Software Development Environment National Key Laboratory (Beijing University of Aeronautics)

Synonyms Software Development Environment National Key Laboratory General Refers to Software Development Environment National Key Laboratory (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)


in the National Science and Technology Department, National Natural Science Foundation, National Development and Reform Commission With the support of the Ministry of National Defense Science and Technology, the Laboratory's responsibility system and the academic committee evaluation system have been evaluated. After nearly 20 years of construction development, the laboratory has achieved high-tech innovation in computer software and theoretical research, software competition. A batch of iconic research results have cultivated a group of high-level talents in China, in order to promote my country's software scientific and technological progress and industrial development, and have a good domestic and foreign reputation.

Software Development Environment National Key Laboratory (Beijing University of Aeronautics)


Lab has undertaken important research topics of a large number of national or ministries, mainly involving national key basic research development plans (973 programs), 863 high-tech plan, National Natural Science Foundation , National Defense Science and Technology Fund, National Major Engineering Tasks, and Country, Ministry of Commission, Experts. In the basic research, massive process scheduling and resource allocation theory and algorithm research, massive information computing model research, massive information transmission and co-interaction characteristics, software development methods and network management system production platform technology research, service-oriented Trusted computing environment research, advanced network environment real-time multimedia coordinated environmental technology research, massive information application research based on IPv6 key technology and major construction tasks of national science and technology basic conditions platform, and multiple scientific research results close to or international level.

Talent Resources

The laboratory has basically formed, with high-level talent training bases that continue, independent cultivation ability, with a depth of academics, rigorous, and courageous Innovation, a reasonable academic echelon, a considerable number of computer software and theories, computer applications and architectural students from postdoctoral, doctoral and master student. The laboratory has established a wide range of academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, providing researchers with a good academic atmosphere and environment.

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