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Product introduction

The Sohu news client is a "subscription platform + real-time news" reading application tailored for smartphone users produced by Sohu. It is the first country in the country to propose personalized reading The news client of the service. By aggregating high-quality media resources into graphic newspapers suitable for reading between squares and inches and pushing them regularly, smartphone users can “know Sohu News first” anytime and anywhere.

Sohu News is the news client with the largest number of users in China. The three most common things that Chinese mobile phone users do every day: check Weibo, play WeChat, and watch Sohu News.

As of December 2013, the Sohu News client has installed 185 million and more than 70 million active users. It ranks first in the industry and is the largest mobile media platform in China. Mobile Sohu has an average daily UV of 75 million and a total PV of 1.4 billion.

Sohu News Client has also reached a series of cooperation with China Mobile, China Telecom, Samsung, Nokia and other telecom operators and mobile phone hardware manufacturers, becoming their in-depth partners. Sohu News Client is the client news product of these manufacturers in the mobile phone pre-installation bidding in 2014. This cooperation means that Sohu News Client will have hundreds of millions of new users. This achievement will continue to consolidate the leading position of Sohu News Client in the industry.

Sohu News Client’s subscription model in 2012 has developed into the first mobile omni-media platform in 2013, with rich media forms such as audio, video, photo gallery, and voice interaction. 3000. Sohu News Client "Sohu Morning and Evening News" at the end of 2010, with 100 million users, 20 times that of China's largest circulation newspaper; Sohu News Client's three original columns, Shen Tucao, Happy Net Affairs, and Hot Comment, single article The average daily user comments exceed 4000, and the daily clicks of a single content exceed 10 million. One of the three things that netizens do most often every day is to read the Sohu news client.

A number of high-quality columns of the TV station have also paid attention to the huge communication channels of the Sohu News client, and have joined the ranks of cooperation. For example, as the exclusive strategic partner of China Voice New Media in 2013, 121 million users participated in the interaction through the Sohu News client. The Sohu News client is also the exclusive news client partner of CCTV's annual economic figures, as well as the mobile phone breaking news platform for the CCTV 3.15 evening party. CCTV was used as the main network breaking news "news source", and the live oral broadcast and subtitles were exposed more than 20 times.

In December 2013, the Sohu News client opened its government-enterprise platform and became a news client with government-enterprise-operated products and open government-enterprise entry. The official news clients of the Supreme Court, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Health and Family Planning Commission, BMW China, and Yili Dairy have settled on the government-enterprise platform of the Sohu News client. The main functions of the government-enterprise platform are: registration, authentication, data management and image display, multimedia information release and management such as audio-visual graphics and text, interactive message management, data statistical analysis, account and content promotion. Customize columns, set personalized templates, create live broadcasts and interviews for your own needs, and add this platform to the desktop with one click, which is equivalent to an independent mobile client, saving government and enterprises from making client products, technology, development, and design , Promotion and a series of expenses.

Product features


·Media publications are in your palm;

·Edit Sohu Morning and Evening News, mobile subscription The largest volume of electronic newspapers;

·Hundreds of self-media settled in, listen to the voices of opinion leaders

·CCTV News, Friends, Readers, People’s Daily, Reference News, Beijing News, Free subscriptions to well-known newspapers and magazines such as story sessions, youth digests, and all kinds of group purchases and coupons;

·One-click offline download of the media content you care about, and you can watch it on your way to and from get off work.

★Real-time scrolling news:

·The latest news and information 24 hours a day;

·Classic column daily supply:

" "Shen Tucao" allows you to spit out with the editor;

"Know first" the social hotspots that you learned for the first time

★Live room:

·Video , Voice, graphics and text multiple live broadcast methods;

·News at 8 am, talk about new things every day;

·Sports live broadcast: the fastest to know the score recently, watch with netizens Chat;

·Na Ying, Zhang Huimei, Wang Feng, Yu Chengqing, Article, Huang Haibo, etc., there will be celebrities in the live broadcast room every week;


· Watch the news and videos are more exciting. Added video categories, hot short videos are all in sight.

·Optimize the video player, the video will not be interrupted, the viewing will be smoother, and the experience is really good.

