporary relief of the rural rescue, with a expenditure of 21%, an increase of 21% from 2010; national pension, subsidized various special care objects 29, pension The business expense is 2.34,000 yuan.


Sonic Trenda Tongke ethnic township has provincial highway, 111 national road transit, including 30 kilometers long in the provincial highway; 41 km of 111 National Highway. As of the end of 2011, there were two rural roads in the Township Danuri Ewanke ethnic towns and 82 kilometers long.

History Culture

  • The origin of

"Sound River" is full, "slow flow slow", because the town government station The sound is named east.

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