Snapers S2000


High-grade mirror piano paint decoration

front inverting structure, increase the low range of measurement

newly developed speakers, pursuit quality, quantity


integrated high-quality PCM decoder

is unique to the amplifier shape, using a large number of non-standard machinery

Support through and tone input mode

Dual simulation input

support fiber, coaxial digital input

with infrared remote control, remote control Design Alternative

Snapers S2000

All input modes can be remotely or switched on amplifier

adopt high power O-shaped transformer

using LM3886 power amplification IC

Each channel output power is 40W Philjones hosting acoustic design


power amplifier output power: RMS 40WX2

input interface: Dual stereo RCA interface / Coaxial input interface / fiber optic input interface

input impedance: 20 kohm

adjustment form: total volume adjustment, high and low tuning, pass-through method

manipulation form: Full-featured button control and remote control operation

Bass unit: anti-magnetic, 5.5-inch C composite basin, 6 ohm

treble unit: anti-magnetic, 1 inch silk cap, top trone, 6 ohm < / p>

input power supply: ∽220V 50Hz 150W

single box size: 176 (width w) × 331 (high H) × 302 (maximum depth D) mm

Speaker weight: about 15kg

Power amplifier size: 210 (width w) × 86 (high H) × 250 (maximum depth D) mm

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