Sociological is an individual who is organized as an individual in collective activities, or as a member of the society, it is conducive to collective and social development characteristics . Sociality is an individual who cannot be separated from the society.

People are not the only social creatures in nature. In nature, there are still many creatures that look more social, such as ants, bees, etc. Ants in ant society in ant Society are both "workers" or when the "emperor" is born.

Ants have organized organizational, dedication, efforts to worry about society, these "noble quality" truly let us admire these humans.

Both attributes

All individuals exhibited in various activities have abstract and summarized, summarizing the nature of the animal, in order to facilitate the study of social animals The nature, generally dividing it into two aspects of natural attributes and social properties, but there is also mutual role between these two attributes. Of course, in addition, humans have moral attributes.

Natural attribute

Natural attribute , also known as biomerability, is a characteristic formed in biological evolution, mainly by biological material tissue structure , The basic characteristics formed in the process of communication with nature in the process of neutralization, the ability of appetite, sex, self-preservation, and so on.

Social attribute

Social attributes is social animals as individuals in collective activities, or as a member of society. characteristic. Some social properties of social animals are the basic nature (social) of the overall development of this species, and some are part of the nature of society (anti-social).

Interaction between

Biological natural attributes and social attributes.

For example, in a lonely environment, the ants cannot live at all. As long as they are alone, or sometimes they are only less than a few, they will not eat, and they will die soon. Only by waiting for their partners to have some of their functions to start recovery. So the ants depend on their society are inevitable.

However, as long as there is food, it can deal with danger, even if you live alone, you can survive, human baby cannot completely rely on yourself in nature, you must take care of others or animals. Growing up, what kind of society is raised, and it will naturally follow this society.

People will not die because of leaving society, so people have the ability to fight with social defects, with anti-social, have the ability to change society. When people 's social attributes are met, people will feel happy, good health, and make people's natural properties in normal state.

The sociality of people is indeed more social than ants, and more advanced ability to survive in nature, because people have the ability to violate social resources. However, anti-sociality is not human unique. Many other mammals have anti-social, such as the wolf king in the zoo, Deer King hegemony, lion king, etc. Is the anti-sociality of other mammals.

Two kinds of nature


The social view of plant is still controversial, and the sociality of animals is natural, and they will feel it. Uneasine, pain or regret, the most art can constantly find the heterogeneity.

The relationship between human social and human intelligence is easy to explain: human intelligence development determines the ability of people to solve problems in society and the ability to understand, and some of these abilities determine people Whether there is a serious conflict between others, the higher the ability to solve the problem, the higher the ability to understand, the conflict between individuals is small, and the sociality between people and others will naturally appear;

reverse, If people solve the problem and the lower the ability to understand, the more serious the conflict between individuals, and people may show violation of social behavior. Some basic characteristics that are favorable for human overall operations are called human social, such as indigenous, collaborative, dependence, and more advanced consciousness, usually, the basic characteristics of unfavorable development of human overall operations is called human Anti-sociality.


The humanity is essentially due to human intelligent development, and the human understanding is temporarily limited. When the contradiction between people is temporarily unable to get properly solved, there will be a behavior of mutual injury between people, so people will show a reversibility.

Anti-sociality is self-protection, it is the behavior of human and social defects, because the meaning of society is for personal and stronger, when individuals are constantly being hurt, they will show themselves temporary. Violation of social skills, such ability is the anti-sociality of people, and such anti-sociality will naturally disappear in the case where the society has caused harm to individuals.


social attributes include both social and anti-sociality, and these two aspects will transform each other.

General Anti-sociality is due to the preservation of natural attributes to the social development. If you use interest to damage this species, harm the public, harm society, dismiss others, or even other people, etc.

This is to make yourself get more material assurance, better deal with risk and harm from society, or make your inner heart to temporary venting and satisfaction, get temporary psychological balance, Try to maintain a good state in society, such an attempt or purpose is usually achieved by plundering and bullying of relatively vulnerable things in society, and you can survive in mainstream in a better state. This process can be seen as an animal's social and temporary transformation of anti-sociality.

At this stage of human evolution, the conflict between individuals is very serious, and people's anti-sociality often exhibit. When there is no conflict between individuals between individuals, in order to make people more social, people mainly rely mainly on education (including broad education, including broad social impact), religion and national machines to correct people's anti-social behavior, eliminating people Anti-social damage, but only solves the contradiction between individuals to fundamentally eliminate the anti-social behavior of people, and people's social can be recovered. When people face new social problems, anti-social behavior will reappear.

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