Social existence

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This article is based on the theory of Marx 's Practical Philosophy, and focus on Lucchen' s on Maxi Philosophy. The full text is divided into five chapters: Chapter 1, the article has analyzed the root cause of traditional octopus facing the roots of traditional octopus and its modern intrinsic reconstruction through the introduction of the ontology in the history of philosophy. As a senior Marxist theorist, the unique theoretical analysis of Marx's philosophy and the experience of the 20th century's historical reality, which launched a re-establishment of Marx's philosophical in theory, and became a modern intrinsistic reconstruction. try. Chapter 2, briefly outline the early materialization theory and the unity of the host body, and Lucchen's premiere of the early theoretical controversy, the vocabulary of the society, reflecting the coherence of Luccatch Sex and consistency. Lucchen's labor inducement of Lucchen considers the dialectic thought of the unity of the early host body. Chapter III, there is a detailed and exploitation of the basic category of the basic theory of Lucchen's society. These four basic categories form the basic framework of the present. The fourth chapter, discusses the determination of the social ontological content of Lukaki's social in the socialist philosophy.

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Li Junwen, female, born in April 1973, Heilongjiang Kshan people. In 1994, in 1999, graduated from the Philosophy of Heilongjiang University in 2005, a bachelor of law, a master's degree in philosophy, a Ph.D. In 1994, he was teached by the school, and is now a deputy professor, a master's tutor, a master's tutor, a master's degree tutor, a master's degree. Publish a "Chinese and Western Wisdom" and more than ten papers. The direction of research is pure philosophy, Marxist philosophy and foreign Marxism.


Introduction Philosophy ontology and humanity in

Chapter 1 This is the evolution of this vital ideology

1.1 This is the definition

1.2 Traditional intrinsistic goal and dilemma

1.3 modern intrinsism's negation and reconstruction

1.4 Ontology of the ultimate care

The second chapter is studying from physical chemistry and criticizing the society.

2.1 物 理 理 理 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 辩 法 法 辩 法 社会 法 法 社会 法 法 法Dimension

Chapter 3 Social Social Various Basic Category

3.1 Labor - The Core of Social Ability

3.2 Regeneration - Social Progress Power

3.3 Consciousness - Social Psychotic Existence

3.4 Alienation - Universal State of Constitution

Chapter 4 Social Existence of Basic Propositions

4.1 Nature is the premise of society

4.2 labor created people and its nature

4.3 purpose labor drive human society

< P> 4.4 Labor is the root of the real life world

Chapter 5 Significance of the social objects





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