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Songhuahu ski (5)

Songhua Lake ski Resort was built in 1962, when only one alpine slopes and about 600 square meters cottage. Ski interruption during the "Cultural Revolution", ski abandoned.

When things right, Jilin municipal government attaches great importance to ski, in 1980 began to repair the ski slopes, and in February 1982 successfully held here for the first time the Chinese juvenile ski racing downhill skiing and China Invitational.

1983 years of Chinese National Sports Commission leading to the ski slopes may be considered that big mountains, fresh air, mountains and dense forests, the air pressure is relatively stable, is located in the radius of 500 km Songhua Lake, humid climate pollution, the annual average snow more frequently; not far from the Songhua River is ice-free, evaporation of moisture every day to Daqing mountain breeze cemented frosting covered ski area, Baitian Ping temperatures are 10 degrees below zero to 13 degrees, the average annual snow period 150 days, normally decline resort snow thickness of about 1 meter, every year from December to March for the second year skiing, skiing is a natural ideal competition and training venues, decided to invest in the expansion according to the international standard ski slopes.


Songhua Lake Ski Resort is situated on a large Castle Songhua Lake. Mountain beauty, snow beauty, also spread the story of a beautiful legend.

A long time ago Songhua Lake has a majestic steep mountain, the mountain village where there was Zhang old man, only around into a beautiful daughter, the annual party eighteenth named Daqing, black hair, big eyes, slim and handsome, beautiful. A man named Takako Taniguchi ditch Xiaotun mountains, in village inhabited by a king aunt, a son of nineteen square, named Mountain. The young man was tall and handsome, simple and honest, everyone is blown away.

Daqing Mountain and home fields tight connected to the ground and crafts can meet every day, Over the two emotional bonds.

Just two old people get together engagement, a fortune-telling warlock appeared. Inform Daqing Mountain Zodiac grams and must not be married. The two young men heard the news, such as thunderstruck, pains.

Songhua Lake Ski Resort

Since then, the Mountain losing weight, Daqing is haggard face. Finally, both said living death, as long as a death on speaking terms. Mountain home from water does not enter, after Daqing home from grain rice does not stick. Mountain begged my mother was dying he will be buried in the top of the mountain and Daqing and buried together. Mother tearfully agreed to the request of his son. Daqing before his death, he will ask dad Mountain and buried together, Zhang old man was overcome with grief last wish to meet her daughter.

After the death of the two men finally buried together on a mountain high. Young people are superstitious mountain Alexander Green courage to declare war spirit. To commemorate the Daqing Mountain and, on this big hill called Castle Peak, Castle Peak mountain village called Xiaotun.

Physical Geography

Songhua Lake Songhua Lake Ski Resort is located away from the more than 20 kilometers southeast of downtown at the foot of Castle Peak. North temperate continental monsoon climate.

mountainous Lin, fresh air, little wind, less pollution, a large amount of snow, a longer period of snow, pressure stability.

average of snow up to 150 days, combined with ice-water vapor evaporated Songhua, blows into the Castle Peak area, cold frost, ski area coverage, so that every line ski covered with a layer new snow, while up to 1 meter thick hillside above the snow.

Ski of 8:00 to 15:00 every day, with an average temperature of about minus 10 ℃ -13 ℃. This ski is a "V" shape by the ski area of ​​250 hectares covered configuration. Daqing Mountain elevation 934.2 m, with the base of the mountain hilltops drop 671 meters. Resort close from the city, just 40 minutes by car to that. It is ideal for skiing.



Snow beauty (19)

Songhua Lake in the southeast of Jilin City, 24 kilometers from the city center. Intercept the Songhua River water hydropower construction plump, stacked into a lake formed by the dam. Lake are elongate shape, length 200 km, 10 km widest point, the deepest 75 meters. Lakes area of ​​500 square kilometers, the maximum storage capacity of 10.8 billion cubic meters. The main source of water into the lake from the Songhua River, Huifa River, Gold River, Lara River, wood Kei River, floating the river. There are fish, 48 species belonging to 9 families and 36 sessions, in which 35 kinds of carp, two kinds of lampreys families, Cobitidae two kinds, one kind of catfish families, Serranidae one kind, one kind of salmonids, Tong snakehead two kinds, one kind of carp, these fish, 42 kinds of native species, green, grass carp, bighead carp, bream and other fish stocking basically, the Department of the South against the fish fry shipped home from inadvertently brought into the library and formed on the entire reservoir area. The lake has more than a hundred small islands, known as beetles Island, the island tigers, lake island, the island of mushrooms, flowers Lizi Island. Songhua Lake in 1988 the State Council approved a national key scenic spot.

