Social talent


Talent is a powerful person. In my opinion, everyone has talent, so everyone may be talent.

However, most people did not find their own talent, while the surrounding environment did not provide an opportunity to show, their talents did not translate into the ability, and they can only call their potential talents. Effective incentives for these potential talents, often cost, significant effect, and can also get a powerful arm. Talents still need Bolence, saying that potential talents need to be effectively incentive, contributing and discovering.

I believe that the real characteristics of talents are greater in development space. For example, computer programming talents don't say how good he has compiled, but it is not to have development potential in the future. Is it possible to constantly improve your programming level, and even a self-contained system, beyond the former person.

The talents mentioned by general textbooks and research materials refers to the outstanding people of all walks of life that have revealed the ability. Or the knowledgeable scholars, or have a wealth of experienced home, or an expert with a skill. Their talent concept is actually dominated.



has talents and capabilities that exceed others. At least one side is unique, better than others.


has a visionary knowledge in terms of expertise, understanding the problem is in-depth than the average person; there is a strong analysis and judgment ability, good at seeing the essence through the phenomenon, be good at catching Change of things and trends in things.


Discovery, inventions, creative, unique.

Denonyon, University of Michigan, Denonyon divided talent into seven levels:

1 first level of high creativity and imagination, often thinking about witness to solve Question, is considered to be the most creative person of the department;

2 second, etc., the second is good at solving the problem with new first-way approach, and can make a lot of good comments;

3 Third, more new comments, can propose some of Fusissic issues, and think about solving different methods, occasionally propose an imagination recommendation;

4 fourth can play Others' opinions, but his own insights are mostly odd and well known;

5 fifth, etc., often ask your colleagues, and rely on others;

6 Sixth, no obvious first, rarely provide new insights, accustomed to the working methods of the old set.

Social talent

7 seventh, etc., what is satisfied, what to do, what is the working method, and it is not appropriate to modify it.

In fact, there is a developmental demand in everyone's body, and there is a process of creating destruction, and the development of things is to go to the old and new, and people are no exception. True excellent leader, is not that he has much capacity, but he is good at employing people, calls, and coordinates the ability of the subordinate level, so that the strength of the organization has achieved the greatest. Management competition is the competition of talent advantages. Talent development is extremely important.

We face the problem, how to define talents, how to make the subordinate to become an excellent talent, how to make the ability of the dominant talents to make a maximum, how to keep the potential talents remain confident in front of the dominant talent, and so on. We can also see the leadership level and leadership art of leaders from these issues.

How to become a talent

The university era is the most critical in life, the most beautiful period, is an important period of the worldview, outlook on life, and values, so college students can fully develop, degree Have a meaningful university life, in the future, becoming the talents of the country's pillars?

Cultivate three quality

, ideological and moral quality, scientific and cultural quality and health quality.

In the quality structure of the human, ideological and moral quality is the core, is the fundamental of people, the dynamic factors and guidance factors of life, including political consciousness, ideological point, moral quality and personality characteristics and other factors. Cultivating Ideological and Moral Quality To strengthen the study of "three representatives", use the "three representatives" to armed the mind, strive to become the practitioners of "three represents" important thinking; to strengthen moral cultivation, strive to be a noble People in morality; to firmly establish patriotism, collectivism, socialist thinking.

The scientific and cultural quality is a person's knowledge, intelligence, learning method and innovative spirit. It is a person who plays a social role and realizes the value of life. The quality of scientific and cultural quality is an important prerequisite for forming ideological and moral qualities. The most basic cultural quality of college students should meet: First, establish a reasonable intelligent structure. Second, understand the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Third, learn the world's excellent cultural achievements. Cultivating scientific and cultural quality should consciously learn from knowledge, science and technology, culture and law, etc., broaden the knowledge, and take the foundation for the future.

Health Quality refers to the health and mental health of people. Health is the premise of college students' learning and life. It is the material foundation for survival and development. It is the basic conditions of the completion and success. It is the car of knowledge. College students' health is very important, and mental health is particularly important. Be sure to strengthen cultivation and exercise in college, and strive to do physical and mental health, and morality.

enhances three capabilities

, learning ability, practical ability, and innovative ability.

Improve learning ability To do active learning, explore learning, so that learning is a habit and lifestyle to adapt to the requirements of today's knowledge constantly updated.

Improve practical ability should be used, actively participate in social practice activities such as "Sanxiang Township", and constantly improve their practice.

Innovation capability includes ideological innovation, behavioral innovation, etc., college students such as extracurricular science and technology work competition provides college students with a platform for improving innovation capabilities, and students should actively participate in their own innovation capabilities.

shaping three spirit

is the dedication of dedication, unity and cooperation spirit and honesty trustworthiness.

College students have to cultivate their dedication and dedication from the first day of entering the university. After walking on the job position, they can do a line of love and make a score in their position.

There is a team spirit, the famous British writer Xiao Bardner has said that the two people exchange ideas are different from the exchange of apples. After exchange of apples, everyone is still an apple, and after exchange of thinking, everyone is Have two ideas. Only by working with others, be good at integrated resources can we do our own ability to do things well.

Honest and trustworthiness mainly refers to people to do things, credibility, people do not believe, especially in modern society, integrity is especially important.

College students continue to challenge themselves, do their best, sincerely do things, work hard, will find their position in society, and become a comprehensive development in the practice of building a society.

This article is first congratulated on you to graduate from college, we must go to the new step. For your question, I know this:

1. Due to more and more social college students. And the development of socio-economic development is unbalanced on talents, so employment in some places is indeed very large. Puzzle.

Second, students in higher vocational colleges have more operational skills, professional settings are relatively close to society, so many college students may be more likely to find work than pure theory.

Third, even if employment is generally difficult, it is not absolute, and it is also necessary to see how his strength, how is the mentality, how to adapt, and even a social relationship. As long as there is a truth, it is a gold to always lose.

three differences

World: successful people account for 3%, ordinary people account for 97%

3% success and 97% of ordinary people The maximum three differences:

1, they have a strong motivation, strong motivation is to have enough reasons.

2, they have a firm belief. They believe that the past is not equal to the future. They believe that there is no failure, only temporarily stopped. They believe that as long as they don't get them, they are about to get better.

3, they believe that successful people are willing to do things that others don't want to do, others can't do anything, others can't do.

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