Snow Mountain Academy

historical origin

Thirty-three years Guangxu (1907) the first month, in the Lijiang Snow Mountain College was founded to persuade the school, formerly known as the Department of Education of the Republic of China Lijiang. First any persuade student, student affairs director for the total Lijiang lifts Wei Zhou (Zhou Linzu parent).

Snow College (6)

In March the same year, the prefect Peng Ji-Zhi Lijiang 100 Square please hosting celebrities and product Yin "Lijiang vernacular newspaper," has become a vernacular newspaper in Yunnan Province ; followed by the gentry Yang Xian was established in Snow College "Lijiang movable type of manufacture," has become Yunnan type layout, typography birthplace.

The first year (1912), the snow-capped mountains in the academy also founded the multi-level elementary school and later became army post, was severely damaged, the only books the library has also been moved to the pavilion.


Historically, Snow College and served as prefect of education officials to cultivate a large number of border personnel to promote the development of regional Naxi culture and education, between three to five years, talented people, Fitch and northwest Yunnan.

From 1723 Chieftain flow to the abolition of the imperial examination system in 1905, out of a total of two snow-capped mountains Hanlin Academy, 7 text Scholars, 61 lifts, 12 vice list, and 28 famous tribute bagong other gongsheng intrinsic raw difficult to count.

In addition to training a large number of people outside the nation, create a college or snow-capped mountains reflected in civilian children from ancient Lijiang can universally accepted an important symbol of Chinese culture and education. Before

return flow of soil improvement in 1723, Snow College created on Sinology Confucianism in Lijiang. In a semi-closed state after. Lijiang was under the command of toast have an unwritten rule: people can not learn to read, but can not participate in the imperial examination, "rain Liufang" is just toast it, Tusi adopt a "fool the common people a kind of nurturing children in this family "policy, in addition to the wood's literati, literati surname but not others.

provides an opportunity to study

Create a snow-capped mountains college students as scholars civilian sectors, allowing them to study in this classic, explore the road of self governance, the policy should be held, to give lectures on the road, enlightenment party etiquette.

Therefore, it is not only the highest Lijiang Chinese cultural and educational institution, is also the cradle of culture and education in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, the birthplace of the first vernacular newspaper, Yunnan type layout, typography birthplace of the ancient city of Lijiang an important part of "World Heritage".

recovery, "Snow College" ushered in a new development opportunities for the cultural history and tourism in Lijiang, snow-capped mountains academy total collection of books more than 20,000 volumes of books, carry forward the historical performance of Snow College in succession, the Snow College It is to build a "city of the town hospital" Old town of Lijiang.

Lijiang forum

2011 Nian 11 7, on "World Heritage Old Town of Lijiang records," the launching ceremony held in the ancient city of Lijiang Snow Mountain College also declared the formal resumption.

Snow College was founded in 2012 in Lijiang forum, lecture on Saturday afternoon, a forum covering cultural history, folk customs, astronomy, geography, social sciences, based on the pulpit and strive to Lijiang, around the culture, the history of mining , open the wisdom, to the effect spread Lijiang. Lijiang forum has become an important window to build and brand communication history and culture of the ancient city.

2018 Nian 8 18, hosted by the World Heritage Old Town of Lijiang protection authority, Beijing Media Corporation version of the North to teach cultural co-host of "Old Town of Lijiang famous lecture" campaign was officially launched in Lijiang Snow Mountain College , activities "Yu Yue water Zi Yan ru ancient and modern ink" as the theme, Lijiang Snow Mountain College ushered in the first place, "Old Town of Lijiang famous lecture" active guest speaker - Peking University Professor Zhang Yiwu, bring "traditional Chinese culture to audiences in Lijiang and contemporary life "theme lecture.


According to historical records, the ancient city is located in Wuyi Street Lijiang Snow Mountain College, after the Lijiang "Chieftain" first prefect in the Qing Yongzheng Yang redolence three years (1725) to create, redolence Young also recorded a prefect and Lijiang Prefecture Confucianism Professor Wan Xian Yan two co-founded.

Snow Mountain Academy

1905 years of imperial waste, Xing school, Snow College before the end of school, school for up to 180 years; 1907, Snow College set up to persuade the school, is the predecessor of the Republic of China Lijiang education. In 1912, Snow College, founded the senior primary school, and later became a military station.


According to "slightly Lijiang Fu Zhi" records, "Snow College and Ming" in the record to this: "Even Lijiang remote West Sichuan, Tibetan proximity, as to western Yunnan area. "sufficient to explain the strategic importance of Lijiang in the address position.

Snow College, founded the original intention is "to educate broad responsibility to change our habits," Spreading of Confucianism in Lijiang Prefecture, ethnic enclaves, minority education is an important manifestation of centralization, which aims to stabilize the border.