Ash Hada Cliff monument

a famous ancient monument Cliff Cliff Ash Hada is located on the east bank of the river downstream from the Songhua Lake granite cliffs Ash Hada village overlooking the river, is the Songhua Lake Scenic Area. Monument two points, they are engraved in the Ming Dynasty. A facing south, engraved on cliff, 1.35 meters high, 0.7 meters wide and 10 meters above the horizontal plane. And another at a distance of about 30 meters before the monument, sitting east to west, 1.22 meters high. Two monument was built pavilion protection, Tingqian lined with stone stone block, to facilitate visitors to watch and rest. Monument, pavilion, stone stone block built along the river, leaning against the cliff stand, towering momentum, elegant shape, the lake has become an attraction. Two monument inscription were recorded in the mid-15th century, the Ming government has three times (AD 1420, 1425, 1432) to send the Liaodong all Division Douzhihuishi Liu Qing army to this shipbuilding personnel carriers and transportation and the construction of the Dragon Temple and other historical facts in , it is the study of local history of valuable information.

Songhuahu forest

Songhuahu around montane dense, luxuriant. Forest area of ​​about 450 mu, 72% of the total area of ​​the lake, forest coverage rate of 60%. Both the original forest, natural secondary forest, plantations there. Species diversity, hardwood oak, poplar, birch, elm, willow, linden, maple, walnut and other conifers are pine, white pine, scales pine, larch, spruce. Wildlife hare, roe, spores, wild fox, hedgehogs, squirrels and other small animals. Mountains rich ginseng, astragalus, Fritillaria, Codonopsis, Gastrodia, Daphne, Schisandra, and other herbs. There are mountain grapes, pine mushroom, mountain fern, pine nuts, hazelnuts, mushrooms, pecans and other specialties.

Fab Five Island

Fab Five Island is an island most famous Songhua Lake, also known as Wuhushan, an area of ​​about 0.5 square kilometers, is divided into two islands in the middle there is connected to the bridge. The origin of the name of the island, according to legend, in ancient times, there is a dragon in this trouble, harm people, local people suffer a lot, so toward the Changbai mountain rescue request, send a tiger down the mountain and fight the dragon, tiger lost and returned the mountains, but also summoned four tigers, tigers fight with the dragon, the dragon defeated fled south, Shilong fled before the wall, in case of landslides killed at Shilong wall, tigers also had been injured too heavy have died, thus forming a Wuhushan. Therefore, the shape of the island is like five Siberian tigers play in the water.

beetles Island

beetles island is also a well-known lake island, an area of ​​only 500 square meters, its shaped like a large turtle mallard on the water, from beginning to end, look Kuxiao named . The island full of trees cliffs, islands built a Jinshan Ting, red bars sight, the extraordinary style.

mushroom Island

in Shilong downstream wall, not only the shape of mushrooms island, and the island is covered with deep tree mushrooms, quiet, scenery extremely well, has been turned into a resort. Lizi flower island south of the lake, the island rocks everywhere, tall and graceful pine and cypress, green mountains, deep blue lakes, picturesque scenery. Therefore, "Hu pride" reputation.

undertake activities

Jilin City of Jilin Songhua Lake Ski Sports Bureau membership, has organized the "China Sixth Winter Games," "The Second China Youth Winter Games" "China's ski jumping championship," and provincial and municipal projects of different levels of snow competitions. He received a multi-session "China Jilin International Rime Ice and Snow Festival" tourists. US ski team, and other well-known Canadian television stations have made this interview.

CCTV first, fourth channel in 1999-- came to the big mountains in 2003 were shot "Across China" Northeast inspired theme of TV music scene, feature films, and separately in both channel played to more than 180 countries and regions. The resort over the years in promoting China's skiing and snow tourism and promote urban economic development in surrounding rural areas have made important contributions.


Songhuahu a conventional ski some 3000 meters (Michelle containing a channel 700 attached) long and 50 meters wide mountain slopes. Highest ski slope of 32 degrees, with an average gradient of 15 degrees, the distance is long, straight line, the slope of the small, broad vision for athletes fast, the size of the slalom and training. Another one 5000 m long, 4 m wide circular cross-country ski (including 2500 m and 3000 m long two slopes). This half slopes extend jungle trees, both slopes, there are flat, there on the downhill, vision, meet the competition requirements. In 1986, also built a 50-meter-class ski jump in accordance with international standards. From 1981 to 1986, there were built three aerial cableway. Wherein cableway One full-length 1776 m, 80 lifts, running 1.6 meters per second, from the point of the vehicle occupant 15 minutes to reach the peak, 120 people per hour delivery. In addition, also has a small beginner's ski and toboggan run, with snowmobiling, horse-drawn sleigh, etc. for tourists to enjoy.

Alpine ski piste 2, a total length of 2950 meters, high, middle, beginning three ski routes; cross-country ski length of 5,000 meters; a cableway, 1774 m long, to take the open single person lifts; snow park built in 1992, is a comprehensive large-scale ski tourism center; also has a 5 km cross-country ski trails, 50 meters platform and modern two-level shooting range, in addition to skiing, there are scenic rides the nature of the horse-drawn sledge, snowmobile, sled and other facilities.

Traffic Information

Songhua Lake Ski Area transportation is very convenient, near the railway station in Jilin City Bus Terminal rural road, green direct bus every day Songhua Lake resort.

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