Solar hot water engineering

Natural Energy Project


society in constant development, civilized voice of hot water are growing. In the continuous improvement of people's lives, the quality of life have higher requirements, hot water so that people indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle, but consume a lot of energy and people's demand for hot water leads to contradictions, and the birth of the solar project to solve this contradiction, relatively low-cost solar energy project investment, will not cause environmental pollution, is the best choice for people to use energy, solar energy project will bring healthy living, promote the progress of civilization.

Solar energy is inexhaustible natural energy, the use of safe, easy to clean, with a modern industrial, transportation development, mining and excessive use of fossil fuels causes environmental pollution, destruction of the Earth's atmosphere, living environment increasingly destruction of mankind today, people are more and more emphasis on research and use of clean solar energy, solar energy will become the basis for "future energy mix .

solar hot water project customers are mostly concentrated in the collective or unit, hot water use is concentrated, a large amount of water. solar is a non-polluting renewable energy, solar energy engineering outlook is very impressive, return on investment higher, lower equipment depreciation rate, while solar energy projects due to a longer service life virtually increase the added value of the property, the property value preservation purposes, it is ideal for solar energy engineering projects of enterprises and institutions to invest in. as people's environmental protection raise awareness and recognition of the use of solar energy, solar energy project will usher in a brighter tomorrow.


solar water heating system consists of solar collectors, circulation piping system, five parts water storage tank, and automatic control system auxiliary heating system. SWH engineering, building integrated solar energy and solar hot water.


collector X is a group of collector units.

means a collector tank is connected, the end bracket, the bracket, and the composition of the glass vacuum tube solar collectors which, with the connection box housing inlet liner and stainless steel arc welding making polyurethane foam insulation; GB stent using angle (rust, rust) formed by bending or stamping stainless steel, high strength; heat absorbing element is an all-glass vacuum tube solar collectors, it sunlight absorption rate 93% or more, infrared emission of only 6% (100 ℃), anti ∮2.5cm diameter of hail, air drying temperatures up to 270 deg.] C, life of more than 15 years.

pipe system

or duct using plastic composite pipe with an international galvanized steel, water clean, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant, non-fouling, non-condensing, non-toxic, tasteless. polyethylene pipe insulation pipe or tube rockwool insulation, topical linoleum, glass cloth, painted waterproof paint, insulation effect. (with or polyurethane foam metal aluminum skin protection).



according to the national building codes 02S101 design, fabricated using galvanized steel combined with the stainless steel tanks or tanks. no corrosion, no pollution, long lifetime, high strength, rock wool or polyurethane foam insulation board.

automatic control system automatic control system controlled by temperature, temperature sensors, solenoid valves, pumps and pipes level indicator composition, wherein all standard thermostat ceremony, a temperature range of 0 ℃ deg.] C to 100 can be set freely.

is provided in accordance with given temperature may be set to a temperature control three-way:

a, an upper collector (thermal cycler);

B, a lower portion of the collector (antifreeze control);

C, the water tank (auxiliary heating control).

is set according to the water level display control device:

A, lower control electric heating water tank does not start

B, the upper and lower control over anhydrous collector circulating pump starts

C, vacuum burst accident alarm and protection control, automatic control is not required special management.

auxiliary heating

auxiliary heating systems using electric heating (auxiliary heat source may also be other), when rainy days sunless bootable auxiliary heating system. Electrical heating is automatically controlled by the solar control system starts, power XKW, water temperature is lower than when the main tank is disconnected 1WDJ1 limit set controller. LWDJ2 closed, ICX auxiliary heating heating power, the water tank when the water temperature is higher than the upper limit temperature controller, 1WDJ1 closed off intermittently electrical IZJ, ICX release, electrically heated heating was stopped. Gas heating device may also be used, saving the gas hot water Zhuoyi intelligent machine is fully automatic temperature control mode, after reaching a predetermined temperature, automatic heat the water, when the water temperature is lower than the preset temperature, the system will automatically start the heating cycle to a water bath compensation heating, automatic stop after preset temperature is reached again, let the water temperature remain the same. Fully automated convenient, easy to operate.

