Small white building street


Peace district jurisdictional street. Located in the northeastern part of the area, the streets of the Haihe River, the streets of the gym, the streets of the gym, and the north of Heidong District, the Hebei District, respectively, and the Hebei District adjacent. The area is 2.27 square kilometers. At the end of 2011, the population 11398 households were 30,982 people. Office station 32 Tai'an Road in Taian Road. Jurisdiction over 9 communities.

Historical Level

1952 is a district of Jiefangqiao Street, Wuzhuang Xiaobai Building, Daxie Road, etc. In May 1955, the street was renamed a street office. In 1956, he was a street in Xiaobaipou, Jiefangqiao, Heping District, Xinhua District. In August 1958, it was partially incorporated into the streets of Jiefang Bridge in the street; September, Xiaobai Tower Street was divided into peace. In April 1960, it was submitted to the industry, Xiao Baotou Commune. In October 1962, the streets were restored, and the streets of Jiefang Bridge were divided into the streets of Jiefang Bridge. On February 28, 1964, Xinhua Road street revoked and entered into small white building street.

In 1996, the street area of ​​Jiefangqiao was 0.6 square kilometers, with a population of 2 million, and the office was located in Jiefang North Road, jurisdictional, Dandong Road, Wenxing, Peace, Songjiang Road, Zhuyuan, all the Anry, Qianxian, Library, Hejiang Road, Changchun Road, Cai City Street, Customs, Guangming Building 14 neighborhood committees; Xiaobai Building is 1.5 square kilometers, 47,000 population, office resident Taian Road, jurisdiction, Juna, Zhejiang Road, Construction Road, Taian Road, Shunhe, Tongli, Tree, Songshi, Chongren, Tangshan Road, Yaohua, Sandri, Fu Dray , Datun Road, Datong Road, Musk, Taiyuan Road, Daxi, Fu'an, Hubei Road 22 Neighborhood Committee. In October 1998, 2 streets of Jiefangqiao and Xiao Baodou were combined into new small white building streets.

[Zip code] 300040 [2011 code and urban and rural classification] 120101002: ~ 003 111 Tree Dew Community ~ 004 111 Chongren Community ~ 007 111 Chengde Road Community ~ 009 111 Changchun Road Community ~ 010 111 Jiefang Road Community ~ 012 111 Daxi Community ~ 013 111 Datong Community ~ 014 111 Kaifeng Community

Administrative Region

Xiaobai Tower 9 Community Neighborhood Committee, Tai'an Road Community, Treery Community, Chongren Community, Chengde Road Community, Changchun Road Community, Jiefang Road Community, Daxie Community, Datong Community, Kaptuan Community.

Small Baugang Street

Geographical Environment

small white building street, the southwest, respectively, the streets of the Ping District, the streets of the five major roads, East, North It is adjacent to Hedong District, Hebei District, and the southeast is adjacent to Hexi District. Xiaobai Building is a Tianjin Political Center, formerly Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People's Congress, Municipal Government, CPPCC, is located here. Xiaobai Tower Street is also the Tianjin Financial Center, and the financial streets of Jiefang North Road have emerged.


is mainly developed by the service industry, the location is important, financial office hotel tourism, etc. In recent years, the economy has continued to develop, and the living standards of people continue to improve.

Social career

Shopping and leisure and entertainment food and other facilities, education continues to develop to meet local learning knowledge, the medical level is constantly increasing to meet local residents, the traffic is convenient, the flavor is strong And the people live happily.

has been honorable

November 2020, the list of the sixth national civilized units is selected.

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