Create a Snow College, an important aim is to train the imperial talent. According to records, from 1725 until 1905, a total of Lijiang Scholars 7 people (of which point Hanlin 2), 61 lifts, vice list 12, years old, uh, actor, Bagong 153 people, and most importantly, the vast majority of these people have studied at Snow College, the College enough to see snow-capped mountains of Lijiang Prefecture is important for imperial examinations.

minority education, training personnel Imperial College Snowy object is running. According to historical records, among all salty to swallow Lijiang, the interview when asked to folk: What doctors Li County? After learning the Young brothers into the first two days, they were Wan Yan salty appreciation, Snow College after school, recommended Yang En, Yang anger into the academy from Confucianism, there is an article about Young's genealogy in Wan Xian Yan the preface, which chronicles the Yang En Nu force in order to learn from scholar, in the preface finally asked "not agents in the text, while its German Yan Shi" - this is Snow College mission Statement: "de-oriented, text is end. "

on the basis of high academic achievers, able to secure some of the fame developed. Yang En Under the teachings of Snow College, quite self-cultivation save the world when Li Kuang thought, old age people to read itself, generously from place to Fenghua responsibility.


collections Snow College, Qianlong "Lijiang Fu Zhi Strategy," has not been recorded, "a little school - classics" is learning Xue Gong Shouzhu. "Guangxu Lijiang Prefecture Chi draft" side has documented.

seen after the academy created, issued on behalf of the provincial administration officials, rationing, home to donate. House Science and College of books, Lijiang became the first public collections, according to 1895 to complete the "Guangxu Lijiang Prefecture Chi draft" records, Snow College, founded 180 years of history, there are more than 20 collections of books, a total of more than 800 books.

1895 years later, the gentry, and other scholars continue to donate books to the academy, such as: and brave ministers to donate the "Ancient and Modern Book integration," "Book of General" "Thirteen Classics" and a dozen a total of more than 3000 species.

1919 years, with a collection of original Snow College is based on the establishment of Lijiang County Library, these books become closed imperial, do since the new study, the main source of public collections in Lijiang ancient books.

"Guangxu Lijiang Prefecture Chi draft" of the well documented Cen soil Qin, Liu Wu Shen publicly issued bibliography; system Jun Wang, Zhong Cheng Tan public issue item; government hall Huang donated deposit items; Lijiang school term; more twenty coexist book, after the school year, seniors one by one to point out the old account of new seniors. If traces of oil, ink contamination, by simply lost frame is still responsible for the old and new seniors restitution, in order to permanently hang.

"local history books Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County People's Republic of China," "World Heritage Old Town of Lijiang records," a collection of records in both Snow College. Snow College books can be seen in the history of education in the meaning of Lijiang.

mountains and

Snow College during the school 180 years, Lijiang's top universities, training a large number of people, there are now history can test Snow College Hill long and speaker Total 14 people.

Wan Xian Yan: Scholars, Snow Hill College's first long played an important role in indelible Snow College was founded, the redolence Young said to him: "pass through surgery, full of force, its Chi cover music and various health and stress Taoism also. "

the first official inter-completed Wan Xian Yan Qianlong repair annals" Lijiang Fu Zhi strategy, "also in the long-term fieldwork wrote" Snow Unofficial History "of Based on the study with the support tube declared by his editor to complete.

Past mountains long history can test are: Yang Ji, Sun-like Ming, Yang Zhi, Zhou's Song, Li Tingjun, segment embroidery, wood is the source, Yangfeng You, Li Zhan, Que Kaien, Zhou Lanping, Wang and.

Cyclohexanone 1 is snow-capped mountains and College last term, is the senior primary school hall long after stopping the imperial examination, promote school, Snow Mountain in Lijiang College set up the first of the Higher Primary School, he is a past and educator.

teacher and student relationship

Guangxu House records Portraits draft reads: "Yang anger, font benevolence, tribute students, humble by nature, inquisitive, every thought the election would Lvli personnel, sub Huai into Ban, and its only the Zhui Tech, columns absurd Xiang's real and more, today praised Vladimir absolutely "

Yang anger of teaching to strict known, he often telling her pupils:." read the article, must recite, by heart is your back, with the growth of knowledge and age, slowly digested, good enough for a lifetime. otherwise, one side reading side to forget, rather than real science. "

so sooner or later his students to recite the sound of reading aloud, Lijiang city full of sound study. Yang anger had later to acquire fame, becoming the tribute students, taught at Snow College, College for Teachers' Home conditions are higher, must be more abundant throughout the year, only the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, the winter solstice three ceremony.

send each student three-color ceremony: one of rice, two brown sugar, a packet of tea. Middle school teacher kowtow to the festival, offer tri-color ceremony, teachers to students at home, the Dragon Boat Festival to eat brown sugar buns, Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake, the winter solstice to eat sticky rice.

This is Snow College unwritten rule, become part of the ethos of Snow College, has been used in the Republic is still three and three-color ceremony ceremony, at the time, a high social status of teachers Snow College, forming the virtue of respecting teachers, if teachers pass respected, roadside casual ladies would stand up, Shuangshoubaoxiong, to pay tribute.

so visible, Snow College strict teaching, student respect for teachers, teachers, teaching seriously, respected people.

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