Solar hot water engineering


is characterized by a forced circulation position of the storage tank is not constrained collector position, can be set, can be higher than the collector, the collector may be less than device. He was accepted by the pump solar radiation and water storage tank water is circulated within the collector, storage tank water temperature gradually increased. Relatively speaking, the pump power consumption accounted for only 3-5% of the total energy of the system, accounting for a very small fee. Maple Night generally use forced circulation, his yield 20-30% higher than the thermal efficiency of the natural circulation. Rely on a tube pump cold water into the bottom of the tank in the collector, the collector of the sunlight after hot water driven into the water tank, to ensure that in use the hot water storage tank.


We often see on the Internet, said solar hot water system, then, solar hot water systems are generally divided into several portions of it? Generally what role do they play some in the whole system works?


Acquisition of radiated solar energy for heating water is a key element in the solar hot water system. Before the solar hot water system in the north solar collector is generally used a plurality of series-parallel domestic solar water heater. However, we generally divided according to their different structure flat plate collectors, vacuum tube collectors, heat pipe vacuum tube collectors and other forms.


As the sun angle different in different places, the collector needs to better accept the sun, the solar collectors need to stand in different local latitude installed, so there must be bracket support. A substantially bracket welded steel, also made of stainless steel. We must stand firm and reliable.

thermal system

using solar greatly affected by the outside world, and to ensure their use weather, when the solar water will not be achieved with the method of auxiliary heating. Some of our common auxiliary heating systems electric heating devices, air heat pump, all kinds of boilers, gas heating, coal and so on.

hot water tank

Since solar influenced by the weather, geography and other factors, radiation instability, not continuous, low energy moment, we must continue the accumulation of energy, so requirements must be incubated with the hot water tank. Holding the hot water tank according to the different materials are generally stainless steel feed tanks tank even cement tank, polyurethane foam insulation materials commonly used materials. But the important principles are not cause water pollution, good insulation.

Control System

solar hot water project must be according to their different requirements, to meet the needs of users, it is the need to design different operating modes to control the water temperature, water quantity, pressure, heating the like manner, the general control system with manual control and automatic control.

system piping

solar hot water system in the sunlight, continue to make the heat, a heat cycle according to the different operating modes, it is to be installed in the system which pipes, valves, pumps, etc. pressurization cycle, to form a water pipeline system engineering. Select line system, reasonable or not installed, and the insulation will directly affect the thermal efficiency of the system.

corrosion insulation

solar hot water most of the sun and wind are installed in the open air, a large temperature difference between hot and cold, to ensure the normal use of the system, and certain life and must be on the exposed part of brackets, pipe insulation and other corrosion protection.

In general, solar hot water system is an important part of more than a few, each designed by a different company hot water system project will be different, but the main parts are indispensable Less.

System Engineering

feasibility report

central solar hot water supply is a high-tech engineering to provide new environmentally friendly energy infrastructure.

system uses a vacuum glass tube heat efficiency light collector element. Configuration holding tank (tank), attached to the respective pipe connection pipe, brackets and other automatic control device, matching quantitative power combination. Stably provided to the user: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day -65 ℃ domestic water 45 ℃, configuration means water, drinking water may be provided thousands of people. In sunny weather full use of solar hot water conversion, rainy days, a suitable amount electric energy supplement. Suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools, hostels, enterprises and units.

System design and installation of scientific and rational, people-oriented adjustment procedure is simple and clear maintenance and reliable operation of the effect, go with the flow of user acceptance.

6㎡ each collector array for a small group of about 100 square meters collector area of ​​100 square meters, such as insufficient area can be designed according to the actual installation site.

lighting area of ​​100 square meters, per day for more than 45 ℃ -65 ℃ 8 tons of hot water, hot water may be provided northern winter 5-6 tons, incubator, the outer bladder are welded 340 stainless steel # made of polyurethane foam insulation, pipe insulation composite pipe topical anti-corrosion material.

automatic control box equipped with an air switch, earth leakage circuit breakers, relays hot line, the current value of the wire configuration is reasonable.

full use of solar water heating system, an appropriate amount of an electric sunshine do supplement insufficient electric heating is automatically meet the critical point (artificial settings). When the solar hot water exhausted, the incubator temperature lower than the set temperature, the electric heating work. How much water heated by how much water, do not heat. (When not provided with the water temperature back up to the set temperature, the electric heating power itself off) of the conventional energy-saving purposes and reduce operating costs.

operating state

systems are automatically controlled by artificial means arranged, set-monitoring program, manual and automatic control means control box can protect the electric heater special function completely removed. Completely out of the electric heating of the work required.

