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SNS: English full name Social Network Service, ie social network service. Based on the six-degree theory of interpersonal interaction, it is based on friends who know friends, and they can expand their own people and theoretically expand their own people. When needed, you can get a point at any time to get the help of the person system. Domestic new acquaintances, marriage applications, also very cleverly use SNS, and introduce friends to solve the integrity of marriage and love.

Marketing significance

1, implantable advertising, lanting fine silence.

2, the merchant sponsored the content or column of the SNS website directly, showing yourself.

3, passed through letters, improve marketing.

Theoretical foundation

The famous American social psychologist Mir Glen is the most proposed in the 1960s, in the interpersonal context, to meet any strange Friends, this is the most in the middle, as long as you can achieve your goals through six friends. That is to say, you want to know someone, let friends find a friend to find someone who knows him, there will be no more than six people.


Instant communication

QQ, MSN, etc. are based on centralized management, they need to have thousands of servers in the background. These servers are not very large if they are allocated to the user's text chat (such as QQ10 million online users, 0.5 million server, 1GB bandwidth is already sufficient). Therefore, based on the dependency server, chat applications do not have too much problem.

SNS (P2P) does not require any servers.

video and voice

QQ, MSN, etc. have not successfully entered this market, because the huge server cluster is difficult to effectively manage such traffic, complex multimedia networks Communication business. Instead, Skype passed the voice market through the P2P technology, and almost no server is required.

SNS speed is 8 times more of Skype, because SNS is relatively Skype, the advantage is not in a simple P2P voice connection, but increasing the bandwidth of the entire network. Then, the voice quality of SNS will greatly exceed Skype. SNS is a platform, Skype is a voice communication P2P software.

Network Game

Grand business games are online games of centralized servers, require more advanced servers and bandwidth resources. The success of this company has highly depends on the bandwidth resource support plan for China Telecom.

Developed on SNS, there is no need to set up online game developers to address centralized servers and bandwidth input. The only thing they need is a bank charging interface.

and Google Competition

SNS website

Google Search is the information on the website, SNS searches is the information of the individual publishing shared in the SNS network, but can still use SNS to build a Google. Pre-search, the user quickly accessed the search engine. This depends on the grid computing mode of SNS.

and eBay Competition

The SNS store mentioned earlier is only an application for the application of SNS to transaction. The SNSP2P trading market is a personal or SME service that meets any need to trade. It is characterized by face-to-face, you can buy my things and I communicate, I can also directly access your store to each other. This blurred the relationship between shops and customers, customers are all peers of consumers and sellers.

eBay This auction system is 24 hours online, but it is more like a product yellow page. Real transactions need to face bargaining. Then eBay's website, in addition to providing greater servers and more bandwidth, can they charge the seller's login items? Because in the SNS trading market, there is no need to control anything else. The two sides of the buyer need only how to ensure the credit of the sale and purchase, to complete this task is not relying on eBay, or SNS, but relying on the existing bank and insurance company.

Application Classification

SNS will enter the service segment from the initial simplicity and positioning, and the SNS network for a particular population will begin. The main SNS application website has the following types:

Comprehensive class

Tencent: SNS platform based on instant messaging

Baidu: Basic SNS Platform

Alibaba: SNS Platform Based on Business Applications

Network: SNS Platform Based on Open Social Network Structure (Proven to Practice) / p>

Happy network, everyone network, wine ring circle, 72 people worship the network of SNS platforms based on open social network structure

Business class

Beautiful Life Network: Professional SNS, Occupational Social Website

Sky Tianji: Characteristics Not Obvious

Contact Home Linkist: Tools SNS

Hainei: SNS Community < / P>

5G SNS: IT professional

Yucheng Yournet: entrepreneurship investment SNS community

development status

SNS in China, on the one hand And the rapid development of SNS services, on the one hand, 3G commercial mobile phone applications, SNS although China has developed very short, social web games are more in the early stages of development. Based on large-scale user bases and strong user payability, the potential business value of Chinese social web games is still very excavated.

SNS has three main defects with three aspects:

One is the content classification and screening. In terms of content classification and screening, since SNS is organized by people-centered information, people's demand hobbies are varied, and since people-oriented organization information, this information inevitably avoids five flowers. User or not, it's hard to limit what topic he will discuss. Even some vertical SNS, after a period of operation, the topic of the topic has deviated the original intention of the founding.

The second relatively large defect is the precipitation and accumulation of the content. However, the SNS community has a different feature, and the information is divided into one island by "Friends Relationship". Even a very large SNS community, only a small part of the real user can touch, a lot of information, if friends do not Introduction, can't see it at all. The SNS community has a lot of defects in content accumulation. A SNS community has tens of millions of millions of users, but it is about dozens of dozens of dozens, and the remaining 1 million is still unrelated to you.

The third defect is interacting with the search engine. This flaw is actually the inevitable result of the first two defects. Since the user generates the threshold, the SNS community can actually produce a large number of page content, and the search engine includes no big problem in technology. Of course, there are also SNS communities to choose a shielding search engine, which is made by it. The strategy is determined, not the essential characteristics of the SNS. The search engine is not difficult to include the SNS community page, but in order to determine the page topic, there is a great difficulties in determining page weights. As mentioned earlier, the content of SNS is originally a five-flowers. There is no specific theme, and more destined is that the vast majority of the SNS community is a one-piece island, lacks meaningful internal links, which makes the search engine difficult to determine The weight of the page.

Foreign website

In foreign countries, Facebook is the number of applications, covering the most widely comprehensive social networking sites, LinkedIn is the only listing professional social network website.

Recruitment trend

In 2012, the global online recruitment giant Monster net loss is $ 90 million, compared to the second quarter of the net profit of 5 million US dollars. This is also the global online recruitment leader to turn into financial losses since the first quarter of 2011; in December, Monster officially announced its sale in China's Chinese-owned subsidiary.

Traditional recruitment website is not only the Chinese-English talent, Ai Rui data shows that the three major recruitment websites in China in the first half of 2012 have worry-free, Zhilian recruitment, China-British talents have a monthly decline, it covers The loss of the number indicates that the job seeker looks dim to the network. Make the three major websites in difficult reasons, in addition to the homogeneous competition, outside the business model, the impact of professional social networking sites is a greater factor.

With the rise of the professional social network, the number of users in the domestic professional social networking website has exceeded 70 million, and this data continues to increase, and it is estimated that in the next three months, the number will reach One billion. Domestic such as beautiful life networks, traffic networks such as Street Network are representatives.

US psychologist Mir Glanthal in the six-degalling theory, "You and people spacing between any stranger will not exceed six, that is, as long as you are willing, up to Through six people, you can find any stranger in the world. "Once this theoret is applied to business model, it will have a huge value, this is the huge advantage of SNS recruitment model.

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