Smart terminal equipment


Smart terminal devices refer to those smart devices with multimedia functions. These devices support audio, video, data and other functions. Such as: videophone, conference terminal, built-in multimedia Functional PC, PDA...


Home smart terminal

Home intelligence is to involve in home life Information transmission, information processing and equipment control are integrated to form an automatic or semi-automatic modern home environment space. People need a lot of information exchange in life and work, and the breakthrough of information technology is marked by Marconi's successful transmission of 2.5 kilometers of telegraph in 1895. Its practical significance lies in breaking through the limited space for information exchange. Since then, telephones and computers have also broken through the space of information exchange methods, making people's work and life have undergone tremendous changes, and the application of computer network/Internet technology to the field of home intelligence has made us see a new world. Recently, a home smart terminal based entirely on TCP/IP that has appeared on the market has fully realized the integration of the original functions of multiple independent systems, and some new functions have been added on this basis. Let's take a look, what can the new generation of TCP/IP-based home smart terminals bring us?

Computer application software functions

1) The organic combination of telephone, business cards, emails, special ringtones, memos, and overall application functions;

< p>2) OFFICE function (word, EXEL reading and word processing software);

3) handwriting recognition, document management, data synchronization (such as sharing with PC through business card entry);

PSTN smart phone function

1) Phone management: unified management of names and phone numbers, easy to find, "one-click" dialing, the incoming call directly displays the name;

< p>2) Call blocking function: If you don’t want harassment from a few specific calls within a certain period of time, you can use this function;

3) Special ringtones (personalized music and song ringing) , Personal caller ringtone presets);

4) Call recording, dedicated message for a specific call;

5) Provide electronic memo notes, so that you can Record the information at hand;

6) IP dialing (IP card preset automatic prefix dialing);

Family information assistant function

1) Temporary notes;

2) Special event reminders (personalized music reminders, automatically sent; mobile phone short message reminders);

3) Send and receive emails;

4) Internet browsing;

5) MP3 music playback;

6) Community network handwriting chat: regardless of men, women, young or old, as long as they can write Chinese characters, they can use the smart The terminal communicates in this electronic community;

7) Online game;

3G smart terminal

The smart phone uses The open operating system can be loaded with corresponding programs to achieve corresponding functions, providing a broad stage for software operation and content services, and many value-added services can be launched on this, such as: stocks, news, weather, transportation, commodities, applications Download, music picture download, etc. At the same time, combined with the support of 3G communication networks, the development trend of smart phones is bound to become a comprehensive personal handheld terminal device with powerful functions that integrates calls, text messages, network access, and film and television entertainment. Its characteristics:

⒈Have all the functions of a normal mobile phone, and can carry out normal phone calls, text messages and other mobile applications.

⒉The ability to access the Internet wirelessly, that is, it needs to support GPRS under the GSM network or CDMA 1X or 3G under the CDMA network.

⒊It has the functions of a PDA, including PIM (personal information management), schedule notes, task scheduling, multimedia applications, and web browsing.

⒋With an open operating system platform, you can install more applications, so that the functions of smart phones can be unlimited expansion.

⒌Humanized side, the function of the machine can be expanded according to personal needs.

⒍Powerful functions, strong expansion performance, and third-party software support.

Digital conference desktop smart terminal

With the rapid development of today’s technology, and the government and the military’s requirements for the construction of intelligent conference rooms are gradually increasing, the old-fashioned The meeting format can no longer meet the requirements of the modern meeting system. The modern meeting system requires "networking, digitization, intelligence, and integration". The digital conference desktop intelligent terminal system is to continuously innovate conferences based on the "four modernizations" as the core. It integrates IT technology, digital technology, network technology, microelectronics technology, computer interactivity, communication distribution, and communication technology. Many other technologies have realized the communication between people, people and machines, and machines and machines, creating an interactive meeting environment.

Compared with traditional conference systems, in the past, to realize some conference functions, it was necessary to buy a separate device. For example, an electronic table card display system was used for name display, a sign-in system was used for conference sign-in, and a call was used for calling. System, voting requires a voting system. There are various desktop equipment in the conference room, the desktop is chaotic, the wiring is intricate, and the repeated investment is a waste of resources. Therefore, in response to these problems, Guangzhou Aorong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched the "Digital Conference Desktop Intelligent Terminal System" on the basis of the "electronic table card display system".

This system is highly integrated with electronic table card display, audio and video playback, meeting sign-in, voting, information sending and receiving, call service, picture display, meeting content, data sharing, Internet access, timing services, office office The control management and service of conferences such as conference schedules, etc. The system fully considers the cost-effectiveness, practicability, safety and reliability of the system, and caters to the development trend of networked, digital, intelligent, and integrated conference systems, and fully considers The possibility of equipment upgrade and expansion in the future. This series of products has extremely high reliability and operability, and meets all the management needs of modern conferences, and can ensure the smooth progress of the conference even in the presence of non-professionals. It has been widely used in government, military, civil air defense, electricity, water power, tobacco, transportation, telecommunications, taxation, group companies, high-end hotels and many other fields, and has won unanimous praise.