Economic Analysis:

365 days a year, in the south rainy days is 30%, 365 days * 30% of 109 days, you can use solar time is 265 days, according to the scientific evidence, 1 t 60 ℃ electrically heated hot water required 48 * 0.60 yuan kWh / kWh = 28.00 yuan = 224.00 yuan * 8 tons / day.


lighting area of ​​100 square meters of solar hot water above 50 ℃ Nissan 8 tons annual needs funds:

224.00 Dollar * 365 days = 81760.00 yuan < / p>

81760.00-24416.00 = 57344.00

also the use of solar annual savings of labor costs 5,000 yuan, equipment depreciation costs 9000 yuan, the total annual saving money 57,334 yuan +5000 +9000 yuan yuan = 71344 Yuan. 100 square meters of solar water heating systems total investment of 1.9 million yuan, in two and a half to recover the full investment. Under normal circumstances, the system can be used for more than 12 years, that is to say, nine years after the solar hot water system is a free service.

thus concluded: installation of solar hot water central supply system project to save money, save manpower, save management, reducing environmental pollution, safe and reliable, to future generations to leave a blue sky.


Solar hot water: Solar water heating system using solar collector plate, high thermal efficiency. And it can be any combination of conventional energy sources, be sure to use rainy day. Constant temperature circulation line, or timed-day supply of hot water, automatic intelligent control, which means that the hot water. It can be set magnetic water, saving energy costs. Low investment system, easy to spread, the recovery period is short appearance, can be personalized with a variety of architectural forms the perfect combination of technology is mature, easy to organize installation; the system is running stable, low operating cost, easy to maintain.

solar water heating applications: solar hot water bath water bath can be used in schools, hotels and hospitals domestic water and bathing water. Solar hot water system, a display from the header collectors (heat pipe, glass tube) (collector plate), the hot water tank, auxiliary heating systems, intelligent control system, and the circulatory system piping combination , the water temperature can be freely set according to needs, can be fitted with conventional energy, to achieve hot water supply 24 hours a solar hot water system. Vacuum tube (collector plate) receiving the solar radiation, the collected solar radiation into heat, gradually heating the water in the valve and collector; when the water temperature in the collector reaches the set temperature, by a temperature sensor , temperature controllers and solenoid valves, pumps and other equipment, the delivery of hot water in the collector to the heat storage tank with thermal insulation function stored in, and automatically fill into cold water. When the water level reaches the upper limit of the hot water storage tank, a temperature controller activates the corresponding device, the operation mode is automatically converted to the system circulation constant temperature, so that between the collector and form a circulation tank, continued use of the solar radiation energy, to further improve the water temperature.

development needs

Today's society life and production of solar hot water project has been common cold can not meet the demand, and thus high-temperature solar thermal steam project came into being, it perfectly steam solve ordinary solar water heaters in the winter low temperature problem, and can provide different pressures needed to address the use of high temperature steam and hot water for industrial enterprises to further reduce thermal business costs and increase profits.

solar hot water projects in low temperature, water is life hotels, bathrooms, civil, heating and so the best solution. Low-temperature solar hot water project for water temperature 60 degrees below the daily needs or general industrial needs. Such projects with favorable results, generally in less than three years time can recover the investment cost.

For different thermal engineering, are detailed case studies should be used to develop detailed design and construction rules, so as to ensure that each project can be done with the most suitable for the customer's needs hot, can not and should appear design capacity is too large, so is the need to ensure that the temperature, but will increase the user's initial investment unnecessary, but can not appear the case of insufficient use of capacity appears too small. Especially solar energy project is dependent on the weather, the amount of radiation a far cry from different regions, should compare the building condition analysis. Solar hot water project can be widely used in hotels, schools, hotels bath, and industrial

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