Media platform

The Sohu news client omni-media platform is a new mobile platform that Sohu provides high-quality content parties at home and abroad in the era of smartphones, which integrates mobile media publication, distribution and advertising services. Media products. The platform will rely on the Sohu news client to provide personalized "mobile newsstand" services for hundreds of millions of smart terminal users in China, and provide media content partners with free, excellent content output channels, high-quality user guarantees and mobile Open service of advertising model.

Partnerships: various media forms such as plane, network, TV, radio, opinion leaders (self-media), and enterprises, e-commerce, social organizations, etc.

The entry process is for Sohu News customers Official website-media entry-associated account login-information registration + account application-waiting for review-publishing content

Detailed description If there is no staff to edit, you can choose "More" to provide the RSS crawl source or URL to be automatically crawled by technical means.

Partner rights join the Sohu news client media open platform, and immediately enjoy independent publications and brands. Not only do you have the right to edit self-reports, but Sohu will also provide user resources and traffic to bring you The high return on publication advertising business.

Product Honor

2013 "China Interactive Marketing Academy Award 2012-2013 Excellent Case"-Communication University of China

2013 "Golden Bell Wide Angle Lens Award" —— Horizon Research & Consulting Group

2013 "Best News Client Award" in the Second China Mobile Internet Fist Awards-Mobile Internet third-party data mining and integrated marketing agency iiMediaResearchGroup (iiMediaResearchGroup)

2013 "Best Communication Platform Award"-PRNewswire PR Newswire Corporate Communication Award 2013

2013 China Mobile Application Privacy Security List-Mworld Mobile Internet World 2013 Ceremony*DCCI Internet Data Center

2012-2013 won the "Best News Client" of the Internet Entrepreneurship Star of the Wave Award

As a news app, it was selected as a news app in the APPSTORE2012 annual selection list for free TOP100

Analysis "EnfoNetAward-Mobile Internet Star-----"Analysis EnfoNetAward Mobile Internet Innovative Application Star"

The 2nd Zero-Point People's Voice Golden Bell Award----- "Golden Voice Media Award"

The 10th Anniversary of China Marketing Ceremony and China Enterprise Marketing Innovation Award-----"The Best News Client Marketing Innovation Award of the Year".

2012 China’s first mobile internet fist award contest----"Best Mobile Advertising Value Media Award".

BQ Reds List-----"Annual Most Influential Mobile Application"


The 7th China Mobile Internet TOP50 Selection-Best News Reading Application

Mobile Internet Star-Innovative Application Award

Jifeng Open Platform 2012 Application Program-Best News and News Application

DCCI Mobile Application Hot List (Second Season)-Most Mainstream: The Most Popular Mobile Application

2011 Analysys EnfoNetAward Mobile Internet Star-----Mobile Reading Star Award

Product Notes

On March 25, 2014, Sohu announced the establishment of the largest in China A large-scale gourmet self-media platform-Sohu News Client "Food from the Media Alliance". At the same time, CCTV-9 Recording Channel brings the exclusive entry of "Bite of China 2" to Sohu News Client, further enriching Sohu News Client’s gourmet food The weight and content of the information.

On December 26, 2013, the Supreme People’s Court opened an official account on the Sohu News client. This is the Supreme People’s Court, following the opening of Weibo and WeChat, with the help of new media platforms. Another measure for judicial disclosure.

On December 18, 2013, the VV of the Sohu News client video channel exceeded 15 million.

In December 2013, the Sohu news client subscription platform was officially open to governments and enterprises. "Yi Tian" entered as the first batch of government and enterprise accounts.

In August 2013, Sohu News Client entered the media "Reference News" and received 3 million advertising revenue.

Since July 2013, "The Voice of China" has exclusively entered the Sohu News client, and four instructors Na Ying, Yu Chengqing, Wang Feng, Zhang Huimei and many students have exclusively entered the Sohu News client’s self-media.

On May 1, 2013, CCTV-13 "CCTV News" officially launched the Sohu News client. "CCTV News" will be launched as the first TV media account that uses the "Streaming Media" template of the Sohu News client. "Streaming Media" fits well with the 24-hour rolling news feature of "CCTV News" and can update content in real time. Release the latest news at once.