Auron-AUR digital conference desktop intelligent terminal system replaced the traditional conference mode with revolutionary digital technology, opened a new revolution in the desktop layout of the conference room, and is a major innovation in the desktop display equipment of the conference room , Has a profound and significant impact on smart digital conferences. The terminal series products are integrated with modern advanced conference equipment to upgrade the conference level, highlight the honor of the participants, experience the brand new enjoyment brought by the conference, and combine with other audio and video conference equipment to jointly create a modern multimedia conference environment.

Application function

1) Information display:; name of participant, title, emblem, corporate logo, Unit name, time and date, battery power;

2) Conference sign-in:; Touch operation, the background automatically records sign-in and sign-in time;

3) Smart call:; Definition Enter text information, touch to call tea, audio equipment, microphone, pen, paper, emergency, etc.;

4) Meeting content:; Touch to view meeting information (meeting schedule, meeting theme, meeting Report, lecture guide and other customization);

5) Lecture guide: ;You can view the guide in the meeting content view or edit the WORD, personalized selection;

6) Picture display: ; Touch to view high-definition picture data;

7) Voting:; Touch voting, election, real-time result display, support multiple voting and election modes;

8) Information sending and receiving: ;With AUR input method, edit information and interact with the background, which can realize point-to-point and point-to-many instant message publishing and notification; 9) Video playback:; Support multiple video formats; < /p>

10) Audio playback:; Supports audio file playback, audiobooks, beautiful music, watching and listening, comfortable and comfortable;

11) Online on-demand:; Supports online functions, on-demand lecture notes , Files and other OFFICE office documents, pictures, videos, etc.;

12) Internet function:; Built-in browser function, reading news, searching information, online video, etc., mobile office anytime, anywhere;

13) Caption function:; The caption displays the current conference speaker’s manuscript, conference background text, short message and editable information in the form of scrolling information;

14) OFFICE office: touch to view WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PDF, TXT files;

15) Conference timing:; Custom editing time, conference speech countdown, easy control of speech time;

16) File management: ;Comprehensive Manage meeting folders and manage the materials needed for the meeting;

17) Multiple languages:; Support the setting and display of text, font, font size and font color in various countries, meeting the needs of large-scale international conference venues ;

18) Wallpaper function:; The outer screen background template, the inner screen wallpaper can be set freely, making the touch interface brighter and bringing more user-friendly interface;

19) Multiple communications:; Suitable for a variety of complex working environments, select wired or wireless venue layout according to the actual situation of the venue;

20) Power saving function:; Support adjusting the screen brightness and turning off the backlight to save power And the function of protecting eyes;

21) High-efficiency electric energy: Optional high-capacity polymer lithium battery, stable performance, long-term continuous standby;


22) Intelligent power management: dynamically display the current available time;

23) date and time: display the current date and time in real time, keeping in sync with the control host time;

24) Intelligent scene layout: According to the actual situation of the venue, the venue layout can be adjusted intelligently;

25) Control method:; Remote centralized control mode, which can realize group control or single point control;

25) p>

26) Transmission method: Based on TCP/IP network management, super 5 or super 6 Ethernet transmission, wiring is simple and convenient;

Financial Intelligent Terminal

Financial smart terminals cover the network of financial service outlets, covering communities (mostly convenience stores). Users can complete daily financial services such as repayment, payment, payment, recharge, and transfer at home, thereby alleviating banks Counter pressure solves the problem of queuing users in the bank's business hall. All well-known convenience stores, supermarkets and community stores across the country, such as Walmart, PetroChina, Sinopec, 7-11, Wumart, Kuaike, Haode, Neptune, China Resources Vanguard, Meiyijia, Suning, and Gome, are equipped with financial smart terminals. Machine to make convenient payments.

Smart terminal merchants mainly obtain profits through consumers swiping their cards to pay merchants’ consumption fees. The terminal consumption profits obtained by banks and smart terminal merchants will share dividends in proportion to the distribution of shares, making smart terminal merchants high Amount of profit. Well-known smart terminal merchants include Lakala, Xinbang Yifutong, Tengfutong, Kayou, etc. The different dividend ratios of each merchant are also a magic weapon to win the market and win the merchants.

Application range

DTP-RE This module can be directly used for remote wireless alarm, remote control, and telemetry. Connect the fire alarm switch (passive contact) with a switch input of the module, set 8 numbers to receive SMS, when a fire occurs, send the content of the SMS: "Depository fire alarm, come to rescue!" to realize intelligent terminal monitoring.

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