Type Type of Wearing


Dai Ni Altman's shiny killing skills. Combine your hands into a cross-type launch posture, and the high-heat blue light emitted from the right hand after aggregating light energy. The strange light effect can be seen in the sinusoidal curve, which can adjust the power of the light according to the energy consumption of energy, the higher the power, the energy consumption is large; the smaller power is, the lower the energy consumption. This light can maintain power in the vacuum universe, in deep sea, can maintain power, there is a killing of a spike in the ordinary monster, and it will also be enhanced with the heart of Dai Tao, and there is a great explosive force.

The initial use is in the second words, and wear the skills to kill Na Aidland. On the faster, in the final say, wearing the Solitz special light under high emotions, and its power destroyed the dark planet of a body-reached tens of thousands of meters.

Solitine special light is set to the light of Diga, the destructive power is greater than the light of the Pelican, but the power will enhance the number after the energy storage operation Multiplier. It can also be made into a blue-white optical bullet form continuous launch (using the 6th words of the TV version).

In addition, the Solitan Light color emitted by Fudo Altman and Artificial Dai Tie Outman Tianoid is purple.

In addition, the Solitine of Di Tan and Diga's generic light is the same, and the energy component of the two is the same.


Strengthening Solito Speatic Light (2 photos)

is also known as C-type energy Solitine special light, Only in the "Star Warrior" in theatrical Edition, "Time and Space Decisive" and "Decisive! Used in the Ott 10 Warrior.

The light of the preparation movement before the launch of Diga Orttman's Light (ゼペ ゼペ オ 光 光) is the same characteristic (the Ott 10 Warriors are ready to move), and the full output has a regular profile. The power of several times the special light line. In the record, in addition to the Queen of Diji, the Queen of Monala, also hit the bones of the Bone Holiday in the Gaia theater version. "decisive battle! This move is used in the Out Ten Warriors, and the remaining seven Ottman will destroy the time and space.


Dai Tie enters the vibrating state, the pure light energy and power output are doubled. In the theater version, wear a shining state to make a sparkling version of the Siern light line, with Altman, Saiwen, Jack, Es, Dija, Gaia, Mebi Youst's shine version of the shine Composition "to high super flash", completely eliminate the Dark Shadow Master and its dark energy.


Solitine special shift. Tie took the energy of the Solitine light in the hand, slammed against the monster, and defeated the opponent, and the 17th words defeated the ghost ship monsters and worship.

Other users


appearing in Tong Tricks 31 words, fake Dai Ti Altman, camouflage of Gu Legel The emitted Solitine special light, the color is dark purple, and the optical efficiency is also a sinus curve. In the murderous force, the Solitine special light is not up and down, and can adjust the destructive power of the light according to the energy consumption, once pushed back to the Solitine special light, and hit it Wear.

Artificial style

It appears in the Trie Tv No. 49, the Solitan Getting from the artificial Dai Tatanoid Ottman, in the color timer is In the case of blue, the emitted light color is purple, and the color timer turns into red light, the color of the light is blue. After Tianoid is attached to the Sfia sphere, this skill is also reserved by Gilgaord, and the color is red.

Galaxy Vick Tere

in the theater version "Galaxy Altman s: Decisive battle! Ott 10 Warriors! ! "In the middle, wearing a part of his strength into the Otte fusion bracelet that entered the auditorium, so that the silver-Wik Tere Otman, which turned into the metaphore, can also use the Solitan of Dai Toleman.

Later I used in Aix Ottman's 15th, "shining sky, connecting the land", and destroys the emperor sword of Undead Guard.

Obu type

Ob Ottman's arcade form - "佩 敖 索 索特" form, due to use Dai Jia (shiny) fusion card is transformed, so it is also possible to use the skill of Solito special light (this form and skills, only in the arcade game "Otman integration", no Defold.)

Using the characters

Main users: Dai Tu Ottman

Other users: Galaxy Victory Ottman, Obourman (佩 敖 索 索 特 特 形), artificial Altman

Agile users: < / b> Association, Altman, super-beast Gilgaord

Use record

overcome the opponent

Super-Buran Neodalan Bill

Meat Software Monster Gu Rossi

Mycelium Monster Fergas

High Speed ​​Monster Dank Shandell

Primary Monster Monster Gonza

Ghost Ship monster bell worshiped by


deep sea dragon Doplas

comet monster cover plus Red

three-sided machine head beast modified Galan

super profiled evolutionary monster Zhong Bug

cosmic magic tree Gordgira

Universe insect Dai Lisus

Universe Super Broadlongjia

Horror Energy Magic Morvaia

Super Buildings Odamibia

Super Become Yelgahnod

Black Planetrate Aglasfia

Monnera Queen

翼 超 兽巴 巴吉尔斯

Rigid monster Hill Big King

合 兽 吉 咖 奇拉

evil king · dark shadow Master

Fierce Weird Beasts Aston

Cosmic Dinosaur Sea Phagenton Sickle Tersen

Time and Space City

Cosmic Devil西 卜, Kuin (Devil Morphology)

Super-Monster Ebu King (Phantom, He Pei Li Ling, photon streamline joints)


The fierce beast is won the bird (it is absorbed)

false Dare Ottman (the Siern special light of it is spent, but failed)

Motors Machine Satan Lace Blance (Excessive output due to its laser output)

Biological weapon Melo method (bounce back by it)

The universe synthesis beasts Mos (the first sent by its sub-spatial barrier defense, the second hair and electromagnetic waves, but failed)

Garbage block Dream Tamari (by its absorption)

Super ancient monster Corzan second generation (it is absorbed and then combined with ultrasonic light)

Wandering Cosmo Fats Star Human (by its armor)

super-beast new Grid (by its barrier defense)

The universe has a wing bone beast cover (it is super hard Skeleton armor resistance)

combined with weapon beast (by it)

Cosmic Dinosaur Sea Phagenton (with Rio Bunch Radi, Gaussian Moonlight Crush Combined attack, but by its absorption, it was hit by the heavy creation)

灭 兽 德斯特尔多斯 (Mira Future Summon, and Pei Pei Light, the photon streamline attack at the same time, but Not causing damage)

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