On March 15, 2013, at the CCTV 315 gala, Sohu News client became a mobile phone breaking news platform.

On December 18, 2012, Apple’s AppStore announced the TOP100 list of 2012 applications. The Sohu News client ranked among them with excellent content and good user experience.

On December 6, 2012, Nokia launched a localization strategy built-in Sohu News client.

On December 2, 2012, Guo Zhenxi, Director of CCTV Finance Channel, and Zhang Chaoyang, Chairman and CEO of Sohu Group, jointly unveiled the list of candidates for "CCTV Economic Figure of the Year" in Sohu Building, Sohu Weibo and Sohu News The simultaneous live broadcast of the client has attracted many netizens to participate. Zhang Chaoyang said that this is a brand new attempt by CCTV Finance and Sohu on "Taiwan Network Linkage".

In the US presidential election on November 7, 2012, Obama was re-elected with more than 270 votes. As far as China is on the other side of the ocean, all major media maintain a high degree of attention. As an emerging mobile phone media, Sohu News client also conducted a simultaneous live broadcast of the US general election, providing mobile phone users with the fastest information channel. According to statistics, more than 400,000 netizens watched the live broadcast of the US general election on the Sohu News client.

In the early morning of October 31, 2012, Microsoft Corporation held a Windows Phone 8 conference in San Francisco. The Sohu News client was included in the official recommended application cooperation program by Microsoft China.

On October 29, 2012, CBN entered the Sohu news client subscription platform and launched a special issue of CBN. This is the second TV media stationed on the Sohu News client after the CCTV Finance Channel.

On September 28, 2012, "Story Club", the largest domestic story journal, announced an exclusive cooperation with Sohu in the field of mobile clients, and officially launched the "Story Club" mobile news client for all Sohu news Client users subscribe for free.

On September 20, 2012, "Reference News" has exclusively cooperated with Sohu in the field of mobile client, and officially entered Sohu News client to provide publication reading services, and will launch Sohu exclusive technology in the near future Supported "Reference News" mobile news client.

At the end of September 2012, Analysys released data showing that Sohu News client ranked first in the cumulative downloads of the Android store, accounting for 27.6%, surpassing NetEase News, Sina, and Tencent. with.

On August 24, 2012, CCTV Finance Channel and Sohu Company formally launched the "CCTV Finance" mobile news client.

On July 25, 2012, Zhang Chaoyang, chairman and CEO of Sohu’s board of directors, proposed that Sohu concentrate on being a news client.

Product incident

National interview

On September 29, 2018, in response to prominent copyright issues discovered in the special rectification of online reprinting copyright, the National Copyright Administration was in Beijing. I interviewed 13 online service providers, including Qutoutiao, Amoy News, Yidian News, Baidu Baijiahao, WeChat, Dongfang Toutiao, Beijing Time, Netease News, Sohu News, Sina News, Phoenix News, Tencent News, etc., and asked them to further improve Copyright protection awareness, earnestly strengthen the construction of the copyright system, fully fulfill the main responsibility of the enterprise, and standardize the order of copyright on the Internet. Internet service providers who directly reproduce traditional media works must further improve the copyright management system, adhere to the basic principle of the copyright law of "authorize first, use later", and not directly reprint other people's works without authorization; when reprinting other people's works in accordance with the law, they must take the initiative to identify the author The name and source of the work should not be distorted or tampered with the original intent of the title and work; it is necessary to actively carry out copyright cooperation with right holders and related copyright organizations, improve the authorization and licensing mechanism, and curb Internet infringement and piracy.

On January 2, 2019, the National Internet Information Office instructed the Beijing Internet Information Office to discuss issues related to Sohu’s WAP network and Sohu news client’s dissemination of vulgar and vulgar information and the destruction of online public opinion ecology. The person in charge, ordered an immediate, comprehensive and in-depth rectification. During the rectification period, Sohu WAP "News Channel" and Sohu News Client "News Channel" will be suspended for one week from 15:00 on January 3, 2019.

Rectification Notice

On December 19, 2019, the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that the Sohu News APP has illegal collection and use of user personal information, and unreasonable requests for users Issues such as permissions and setting barriers for user account logout have not been rectified.

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